• mlsjx

    All of the comments are dissapointing to read. Being a decent human being is exclusive of politics. Keeping a community together was the ultimate goal through this action. People stop making everything about politics and using it as an exuse to be heartless indivuals

    • LFOldTimer

      There is nothing prohibiting the illegal foreigners from moving back to their countries of origin and then applying for reentry into the United State the LEGAL WAY.T hey can take their children with them. They know they’re breaking our laws. Why make excuses for them?

      There are prospective LEGAL immigrants who have filled out their paperwork, paid their fees, taken their tests, learned the English language and submitted personal information for background checks and stand in line for YEARS to come to America. Illegals IMPEDE their effort to immigrate!!!

      Why would you want to reward lawbreakers and punish those who obey the laws?

      Do you want to live in anarchy? Do you want to live in an uncivilized 3rd world nation?

      Do you have a habit of making excuses for other types of criminals as well?

    • verifiedsane

      Do you know the difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration?…I didn’t think so! we are supposedly a sovereign nation of laws. You seem to ignore this fact! So, Who are the heartless ones: the law breakers and those who support law breaking, or the good law abiding citizens of the USA.

    • Greg Diamond

      Thanks for trying — and for letting yourself be counted. The braying of bigots should not disturb you, but there’s no point in engaging these Breitbart News types.

  • Greg Diamond

    The policy seems to restate existing law. Doing so may be comforting to families potentially facing threats of removal, but it doesn’t seem to make the district more of a “sanctuary” in any meaningful sense.

    That being so, these outraged comments here are ludicrously out of place. But I’m sure that the three people attacking the district appreciate each other’s emotional support, so I guess their ecstatic drum-thumping can safely be ignored.

    VOC, I think that you need to advertise for better commenters!

    • LFOldTimer

      Hey Greg –

      If you want to see some outrageous comments visit the website that you most frequent.

      And now you have the nerve to come over here and attack the VOC commenters?

      Classic pot and kettle.

      The Anaheim school district should concentrate more on delivering a higher quality of education to their students and raising their academic achievement outcomes rather than jumping aboard the politically correct bandwagon to protect those who live in our country in violation of Federal law.

      No wonder California’s K-12 academic performance ratings have plummeted in the last 25 years with these sorts of attitudes.

      You liberals are supposed to be the tolerant ones who embrace differences. But when conservatives fight back you cry foul. ha.

      If you can’t accept differences of opinions don’t read the comments.

      • justanon

        Mr. Diamond was not crying “foul”, rather he was just pointing out the repetitive and hysterical nature of the conservative commenters on this site.

        Why do you right-wingers conflate criticism with censorship?

        • LFOldTimer

          It would be better for Greg to state his opinion on the subject matter rather than turning it personal by attacking other commenters.

          Noberto runs this website. And I don’t believe Norberto needs Greg to tell him how to manage his comments sections.

          Seems like a control issue to me.

          • justanon

            It seems like an opinion to me, which for someone who comments MORE than anyone else on this site should appreciate, but of course in your world, freedom of speech is only for right-wingers … hypocrite.

          • LFOldTimer

            Where did I say Greg didn’t have the right to his opinion or the right to criticize other commenters? Quit putting words in my mouth.

            I just feel it’s more productive for commenters to state their opinions and leave it at that – rather than turning it personal on other posters.

            Once someone attacks other posters then he or she becomes fair game. But why even go there?

            In fact, you’re a perfect example of a commenter who gets extremely nasty with other commenters that you disagree…… hypocrite.

          • justanon

            I have never denied getting nasty with other commenters which is something that LF “B*TTHURT” OldTimer specializes in, but I am also not trying to tell other commenters what they should or should not say, that’s what makes YOU the hypocrite.

          • LFOldTimer

            When another poster includes a reference to me in his post:

            “But I’m sure that the three people attacking the district appreciate each other’s emotional support, so I guess their ecstatic drum-thumping can safely be ignored.”

            ……I will reply in kind, Snowflake.

          • justanon

            Words have meaning. YOU accused him of “crying foul”, which is not what he did.

            He merely criticized your commentary which is an opinion and not an attempt at censorship.

            You are wrong and rather than admit your mistake you’re trying to ‘wriggle
            off the hook’ by obfuscating the issue.

