Leading Community Advocacy Groups Unite to Support Garden Grove City Council District Proposal

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Garden Grove, California – In a historic agreement, community leaders in the Vietnamese and Latino communities have jointly supported a Garden Grove City Council district map proposal submitted by Garden Grove resident Kim Nguyen.

The Kim Nguyen Map arose from a settlement by City Council of a 2015 voting rights complaint by Garden Grove resident Rickk Montoya. Final settlement requires Garden Grove City Council grow from 4 to 6 district representatives, and a Mayor elected at-large.

After much careful review among several good draft plans and proposals, the Kim Nguyen Map clearly stood out. All geographic areas of Garden Grove will be represented by the Kim Nguyen Map. The historically under-represented Latino community on the Eastside will now have opportunity for two Council seats. Likewise, the South (Little Saigon) sections of the city will have opportunity for two Council seats. Garden Grove’s North and West areas will round out the remaining two Council seats.

Diverse groups such as Garden Grove-based Orange County LULAC Foundation and the Vietnamese American Garden Grove District Map Committee have agreed this Map truly represents Garden Grove’s diverse population.

This historic collaboration between its Latino and Vietnamese communities marks a new beginning of closer participation in the future of Garden Grove. These groups strongly urge Garden Grove City Council to adopt the Kim Nguyen Map at upcoming public hearings.

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  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    After two meetings out of six, at the school district conference room and at the community center room where a representative of this group basically said we are one in Garden Grove, lovey dovey, hug-hug, kiss-kiss, no racial barriers, they come up with a biased, divisive press release like this? Completely negating and silencing the voice of many other residents. I myself am German, Mexican and Chinese. I am offended by a release that lobbies for the view of one map. Perhaps MALDEF can tell if this inWhile a lot of work did go in to it, it does not reflect the oldest neighborhoods in Central GG. It instead