• Nancianne

    I recommend that they stay home and sit out this election. It will go a long way to telling the political class that their time is over and they should either get with the program or take a long walk out of politics. !!! They should not take anything that that woman says as the truth !!!!

  • LFOldTimer

    I’ve talked to so many Millennials with student debt that exceeds $40,000 with undergrad degrees in sociology, ethnic studies, communication, etc…. who can’t understand why they’re still living with mom and dad at the age of 30 and being hounded by bill collectors.

    Joan Kuhl may be correct that the Millennials are the most educated generation yet. But education doesn’t always correlate with intelligence.

    Before a young person takes a financial leap into a college education it might be worthwhile to pay a good, honest life counselor who is unaffiliated with any university or bank a couple hundred bucks to explain the facts of life. But be sure to pay someone for their honesty. Not for a pitch that you want to hear.

    There are many ways to be successful in life. College can be one way to achieve success – but it can also be an albatross tied around your neck. Choose carefully. Good luck.

    • Jorge Cisneros

      Well said

  • David Zenger

    What a weird title to this post.

    Anybody who remembers The Clash is at least 50 now.

  • LFOldTimer

    Why not? Voting’s worked out so well for the rest of us. In fact, even though the incumbents on both the State and Federal sides of the aisle have approval ratings in the mid-teens – we continue to reelect them, thanks to the help of Diebold.

    We’ve been so darn good at it why shouldn’t the millennials follow our lead?

    Keep voting! And recommend it to your friends and neighbors!

    Keep Feinstein in office until she’s 109!