            Cry ‘uncle’ for god’s sake and end the torture.

          • LFOldTimer

            ‘wiggle off the hook’? HA! You’re a total buffoon.

            Go get some sunshine, snowflake. lol.

          • justanon

            Now you’re just resorting to name calling, childish, yet so trump-like, ha, ha, ha.

          • mlsjx

            Mr. Diamond was not being rude or shutting down anyone else’s OPINION such as you have done. You turned this discussion into a political mania.

          • LFOldTimer

            Mr. Diamond came on the comment board and made reference to 3 other posters and criticized those commenters by writing “VOC, I think that you need to advertise for better commenters!”.

            Now if Mr. Diamond has a personal opinion on the subject matter that’s wonderful. All of us welcome that. But when he turned his comment specifically to “the three people attacking the district” it turned personal. See how that works?

            Better to criticize the comment as opposed to the commenter.

            Now do you get it?

            Or do I have to write it out in size 18 font?

            I simply articulated my opinion on a public school district board unanimously approving a sanctuary policy at their schools. If you don’t like my opinion – tough cookies. If opinions bother you avoid comment boards.

    • The Deplorable Miss B

      Greg, I don’t feel my comments are out of place. It isn’t an educator’s job to indoctrinate my children, to instill fear of the government in them, to value one child over another because they are worth more $$ for the district. And I feel pretty empowered to say this because I WORK for the DOE. I see what the money gets spent on. Let me give you an example: We have a district with 2400 students. An average high school amount, typically you have one principal and one vice principal. Well this district has 17 principals, 20 vice principals, 8 teachers on “special assignment (which really means, they don’t have anyplace to put them so they make up a title). The principals make 200K a year. VPs make 150 and teachers make 125 a year plus they get “stipends” from 1000-8000 a year to perform tasks that are actually part of their daily duties. So for this ONE district, you have over 5 million in administrator costs alone…..for 2400 students. Where did the lottery money go? Well, you figure it out. And we can thank the teacher’s union for keeping all of this hush-hush and confidential from the public. Your children can get abused and molested by radical teachers, because in reality, the only people who are protected at a school are the teachers. Time for a massive overhaul to a bloated, corrupt system.

      • LFOldTimer

        God bless you for speaking the truth, Miss B.

        And never ever let them intimidate you into silence!

        • The Deplorable Miss B

          You as well, LFOldTimer. I used to, but the Silent Majority is so fed up that we are silent no more. 🙂

      • justanon

        “and teachers make 125 a year plus ”

        Yeah, BULLSH*T!
        More “alternative facts” pulled straight out of a trump supporter’s *ss, lol. You people are ridiculous!


        • The Deplorable Miss B

          Your professor has been lying to you, Snowflake.

          • LFOldTimer

            Thanks for schooling justanon, Miss. B.

            Send her home with extra homework this evening! ha.

          • The Deplorable Miss B

            These people are ridiculous!

          • justanon

            Read it and weep, faux fact supporters, not a $125,000 salary to be found!


          • LFOldTimer

            Hey Snowflake ….. the benefits that accompany salary is REAL MONEY financed by the taxpayers!

            So you have to add SALARY + BENEFITS to arrive at the final package!!!!

            When Miss B said they “make” a certain amount the BENEFITS were included in her figure!!!

            So $125K was right on target.

            Get a clue!!!! lol.

            You’re “$64,000” missed the target by a country mile!!!

          • justanon

            No, she wrote “and teachers make 125 a year plus “, implying that their base salary was $125k, when in fact even the longest serving and highly educated teacher doesn’t make that kind of money.

            She blew smoke and you took it in, fool.

          • LFOldTimer

            No she didn’t. Read her comment again. “Plus” did not include health care or pension benefits which are the largest benefits provided to teachers. So stop misinforming. We read you like a cheap dog-eared paperback, Snowflake.

            Your “$64,000” was more fake news in the context of our discussion.

          • justanon

            It’s called an average, so not “fake”. What is fake is claiming that teachers make (with no qualifier) $125,000 plus when in fact no teacher is making that as a base salary.
            That’s what makes you right-wingers so dangerous, you’ll believe ANYTHING as long as it bolsters your pre-conceived partisan views.

