• LFOldTimer

    The entire justice system is FUBAR.

    These idiots are actually doing Dekraii a favor by putting him on death row. The problem with being in prison is living w/ a-holes that you have to deal with day in and day out. Death row inmates are removed from the general population and isolated with all the comforts of home. Internet, TV, videos, food service. Plus, they have access to an assigned taxpayer funded attorney who beckons to their every legal need. And the irony is that they’ll never die at the hands of the state in California while on death row. lol. The joke is on the taxpayers who have to fund millions of dollars in services, medical care and legal counsel for these heinous murderers who are rewarded with a much better life than the common inmate in the general population.

    Then you have those sworn under oath to obey the laws who willfully violate it – and as a result refuse to do their basic fundamental duties like testify in criminal cases because they’re skeered of digging an even deeper hole for themselves on the witness stand – which results in other heinous CONVICTED criminals being released from jail, given new trials (at a huge taxpayer expense) or allowed to plea to sweet deals with the state that significantly reduces their prior sentences. lol. And NOTHING happens to our so-called heroes in green for committing one illegal act after another – they keep their jobs, their fat paychecks and pensions, their guns and their stinking badges. And not ONE politician calls any of them out. Have you heard even one supervisors ask “Hey, what’s going on here?”. lol. Has one of them called Hutchens to the podium at a supe meeting and demanded that she explain herself?

    The leadership in these organizations have turned the entire justice system into a total farce. They demand that the little people obey their laws (OR ELSE), but they break them at will and protect one another in the process.

    This is what you call the decline of a civilization.

  • verifiedsane

    The sad irony of this case (and many others) is that the Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney, and the DA prosecutors shouldn’t have needed to cheat, violate civil rights, and break the law to seek and get a conviction. This is clearly a case where self serving politics (a high profile case) trumped justice (due process).

    Now we have reached a new low where the State Attorney General steps into this created & politicized Humpty Dumpty in another bumbling attempt to put all the broken & scattered pieces back together again.

    When the DA and Sheriff’s actions are little different than the criminals that they are charged with investigating, indicting, and bringing to trial; then this cast a ominous dark shadow over our entire justice, legal, & court system: while dangerously diminishing the public trust in those who should hold to & be held to the very highest ethical and legal standards.

    If we can’t trust our system of justice, then we have no better than any other 3rd world banana republic or dictatorship. This ongoing despicable behavior by our elected leaders and their subordinate public servants is completely unconscionable and unacceptable.

    • David Zenger

      You have touched upon a situation in which the act of cheating far passed any need and entered into the area of obsession – cheating just because you can and you’re addicted to it. If ever anybody was caught “dead to rights” it was Dekraii.

      This points to a profound and long-standing systemic moral rot in both the DAs office and the Sheriff’s organization. Virulent bacterial cultures like this do not grow overnight. Sadly the jail situation occurred right under the very nose of Connolly who was being paid $200,000 a year for some reason.

      • verifiedsane

        Connolly was little more than an expensive silk PR blanket covering the bed of criminal corruption occupied by Sheriff Hutchens, District Attorney Rackauckas, The BoS, and their myriad of political slumber party bedfellows…The jail house snitch debacle is just a single exposed symptom of a much larger and entrenched problem permeating throughout OC government and leadership.

        • David Zenger

          The funny thing about that is that Connolly agreed with that assessment, in part, at least. I distinctly remember him arguing with me that value of his assignment included the provision to the public of a sense that there was oversight – irrespective of what he actually accomplished.

          No, I am not making this up.

          • LFOldTimer

            Why doesn’t that surprise me?

            I recall when the supervisors who hired Connolly agendized items to specifically reprimand him from the dais for not performing basic functions of his job (report writing, etc..) and to question his independence. Instead of firing him each time they gave him another chance to improve his performance. lol. These were public discussions. You probably remember it. To his credit, Nelson made it clear that Connolly was a waste of taxpayer money. Moorlach constantly defended Connolly. as did Bill Campbell.

          • David Zenger

            Connolly was Moorlach’s creation. And Moorlach can’t admit he makes mistakes, even though there is a conga line of them.

            As to Connolly, I suggested on more than one occasion that he start documenting what he was doing and cite his specific accomplishments – for his own good. He took it as beneath himself to have to justify his activities – as if it were perfectly clear to any reasonable person that his mere presence was an unalloyed benefit to the public. Of course he probably also knew he didn’t have to given the fecklessness of the BoS.

            The Supervisors must have bought into that rigmarole – or were too afraid to be seen as being against police oversight. That was far easier than actually establishing some police oversight – appearance over substance, a running theme on the 5th Floor.

          • LFOldTimer

            Looking back I don’t think real oversight was the intention from the start. The county felt the need to feign the appearance of oversight after it ended up with egg on it’s face after the Carona scandal. So the game plan was to feign the appearance of doing something while actually doing nothing at all.

            Connolly was hired to investigate major scandals and lawsuits within OCSD. During his 7 years on the job I don’t recall him investigating any of the multi-million dollar OCSD lawsuits. If you go back and read his reports you’d note that he investigated mostly low level stuff like an off-duty cop getting into a bar fight or some cop slapping his wife. Those were the business of IA, not the OIR. All the big stuff was left untouched (shooting death of Sgt. Manuel Loggins, inmate beatings & unwarranted taserings in the jail, false arrest and assault of Toy White in MV, attempted frame of motorcyclist Kevin Halliburton in south county, etc…) And the supes never prompted him to do what he was hired to do and launch investigations into those expensive and highly publicized scandals. He reported directly to the supes. The supes ALLOWED him not to do his job.

            This led me to believe that Connolly was just hired by the county to act as a show piece or window dressing. And the alleged comments that he made to you only substantiates my beliefs.

          • verifiedsane

            Connolly was more than just an expensive show piece…he actively assisted Sandra Hutchens in burying police professional lawlessness on many levels….He was actuality a highly paid sheriff’s department misconduct defender (working along side and with the department’s internal affairs division); The worst part is that the BoS knew exactly what was going on, and allowed it to continue for years unabated. His position and Office of Independent Review had/has absolutely nothing to do with sheriff department oversight, independent investigations, or for public accountability.

          • LFOldTimer

            You make a good point.

            Perhaps his first assignment was to be good window dressing. Later on it may have evolved into a wink wink nod nod relationship w/ Hutchens. Connolly worked right inside Sheriff’s HQ’s. Hutchens couldn’t say enough nice things about him in public. She adored the guy and recommended the supes to keep him as the OIR Director. ha. No wonder. If I were the sheriff I’d want a lapdog keeping me in line too! The supes indicated that they valued Hutchen’s opinion in the selection process. How stupid was that? Sort of like taking advice from the fox on how to guard the hen house. lol.

            Makes me wonder what Connolly is doing today? I wonder if he’s still in the watchdog business?