• Debby Bodkin

    DA Rackauckas’ OC jailhouse informant scandal has been widely publicized throughout the U.S. It is also public knowledge that not one OC Sheriff official/employee and/or OC District Attorney prosecutor/investigator have been charged with a crime that may or may not involve “obstructions of justice”, “conspiracy”, “perjury” and/or RICO statutes. The upholding of the integrity in U.S. courts should be held at the highest level, with full accountability, without exceptions.
    If the USDOJ and FBI continue to ignore the ongoing potential crimes continuing under their noses in the affluent and well-educated Orange County, California, then federal government officials and agencies need to ACCEPT full monetary responsibility for damages created based on their failures to act in the interests of justice and public safety, on behalf of the People.

    • OCservant_Leader

      Well said.

      WHO will protect the citizens from this entrenched organized crime family running OC?

  • OCservant_Leader

    These two prosecutors running for judge are literally the poster child of OC corruption. Win at all costs. Get a promotion…move to a bigger house behind a bigger gate and join the Elites.

  • Paul Lucas

    First question; how would they be able to rule over cases that involve with held information from those databases? Wont defense attorneys be bale to seize upon that and disqualify them from cases? Second question; WTF and who is allowing these criminals o seek Judge seats?

  • gustavoarellano

    That’s hilarious: Voice of OC removed all the many links in the original story citing OC Weekly’s coverage and replaced them with their own stories—never mind that VOC isn’t cited once by the Marshall Project. Stay funny, kids!

    • Hey Gustavo,

      I’m sorry you feel slighted by my decision to link to our stories on the informants scandal. I assure you it was not done out of disrespect to you or the great work Scott and you have done on the story. Rather, I did it out of respect for the work Rex Dalton as done for us. We’ve published more than 40 stories on the scandal, nearly all of them penned by Rex. Our first story landed in February 2014, just days after the records uncovered by Scott Sanders were unsealed. In short, we were not one of the news organizations who, in your words, have “taken a nap” during the scandal. We’ve run stride-for-stride with you on the story ever since it broke. So I feel it is my prerogative to link to the previous work our organization has done whenever we publish a story on the scandal. That being said, let us all keep working like savages to hold the scoundrels of OC accountable.

      All the best,

      David Washburn

      • LFOldTimer

        But that R. Scott Moxley is one heck of a talented reporter. He was light years ahead of everyone else on “America’s Greatest Sheriff” Mike Carona. Moxley doesn’t get enough credit for his investigative journalism skills. And Moxley doesn’t play favorites either. I love reading his stuff.

      • David Zenger

        David, Gustavo has a point. The original article linked to specific Weekly stories. However, the offense is not against the Weekly, per se, it is against the integrity of the story and its author.

  • LFOldTimer

    Thomas Goethals for DA.

    Scott Sanders for OC Superior Courty Judge.

    Problem solved.