          • LFOldTimer

            An average that included a myriad of part-time teachers which brings the average WAY DOWN and gave a false impression of what full-time teachers actually make.

            And don’t forget – those SALARIES and BENEFITS are for NINE MONTHS of work. – not including all the paid holidays, leave time and weekends.

            So to get an accurate picture of what they make – add another 25% on to their earnings.

            Liberals always try to spin the facts.

          • justanon

            And where are your facts and data? You’re just taking Deplorable Miss B’s word for it, talk about being a rube.

            I don’t know if you noticed but I also posted the actual AUHSD pay scale. Which starts at $51,328 and goes as high as $110,430.

            Remember, Deplorable B said $125k PLUS.

            Where are you getting plus 25%?

            Why don’t you back it up with some data?

            “Liberals always try to spin the facts.”

            You are projecting, I provided the facts, you have swallowed the “spin”, hook, line and sinker like a good, gullible trumpster. Ha, ha, ha.

          • LFOldTimer

            Transparency California is the link provided by Miss B.

            Those are the actual figures submitted by the District to the Ca Controller as required by law.

            Miss B did not include pensions or health care benefits. Read her comment again, Einstein.

            I don’t recognize fake facts. Sorry.

          • justanon

            “and teachers make 125 a year plus ”

            Sorry, not one of those teachers is making a salary of $125k plus, so Deplorable B was wrong.

            Some teachers are making over $125k WITH their benefits (health care) and a lot are making much less. Also, teachers pay into their pensions, not a freebie.

            Of course, you and Deplorable B have misconstrued the facts and are sticking by your misinterpretations and exaggerations no matter what, ha, ha, ha.

          • LFOldTimer

            Read slowly, Einstein:

            When Miss B said they MAKE it means they EARNED. Part of EARNINGS are BENEFITS PAID. If you add the SALARY + BENEFITS you arrive at EARNINGS.

            Go look at the TOTAL EARNINGS (SALARY + BENEFITS) at the Transparency California website link.

            You would see that it’s COMMON for an AUSD teacher to earn $125,000 for only NINE MONTHS worth of effort.

            ANNUALIZED that comes to over $150,000 in EARNINGS for a school teacher!!!!

            What a joke.

          • justanon

            Deplorable B exaggerated in order to make it seem that teachers get paid more than they do.

            The average compensation (salary, plus benefits) for a full time AUHSD teacher is $115,437.


            Teachers don’t get three months off, they have continuing education, curriculum planning, classroom setup and preparation. Furthermore, they put in lots of uncompensated extra hours during the school year.

          • LFOldTimer


            The teachers I’ve known take other jobs in the economy during the summer months if they want to make more money.

            What you see at Transparent California is 9 months worth of income.

            Miss B works for the DOE. Who do you work for??? lol.

          • justanon

            Deplorable B works for the DOE? If true, that is shocking. She has such poor writing and reasoning skills,(although that explains her appeal for you, like minds and all) it does not bode well for the edukashun department, lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            Where did Miss B use the word “salary”?

            Please read her comment again.

            Maybe you are seeing things that I’m not.

            If you’re seeing things that aren’t there – get that checked out right away.

        • LFOldTimer

          The information you posted includes part-time teachers. ha.

          You don’t fool us.

      • Greg Diamond

        I apologize for inadvertently giving you the impression that I was willing to engage with you to any significant extent here and now.

        You call yourself “deplorable” — well, that word has meaning.

        • LFOldTimer

          “You call yourself “deplorable” — well, that word has meaning.”

          Hillary’s the one who gave the word special meaning. Hence, it should be worn like a badge of honor.

          Those tolerant liberals are so civil.

          • Greg Diamond

            The “meaning” that she gave it was “bigots.”

            You may want to wear that as a badge of honor; I’ll just spelling out for observers what it says on the badge.

            What’s uncivil about calling a bigot a bigot? It’s simply the truth, without cosseting for your tender fee-fees.

            This is where, if I were like you, I’d be calling you a snowflake. Instead I’ll just say this: if you don’t like being called a bigot, Lite Fascist Old Timer, then stop being one.

          • LFOldTimer

            Hillary could dish it out. But as a limp-wristed Snowflake – she couldn’t take it.
            She’s a total loser who deserves to go to prison.

