President Trump’s Budget: A Return to Seniors Eating Dog Food?

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President Trump’s Budget: A Return to Seniors Eating Dog Food?

Anaheim, Calif. (March 17, 2017) – President Trump sent his Budget Blueprint, also known as the “skinny budget,” to Congress yesterday which is focused on discretionary spending levels for fiscal year 2018. While further details will be made known in the future, the initial budget makes investments in defense programs, paid for through deep cuts to non-defense discretionary (NDD) programs, such as Meals on Wheels.

Anaheim-based SeniorServ is Orange County’s largest provider of Meals on Wheels services to at-risk seniors and relies heavily on these grants that are in jeopardy of being eliminated. “The cuts in the president’s budget hearken to the shocking headlines in the 60’s and 70’s about seniors eating dog food because they couldn’t afford healthy meals,” said Holly Hagler, SeniorServ’s CEO. “Since then, Meals on Wheels programs have expanded to every county across our country, and they have greatly reduced senior hunger and malnourishment. Eliminating funding for the most basic of human needs – nourishing food – shows a lack of understanding of the far-reaching impact of Meals on Wheels programs.”

In response to White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney’s comments on Thursday that programs like Meals on Wheels “don’t work,” SeniorServ board member Lynn Daucher said, “Really? As a former Republican Assemblywoman and former Director of the California Department of Aging which oversees, on behalf of the federal government, the Meals on Wheels Program in our state, I can assure Mr. Mulvaney that hungry seniors do receive and eat the food provided by Meals on Wheels.” Daucher continued, “In Orange County, we have waiting lists of poor seniors because funding has not kept pace with our aging population. I deplore Mr. Mulvaney’s comments about Meals on Wheels.”

The portions of the president’s budget that have been released so far call for the elimination of a number of federal programs, including the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), that provide funding that many Meals on Wheels programs rely on to deliver nutritious meals, safety checks and friendly visits to our nation’s most vulnerable seniors.

SeniorServ delivers over 640,000 meals to nearly 1,300 homebound frail seniors in Orange County who can no longer shop or cook for themselves. To measure its effectiveness, SeniorServ previously conducted independent surveys of 1,279 frail, homebound senior citizens who received their Home Delivered Meals and Case Management services. Results showed that program participants:

  • Experienced a 34% reduction in hospital visits and a 62% shorter stay if hospitalized
  • Demonstrated a sustained 20% increase in sense of well-being
  • Received 141% more referrals to supportive services

Hagler serves on the board for the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Providers (NANASP) and is the president of the state association, Meals on Wheels California; both organizations advocate for Meals on Wheels and other programs serving the elderly. Hagler said, “These proposed cuts target those most in need and the need is greater than ever.”

Hagler will be in Chicago next week at a board meeting for NANASP ( where she and other Meals on Wheels providers will chart the association’s course in response to the president’s budget. In addressing local senior care supporters this week she said, “We are going to fight the good fight because telling just one at-risk senior that we can no longer provide them with a nourishing meal is one too many.”

For more details about the proposed budget cuts or for a direct interview with SeniorServ CEO Holly Hagler, please contact Darla Olson at 714.229-3362 or email For more information about SeniorServ, visit .

About SeniorServ

As the largest nonprofit Meals on Wheels senior nutrition and supportive service provider in Orange County, SeniorServ nourishes the wellness, purpose, and dignity of seniors and their families in our community.

Community SeniorServ dba SeniorServ was incorporated in 1967 as Feedback Foundation which merged with Senior Meals and Services in 2006 to create a new agency with greater capacity, energy, resources, and vision for the purpose of meeting the increasingly diverse needs of the elderly population.



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  • verifiedsane

    “President Trump’s Budget: A Return to Seniors Eating Dog Food?”

    This headline is so over the top; who is going to even read or lend any credence to this fear mongering politically motivated garbage piece….Why isn’t anyone pointing fingers at Gov. Moonbeam who’s pockets are bursting in special interest coins and favors . Or just maybe for once, start asking the tough questions about the states’ responsibility in providing vital services.

    Of course no one in MSM is going to cook or dare criticize that corrupted democrat false-deity golden goose; or question the 20 trillion dollars in rubber check debt this country has been writing on the backs of the citizenry for the past decade. At some point in the not to distant future, everyone may groveling for a nice can of Skippy for supper.

    Why don’t we add this bit of trivia to this nonsensical & biased “Trump” hit piece: everyone knows that 6 out of 10 seniors prefer cat food over dog food anywise…. 🙂

    • justanon


      You attack Governor Brown, rather than address the fact that trump proposed a budget that eliminates federal funding for Meals-on-Wheels?

      Although, it is hard to DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE!!!

      Trump is a horrible POTUS, but an even worse human being.

      • verifiedsane

        buzz off diaper boy… your cultural Marxist paradise Venezuela they are not eating dog food…they are eating actual dog, cat, rat, and even poison Yuca….that is the America you are wishing and hoping for? because that is exactly what happens when nanny government controls everything…

        • justanon

          You’ve been exposed pustule, your willingness to let old people starve and lose their ability to stay in their homes (including 500,000 veterans) just highlights what ignorant and vile creeps you and your so-called POS president are.

          Thanks for playing: ‘Top This! The conservative game show where you compete to become the most deplorable person in the country’!

          Next up … ‘gassing granny’ so we can eliminate Medicare!

          • verifiedsane

            Here we go again…more of the same old boring leftist nasty vitriol from diaper boy….YAWN!!!!!

          • justanon

            Name calling, your go-to-strategy.

            Nothing to add, then go splatter your vile pus elsewhere.

          • verifiedsane

            shall I add that you’re an idiot! of course that would be redundant and information everyone already knows Diaper boy…..YAWN!!!

          • justanon

            More name-calling …. and I’m “redundant”, ha, ha, ha!

          • verifiedsane

            Diaper Boy goes whaa-whaa-whaa…..

  • justanon

    This is about FREEDOM!

    It’s important to remember that it’s not about having actual food, but rather having ‘access’ to food. OC has an abundance of food and fine restaurants and these cutbacks will increase ‘access’ to that abundance.

    So, don’t think about the seniors starving to death in their homes, concentrate on the freedom and greater ‘access’ to food the wealthy will ha … I mean we’ll ‘all’ have by wiping out this worthless program.