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  • Paul Lucas

    Benjamin is really giving Papi a run for his money and with the turnout this year going through the roof because of Trump I think he has a really good chance of winning.

  • Nate

    Neither is a good choice. But I do not like Vasquez ideas to
    to increase “affordable housing” in SA. Sounds horrible, I know, but it brings with it increased crime rates and an overall decrease in property values. I will stagnate even further, the modest improvements we have seen. I would rather hear about bringing in state and federal resources to help people become homeowners, not to increase the number of unqualified renters. We have enough of that. I am not a Pulido fan AT ALL, but he has been steadily increasing the number of police officers. I have family on SAPD and they want more help to fight gangs and drug dealers in town. Vasquez wants a better relationship between police and the community. Listen, we’re not Ferguson. The vast majority of SA residents have great interaction with the police. We need more police to do more of the good work they have been doing. Neither candidate is stellar, but for the needs of our city, I will vote for more police. I’m tired of hearing random gunshots, late night racing down Edinger, and seeing the graffiti. Crime is our biggest problem. Our beautiful town has a stigma as an undesirable place to live. I love SA and if we could increase the safety on our streets, other benefits like new businesses and more development would follow, which means more local jobs. These candidates are barely mediocre, and at least one, in my opinion, is terrible, which means I can’t expect much from either. So, I will only look for one thing. Whichever one will help our police to protect and clean up our streets, is the one who gets my vote! God bless SA!!!

  • Christina

    If I could vote, I would vote for Vasquez… problem is I no longer live in SA. But my grandparents have resided in SA since 1963 and I will make sure they both vote for him. Mr Pulido has been in office since I was in High School (20+ yrs!) and I don’t see him getting much done. He is too busy being chummy with the “wrong crowd”, that he has lost focus on the important fact that he is the Mayor! Though Vazquez doesn’t have much of a chance due to all this politic stuff being rigged… I wish him the best! Kudos to Mr. Vazquez…… Dele ganas!

  • This was the second election cycle that Connect-to-Council and Com-Link teamed up to present a Santa Ana candidate forum and NeighborWorks OC and Latino Health Access helped make it happen, along with the Delhi Center, who hosted it. When the community comes together, everyone wins. We’re happy that so many residents came out and heard from the candidates!

  • LFOldTimer

    I know nothing about Ben Vazqeuz other than what I just read in the article. But if I had a vote in SA Ben would get it. I’d vote for Ed Norton of the Honeymooners for Mayor before I’d vote for Pulido. It’s time for Pulido to move on down the line.

    But Ben is at a huge disadvantage. He’s not an OC club member. And with all the games and manipulations that go on behind the scenes to help club members retain their seats of power Ben’s odds of sitting in the throne on SA city council nights is about 100 to 1. Like a racing horse with a lame leg.

    Sorry, Ben. I wish ya all the luck in the world and I’ll be rootin’ ya on. But I have to be honest.

    • Luis Aleman

      Benjamin has an excellent shot at wining. Recently he received the endorsement of the Democratic Party and various other organizations. As a resident of Santa Ana I’m voting for him. In this year, this is the time to take Pulido down.

      • LFOldTimer

        Show me.

  • David Zenger

    “I think I want to be mayor for Santa Ana, and Mr. Pulido wants to be mayor for Mr. Pulido…”

    For the win.