            Those who want to protect our nation from an invasion of criminal foreigners are not “bigots”. We’re salt of earth Americans. Do you allow strangers to enter your home and live off your resources free of charge? Would someone who protected their home from unwanted strangers be a “bigot”? The hyperbole used by liberals is so very bizarre.

            IIlegal immigration is a dispute between nations. Not races. But liberals turn everything in a race issue to dramatize the subject matter.

            The liberals won’t even call these criminal foreigners what they are: “ILLEGAL”. It’s terribly difficult to have an intelligent discussion with those who refuse to accept any facet of reality.

          • justanon

            “We’re salt of earth Americans.”

            If by “salt” you mean it’s corrosive powers, then I would agree.

          • LFOldTimer

            Are you Mr. Diamond’s Press Secretary??? lol.

          • justanon

            I wasn’t defending Diamond, I was dissing you.

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh, your diss hurt so much. LOL.

          • justanon

            Yeah, it flew right over your head. What a waste of time and energy.

    • LFOldTimer

      “The policy seems to restate existing law. Doing so may be comforting to families potentially facing threats of removal, but it doesn’t seem to make the district more of a “sanctuary” in any meaningful sense.”

      Then why would the District even bring a ‘sanctuary policy’ up as it would only create more polarization throughout the community?

      What is their purpose? To create more conflict and controversy or to educate?

    • verifiedsane

      Greg seems to be just another head in the sand far left liberal nut who thinks they know better and can set the rules for everyone else…It’s just too entertaining that Greg and his Pals like justanon still haven’t comes to grips that they and their party of Dumocrats lost the election and have been relegated to funny hat wearing snowflakes melting away with their whining muffled voices disappearing into the great void of ignorance…In fact, they don’t even know the difference between an illegal immigrant and legal immigrant. 🙂

  • justanon

    Good for the AUHSD, kids should be able to learn without worrying bout ICE raids.

  • verifiedsane

    Our schools have become little more than liberal indoctrination centers. This is what happens when public employee unions become the preeminent power brokers in our educational systems. Schools once upon a time were about “education”; now they are just failing money pits of political influence trading, while teaching to the lowest common denominator.

    Thank goodness school choice is coming soon; shifting power back to parents, and away from the political agenda bureaucrats . Hopefully this will give the unions and liberal political animals a long overdue wake up call.

    These “sanctuary districts” need to lose all federal educational funding & grants until further notice.

    • LFOldTimer

      They want the illegal aliens in their schools because they get paid by the state for each enrollee plus it opens up new money-making opportunities for their teachers who get paid bonuses for teaching ESL classes. IT’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!

      They couldn’t care less about the citizen students or their academic or vocational futures. They punish the citizens to help the illegals. Unbelievable.

      Liberal indoctrination centers is right on target! It’s the cesspool of education. I have no idea how someone could teach in one of those schools and still look themselves in the mirror.

      All parents must strive to send their kids to private schools for a chance at life. Work 3 jobs if you have to. The future of your children depends on it!!!!

  • LFOldTimer

    No wonder the Anaheim public schools suck with decisions like this. I wouldn’t send my dog there to get an education.

    Absolutely no respect for the law or for the rights of citizen students who have resources stolen from them to accommodate non-English speakers. Disgusting.

    I remember when public schools offered practical courses called auto shop, wood shop, metal shop that would teach kids LIFE SKILLS that they could use until they day they died. But all those valuable learning curriculum were eliminated to make room for ESL programs and free lunches.

    And the teachers have to slow down their teaching regimens to accommodate the lowest common denominator in their classrooms. That punishes the student with normal learning abilities. No wonder they score so low on their college entrance exams.

    All you have to do is look at the academic performance of the schools districts that implement loser policies like this. All are at the bottom of the barrel academically.

    What a tragedy for good students who have the potential to make something of themselves.

    This is reprehensible. Educators are HURTING the students for the sake of political correctness. Not helping them!!!! Schools are supposed to create an environment so a child can reach his potential. The Anaheim School District is suppressing academic performance and thereby harming the futures of these children!

    Work an extra job or two and send your children to private schools if you want them to have a chance in life!

    • justanon

      Hmmm, why are most of the educated … liberal?

