• Paul Lucas

    Excellent news. Bravo.

  • Roderick Powell

    If the audit can prove that laws were broken to cover up this obvious no show deal, then this should proceed thereafter both in criminal and civil court. Of those I feel are likely to be criminally guilty are Barlag, Bruce Broadwater, Matt Fertal and his minions. Also all the councilmembers who voted behind closed doors for a deal that is really a massive theft from the city of Garden Grove. The truth is a bunch wrongs and lies compounded. It started with then mayor Broadwater being in charge of hiring the man who would be in a position to hire his unhirable son. Bottom line is Bruce Broadwater has caused a lot of grief for everyone. Jeremy since being hired has showed his true colors. (stress leave, ain’t that nice)

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      And he is suing the City as per 4/12 council meeting.