• Diskdoc

    OCTA is killing bus service in South Orange County. On weekends, to go anywhere from Pacific Park and Aliso Creek Road you need to walk 1.6 miles to Moulton and Oso Pkwy to catch to 90 bus. To get to Mission Viejo you have to go to Dana Point Harbor and take the 91 back. I go to LA on the Metrolink on weekends about once a month. The bus service there is great, although some of the passengers are same as Prattle On, Boyo describes.

  • Gunny98

    “Nelson suggested OCTA work with major employers — such as Kaiser Permanente, California State University, Fullerton and the University of California, Irvine — to incentivize their employees to use Metrolink and other transit services.

    “The federal court, state, county court – there’s probably 20,000 plus people” working in Santa Ana’s Civic Center area, said Nelson. “How many people live in the Inland Empire that are near the [train] tracks?””

    Shawn Nelson, you work downtown, do you ride the bus?

    • LFOldTimer

      Heck no. Shawn gets a fat taxpayer funded car allowance. He’s high-brow. He’s not going to ride the bus with the commoners!

  • One of the worst transit systems in America (let’s not bring in international). Instead of discussions over high priced lunches in the taxpayer dime, perhaps the BoD should take a look at successful transit systems such as Seattle and San Francisco. Maybe try incorporating innovative systems before they are obsolete instead of playing catch up. Their neighbor, Long Beach, has a pretty successful transit system that serves the city well. Look at what works in other cities instead of fawning over another streetcar to nowhere.

  • Ray

    What’s happening to the OCTA is also happening across the country. People like to complain about the management, but the simple fact is that the current bus system cannot compete with alternative transit modes. The time savings provided by a private automobile or uber service more than outweigh the cost savings of a public bus for almost the entire population. Even with free bus service, it would have trouble competing. The public needs to take a step back and look at the facts. First, we start with a fixed road system that can carry a finite number of vehicles. Only when the number of vehicles exceed the maximum capacity of a road, will it be necessary to squeeze more people into each vehicle. If you start with congestion pricing those roads that have exceeded their max capacity, then you will have private services to provide cheaper shared-ride vehicles. The price to ride the private services will vary based on the free market. At this point a bus can become cost competitive and useful. The challenge is how to operate in areas where there is plenty of road capacity. Here, the service will either need to be cut back dramatically or replaced with a subsidized uber service until the day comes that we have automated transit.

  • LFOldTimer

    Great plan to relieve congestion on our streets and freeways. lol.

    Instead of designing a BETTER local transportation system that would be convenient and easy to access thus taking people OUT of their cars – they consider dumping or downsizing the stupid inefficient system they already have in place! lol.

    The streets and freeways can’t handle the traffic we have now!! What’s going to happen if there’s no effective public transportation around?

    No leadership. Pure idiocy.

  • Old Userame

    If you’ve seen unpleasant stuff on the bus, I had an idea of someone taking pics(with your smartphone) and having them posted on social media? How risky and appropriate would that be?

  • OCTA has in fact cut routes to south county. Add that to the fact that transferring is a nightmare and the bus is always late 10-15 minutes regardless. If you want to run errands within a 5 mile radius then be prepared to spend 5 hours doing it. Also, some of the drivers are as psychotic as the passengers. They let on board many questionable passengers. I take the bus frequently and on more than one occasion have witnessed 3 different drivers allow on board for FREE a man who was covered in blood/feces. No one with access to a personal vehicle rides the bus under these kind of conditions. The homeless/mentally ill use the bus as a flop house and the rest of us have have to subject ourselves to the diseases/smell the mentally ill spread on board.

    • Juan Trippe Aviation Pioneer a

      The politically correct term is, “Transitional Housing”, not flop house.

      • I call a spade a spade instead of using language to sugar coat it. Also, a bus is not housing by any stretch of the imagination even though it’s being used that way by the mentally ill.

  • verifiedsane

    inconvenient, high cost, declining ridership..it’s time to dramatically rethink public transportation, or stop dumping public monies down this rabbit hole to nowhere…

  • Juan Trippe Aviation Pioneer a

    As a frequent rider of OCTA, it is my opinion the passengers are part of the problem. The vast numbers of under-served mentally ill present frightening situations for both drivers and passengers. What has Orange County Health Care done with the Mental Health Services Act dollars?

    • LFOldTimer

      ” What has Orange County Health Care done with the Mental Health Services Act dollars?”

      Probably spent it to backstop the failing public pension system.