      Of course, that begs the question: why does trump “love the uneducated”? Ha, ha, ha!

      • LFOldTimer

        Where did you come up with that fake news?

        • justanon

          Oh you’re right, he actually said “I love the poorly educated”.

          Feel better, lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            That’s your fake implication.

            He meant that he had the best interests of the poorly educated in mind as much if not more than the elite.

            More than what I could say for Hillary or Obama.

          • justanon

            Right, and all the Goldman Sachs execs and Wall Streeters are laughing all the way to the bank.

            You are pathetic in your gullability.

          • LFOldTimer

            It was Hillary and Obama who were bankrolled by the Wall Street pigs. Not Trump!

            Wall Street fought to sabotage Trump.

            Get your facts straight!

          • justanon

            Open your eyes old fool, trump has peopled his cabinet with Goldman Sachs execs and Wall Streeters, further he is rolling back all consumer protections and regulations.

            Hint: it’s NOT what they say, it’s what they do.

            How gullible can you be?

          • LFOldTimer

            Trump’s cabinet works for Trump. Not the other way around. Trump calls the shots. And so far he’s done a fantastic job.

            Your liberal ilk wants another fake President in office who sings you sweet love songs while draining you dry and surrendering your country to illegal foreigners. A bunch of gullible lemmings.

            That’s what years of liberal indoctrination does to the human mind. Turns it into mush.

          • justanon

            There ARE other issues besides immigration.

            How do you defend trump rolling back consumer protections? Who benefits from allowing corporations to bribe foreign governments? Are average americans going to benefit from gutting clean water regulations? Should the mentally ill be allowed to purchase guns and who benefits from that?

            When trump peopled his cabinet with Wall Streeters and billionaires you should have clued into the fact that all his populist talk was a ruse to get the chickens to vote for letting the foxes guard the hen house.

            How dumb can you be?

          • LFOldTimer

            What consumer protections are rolled back? Be specific.

            For God sakes – the corporations bribe Congress to get what they want! Democrats are the biggest bribe takers of all! lol. How naive are you?

            Look what the Democrats did in Flint, Michigan. Poisoned their minority residents with the dirty water supply! You can’t blame the Republicans for that!

            So if somebody had a bout of depression 3 years ago he’s shouldn’t be able to buy a gun to protect himself? That’s fascism.

            I judge a President on his accomplishments. So far in his first 6 weeks Trump gets an A+, particularly with all the liberal butthurt malcontents nipping at his heels to distract him.

          • justanon

            Ignorance does not absolve you!

            Consumer protections:

            “Trump’s rollback of the investment conflict-of-interest rule is a direct attack on middle-class savings”

            “Rolling back conflict of interest protections…will take tens of billions of dollars a year from the pockets of hard-working Americans to enrich Wall Street.
            — Statement by consumer advocacy groups”

            Stop trying to use deflection for trump’s allowing bribes:

            “A little-known segment of the Dodd-Frank bank reform bill has been revoked by Trump’s Republican Congress and it allows major global corporations to do what they do to get business done: bribe foreign governments.”


            Bullsh*t, Republican Governor Rick Snyder was mostly responsible for Flint:

            “To a significant degree, the buck does stop with Snyder, the state’s top elected official. And Snyder did set the tone of curbing municipal overspending.

            “There was a lot of wishful thinking by which the tax cutters dreamed that they could keep on cutting taxes without having any real consequences,” said Charles L. Ballard, an economist at Michigan State University. “But tax cuts of this magnitude, some of which were passed during the first year of Gov. Snyder’s administration, were bound to have real consequences.”

            Crucially, Snyder also appointed the emergency managers who signed off on the switch away from Detroit’s water system and the decision to use Flint River water as an interim solution.

            And two state agencies he oversaw — the Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health and Human Services — contributed significantly to the problem.”

            Really, people with severe bouts of depression buying guns, have you ever heard of suicide and even worse, murder/ suicide?
            Of all the stupid, ridiculous ways you have tried to defend trump on his destructive policies this is by far the most callow and shameful.

            “There are 20,000 gun suicides in the U.S. every year, more than 50 every single day. That’s more than half of all suicides and two-thirds of all gun deaths.

            Research shows a gun in the home makes a suicide three times more likely. There are a few reasons why the presence of a gun in the home is a risk factor for suicide. First is the surprising impulsivity of many suicide attempts. Guns are also so much more lethal than other methods. Most people who survive a suicide attempt do not go on to die by suicide, but only one in 10 people who attempt suicide by gun get that second chance.

            Limiting easy access to a gun for someone who considers or even attempts suicide can literally be the difference between life and death.”


          • LFOldTimer

            Trump didn’t strike the Fiduciary Rule. He only postponed it for 60 days to get more feedback regarding the pros and cons.

            In the end the investor has to decide where his or her retirement goes. The Fiduciary Rule LIMITS those options. In America investors should have as large a number of avenues to invest their money as possible.

            It’s like with health care. We go to the doctor to listen to him or her. But in the end WE must make our OWN decisions about how our health is managed since it’s OUR health. We must educate ourselves. And if we question the doctor’s advice we should get a second opinion. Duh? Same with our money. Duh?

            If an investment adviser is doing a poor job managing a retiree’s assets – the retiree should find a new investment adviser. It’s called competition. A dirty word to most liberals.

            Water supplies are managed by LOCAL officials. The state steps in only when problems occur. Duh? The Flint democrats poisoned the largely minority community with filthy contaminated water. Do your research. It’s not the governor’s job to monitor the quality of drinking water in each Michigan city. lol. Each city has WATER DISTRICTS that do that!!! DUH???

            Most mental illness is transitory. Just because one suffered from mental illness at one point in his or her life does not mean he or she will suffer from serious mental illness in the future. Why should a person be punished by being prohibited from buying a gun because he or she suffered from mental illness 10 years ago that has never recurred?

            I would rather have a person with a moderate bout of depression in possession of a gun than some of these crazy violent liberals bent of vengeance against those with different political opinions – like we saw recently in Berkeley. Now those are some DANGEROUS people!

          • justanon

            Yeah, you live in an alternate reality, where your average retiree should have as much knowledge as a professional investment advisor and corporations bribing foreign governments are doing it for the good of the people, where governors who appoint emergency managers aren’t responsible for their actions and where 20,000 deaths a year are equal to a protest where no one got hurt.

            You deserve everything that trump is going to give you, bend over and lube up, lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            I never said a retiree should have AS MUCH knowledge as his financial adviser. But it’s the responsibility of the retiree to MONITOR his ROI and the performance of his financial adviser. And if the financial adviser is not meeting the retiree’s benchmarks – it’s time to go to the OPEN MARKET and find another adviser.

            That’s how America works!!!

            This is not brain science. Your attitude is typical of a liberal. It’s like turning your life over to the government as your caretaker and hoping for the best!!! lol.


            How do you think ObamaCare got approved without Congress reading the bill??? LOL!!!

            Your naiveté is over the top.

            I got lubed up and bent over by Obama for 8 long years. The soreness has dissipated significantly in the last 6 weeks.

          • justanon

            Yeah, under Obama the stock market tripled, we had 75 months straight of job creation and thanks to the ACA the lowest number of uninsured americans in history.
            Yeah, I’m sure you suffered under Obama, liar.

            No wonder you are a trump fan, up is down and lies are truth in your despicable world, pathetic.

          • LFOldTimer

            The only reason the stock market went up is because Obama piled on $10 TRILLION in new Federal debt and the Fed maintained ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) for the entire time Obama was in office!!! LOL!

            Obama accrued MORE debt that all 43 Presidents who preceded him COMBINED!!! LOL!!!

            Get your facts straight, Snowflake!!!!

            Seniors are responsible for their own finances at the end of the day. And ADVISER is just that….an ADVISER. And ADVISERS do not always give good ADVICE!!!


            You are so fricken naive.

          • justanon

            Obama was only responsible for adding $983 million to the debt, much of the debt is pre-determined (not having to do with any policies that Obama put forward), but those facts actually require someone who is honestly evaluating the facts and not merely engaging in “blind partisanship”, lol.

            And again, letting slick salesmen take advantage of senior citizens and their retirement money must be a conservative value. What horrid people you trumpsters are.

          • LFOldTimer

            “Obama was only responsible for adding $983 million to the debt….”

            HA! More fake news.

            You should go into journalism!

            So you’re just saying that Obama accrued $10 TRILLION more dollars in “pre-determined debt” than the previous 43 presidents accrued in their “pre-determined debt”???? Oh, Ok. HA!!!!

            Are you a product of a California public school education? Just curious?

            If “slick salesmen” robs senior citizens of their monies it’s called FRAUD. There are very severe FRAUD and ELDER ABUSE laws on the books that could put a “slick salesman” away for years.

            Anybody who turns their money over to a financial adviser then closes his or her own eyes is asking for problems. The one ultimately responsible for money is the OWNER of that money.

            You seem to be referencing a nanny state where the government manages all our needs from cradle to grave!!!

            They used to call that communism.

          • justanon

            Reality check:

            “Is it fair to blame any president for events over which he had no control? During Obama’s terms, there was less federal income than usual. That is because the recession and the Bush tax cuts reduced tax receipts. At the same time, the cost of Social Security, Medicare, and other mandatory programs continued to increase.

            The War on Terror, although technically over, was still being fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.

            The fairest method is to measure the debt incurred by Obama’s specific policies. The Congressional Budget Office does this for every program. The CBO found that the largest contributor to the debt was the Obama tax cuts, which were an extension of the Bush tax cuts. They added $858 billion to the debt in 2011 and 2012.

            The next largest was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It added $787 billion between 2009 and 2012. It cut taxes, extended unemployment benefits, and funded job-creating public works projects.

            Like the Obama tax cuts, the ARRA was an attempt to stimulate the economy after the 2008 financial crisis

            Obama increased military spending to an average of $800 billion a year. In fact, his security budget request of $895 billion in FY 2011 set a new record. In FY 2013, he requested $851 billion. That happened even though he withdrew troops from Iraq in 2012 and eliminated the threat from Osama bin Laden in 2011. Obama spent $857 billion in contingency funds during his administration. That was more than the $850 billion Bush devoted to the War on Terror.

            What about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? It didn’t add anything to the debt in Obama’s first term. That’s because most of its costs began in 2014. That’s when it set up health insurance exchanges and extended coverage to more low-income people. In fact, tax increases offset costs to the tune of $104 billion between 2010 and 2019. For more, see Obamacare Costs.

            Congress and Obama also negotiated the sequestration budget cuts. They cut the deficit by a small percent. When all these are added up, Obama’s debt contribution was $983 billion between 2009 and 2017. ”


          • LFOldTimer


            Obama had RECORD LEVELS of tax revenues in the last half of his Presidency, yet he was still running MASSIVE spending deficits, especially if you include the Medicare and Social Security debtloads.

            The Nobel Peace Prize winner extended his ‘war on terror’ into nations that he had NO LEGAL AUTHORIZATION to engage. Obama dropped 100’s of thousands of bombs killing 10’s of thousands of innocent citizens of a minority race different than his own. Had Obama been a leader in another nation he would have likely been charged with war crimes. He was the modern day version of Attila the Hun. And the anti-war Democrats applauded him the entire time!!! lol. And they applauded his ‘pay to play’ schemes with Wall Street too! lol. All those old “Occupy Wall Street” hippies suddenly turned Wall Street friendly!!! lol.

            Your copy and paste fake news is hilarious.

            Did you send Obama the People’s President a postcard while he vacationed on Richard Branson’s private island with Mooshell???

            Boy, would I have loved to be a fly on the wall at Branson’s estate with a miniature video cam. HA!

            I could only imagine what took place within those walls!

            Did you ever read his autobiography???? HA!

          • justanon

            Medicare and Social Security are pre-determined, not anything to do with Obama’s policies. Again, childish name-calling and full on BS.

            But two can play that game.

            I bet you’re real proud of your perpetually golfing, pervert and his dumb, high-priced call girl…oops I meant dumb, gold-digging wife. Sooo klassy, lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            Go look up the term Quantatative Easing. Learn what it means. And then research how much Obama is responsible for.

            I’m done doing research for you.

            Melania is likely both a million times more wealthy and better looking than you are. If there’s one thing women hate it’s other women who are more attractive than they are.

            But if calling her a “call girl” makes you feel better – it’s probably cheaper than therapy. Go for it. I’m sure she would laugh at you.

          • justanon

            Ooh, snap!

            And Obama is a million times smarter, richer, handsomer and cooler than you are.

            Is that the level of discourse you’re bringing things down to?

            Yeah, trump really has debased the country and his childish supporters wallow in it. Well, being deplorable probably IS much easier than trying to defend your lying, mentally ill so-called POTUS. Enjoy, lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            Big ears is better looking than I am??? ha.

            I wouldn’t take that bet in Vegas if I were you. lol.

            Cooler? No. Slicker and sleazier? Absolutely. He wins that contest hands down.

            If Obama were Pinocchio his nose would have touched Jupiter by this time.

          • justanon

            If you were brighter maybe you’d have enough sense to be ashamed of yourself, so malicious and juvenile.

            As it is you’re just a pathetic waste of time and space.

          • LFOldTimer

            I appreciate your insults.

            If someone as vile as you are complimented me I’d be worried.

            So thanks for the insults.

          • justanon

            You don’t even ‘get’ my insults, lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            Psychology was not my major.

        • The Deplorable Miss B

          He’s just a troll. My guess is he’s either a teacher or a student. The ignorance just OOZES out of him.

          • Karol

            If he’s a troll, all of you must be too. These are children we’re talking about, have some compassion. They’re fighting for their education while many students here legally could care less about theirs. And for your information AUHSD has some of the best academic programs, schools, and students, regardless if they’re immigrants or not. So before you go bad mouthing them you should all do YOUR research. Or maybe instead of bagging on the youth through a screen, go out and fight back. The students do it, what’s stopping you?

          • The Deplorable Miss B

            What’s stopping me? I have a job. AND I live in a country with laws and a President who got voted into office because illegal immigration IS a problem, so I guess I DID get out and make my voice heard on November 8th. Our legal kids don’t have voices, because theirs aren’t worth as much in grant and aid money.

          • verifiedsane

            NO, we are talking about illegal immigrants and the problem of illegals create by draining/stealing the limited resources of the tax paying legal and law abiding immigrants/citizens. This is so typical of the extreme liberal left and the non-arguments they bring to the table; The laws only apply when they want them too..just another open borders clown disguised in fake “compassion” emperors clothing.

            The social, enforcement, and political pendulum is finally swinging in the direction of national sovereignty and the enforce of our immigration laws. The liberal left has lost touch with reality and the horrific outcome/results of their so called “compassion” policies over the past several decades.

            The Dumocrats and their teachers union cohorts have made law breaking a national pass-time & profitable cottage industry that must end if we are to survive and flourish as a nation. We must either enforce are laws and borders, or we will cease to be a sovereign nation and constitutional republic. The lines are clear as they can be; we have those that believe in our sovereignty and abiding by our laws, and we have those who don’t.

          • LFOldTimer

            Perfect explanation, verified.


            Fine job.

          • verifiedsane

            The bigger picture…http://origin-nyi.thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/national-party-news/320162-the-latest-scheme-in-the-lefts-war-on-trump?amp=1 The “sanctuary movement” is an alt-left organized and financed operation.

    • The Deplorable Miss B

      Oh, they are bringing practical courses that used to be taught by R.O.P. or contracted professionals, but NOW the latest scam is to send their teachers to a bogus credentialing class so that THEY can teach these now. So basically, now the kids who will go into blue collar jobs aren’t even going to get some decent training there, it’s just being done to pad teachers’ salaries even more. I work with teachers that put in 2-3 hours a day and get paid over $125,000 a year. 90% of them only have a P.E. or Home Ec credential. No Math, English, History or Science. They eliminated the High School Exit Exam because so many teachers couldn’t teach the material. Quit testing kids, start testing teachers. And stop letting teachers get some B.S. business credential that somehow “qualifies” them to become HR Managers, CFOs…you name it. These people think they are omnipotent yet all they do is push their fascist propaganda down our kids’ throats.

      • LFOldTimer

        I imagine that some of the public school teachers are as dumb as the students. No wonder K-12 in California ranks below Mississippi in academic achievement . lol.

        To all parents: Save your children. If you have to borrow from Peter to pay Paul send your kids to private schools. Get them out of the leftist indoctrination centers where political correctness murders brain cells.