Anaheim’s ARTIC Train Station Loses Its Deficit Funder

Adam Elmahrek/Voice of OC

A traveller walks across the "great hall" at Anaheim's new transit center known as ARTIC.

Anaheim’s signature transportation hub – the $185 million, glittering glass dome known as ARTIC – will for the first time since its opening in 2014 have its entire operating deficit paid straight out of the city’s general fund.

When the city cut the ribbon for the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, or ARTIC, in December 2014, officials predicted the station would attract 3,000 train boardings daily and pay for its own operating costs.

The city initially planned to cover some costs with a naming rights deal, but that hasn’t materialized and for the past three fiscal years the station has operated in the red, with a $2.5 million deficit for 2016-17. The total cost to taxpayers this fiscal year, including debt service, operating expenses and personnel, is $6.9 million.

The past two fiscal years, the Anaheim Tourism Improvement District (ATID), a self-assessed public taxing district financed by businesses for improvements within the Anaheim Resort district, has subsidized property and operating expenses of nearly $2 million annually for ARTIC. The Anaheim Resort area includes Disneyland, the Anaheim Convention Center, hotels and other businesses.

In late March, two members of the district’s three-person board, Fred Brown, director of operations for the Desert Palms Hotel & Suites, and Kris Theiler, vice president of the Disneyland Park, raised questions about whether funding ARTIC was an appropriate use of the money and said they would not vote to pay for it again, according to city spokesman Mike Lyster.

At the March 28 meeting, the third board member, Assistant City Manager Kristine Ridge, moved to have ATID pay ARTIC’s shortfall. The motion died when neither Brown nor Theiler supported it.

Now that deficit will be paid for entirely by the general fund.

The city never has “depended” on the Tourism Improvement District funding to subsidize the station as staff has always budgeted for the full cost of ARTIC each year, said Lyster, and they then try to find “other sources of funding” such as the money from ATID.

He said the cost of running ARTIC doesn’t compete with other services and is only a fraction of the city’s total budget.

“$2.5 [million] out of $300 million is less than one percent of the general fund,” Lyster said.

This fiscal year ARTIC is projected to generate $1.4 million in revenue, in part from television shows and commercials filmed there, to offset its $3.87 million total operating budget.

Another $3 million in annual debt payments is paid for by taxpayers countywide, through a half-cent sales tax for transportation projects called Measure M2.

Recently, officials also approved an advertising deal with the Honda Center that would guarantee another $80,000 in annual revenue for ARTIC.

But Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, who has viewed ARTIC and the state high speed rail project it was built for, as a waste of taxpayer funds, says the money spent on ARTIC’s operations and for debt service is money that could be spent on any number of city services.

Tait said he was “surprised” the Anaheim Resort district would not pay for ARTIC.

“It was built to benefit the resort district, that’s obvious, and the benefit will mostly go toward the resort,” Tait said. “They advocated strongly for the building of it.”

A quarter of the ATID funds are required to go toward transportation projects. In the past those funds have been used to pay for the environmental review process for the Anaheim streetcar project, after the Orange County Transportation Authority voted to stop any work on the project.

At the end of this fiscal year, the ATID transportation fund will have about $9 million, and is expecting an additional $4.4 million in revenue. They estimate another $4.9 million in 2017-2018.

“Now with the streetcar going away I don’t know what the money would go toward,” Tait said.

Tait has also argued, just three years after the station’s opening, another use should be found for ARTIC, pointing to the San Francisco Ferry Building, a former ferry station built in the late 1890s that has been turned into an indoor marketplace and food hall.

“It needs to be repurposed because it’s obviously not working,” Tait argued. “It was designed for high speed rail, and that’s not going to be happening any time soon.”

A 2015 survey of total ridership at ARTIC estimated 2,406 boardings on weekdays and 3,878 boardings on days where there are special events in the area.

The national standard for counting ridership, however, counts a single passenger more than once based on their mode of travel. So if a passenger rides a taxi to ARTIC and gets on the train, they would be counted twice.

When you break down the numbers, the number of riders leaving ARTIC by train is 880 daily, with 702 people arriving by train, according to the 2015 study.

Since that study, ARTIC has garnered another 400 daily riders through a bus service to Mexico called Tres Estrellas del Oro.

The service, which is geared toward immigrant families and includes on-board amenities like Spanish-language television, takes passengers from Anaheim to Tijuana and Guadalajara.

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  • Cynthia Ward

    “A quarter of the ATID funds are required to go toward transportation projects. In the past those funds have been used to pay for the environmental review process for the Anaheim streetcar project, after the Orange County Transportation Authority voted to stop any work on the project”

    (…and City Council passed a Reso to stop the streetcar, but clearly ATID is separate, did THEY ever stop funding the studies or are they still rolling along with the plan in hopes of a new majority in 2018?)

    “Now with the streetcar going away I don’t know what the money would go toward,” Tait said.

    Oooh, here’s an idea! Can they use the ATID to cover the cost of Disney’s bridge across Harbor Blvd? You didn’t think The Mouse would fund that, did you? (never mind their obligations to complete improvements still owed from 1996) They failed to get it through the smoke screen of the ARC streetcar, which would have funded the bridge AND used eminent domain to take someone else’s property for the purpose (while eliminating a competitor whose units are closer to the gate than Disney’s, a problem now solved by blocking all Harbor Blvd businesses from the bridge) Yes that is a question, can the ATID money be used to “transport” tourist on foot over a public street?

    BTW-time to audit all ATID and see if one plug nickel has been transferred from General Fund obligations to the ATID supposed to be carrying the expenses to “free up” the bond payments for Con Ctr.

  • Stephan Muecke

    As driverless cars come online in the next 10-20 years public transportation will be even more irrelevant. It’s just a $200 million homeless bathroom at this point. There are so many more projects that could have generated money to the city instead of this. A minor upgrade to the old train station would have been fine.

  • Paul Lucas

    why was my comment deleted?

  • Jane Rands

    Hmmm so…
    1) It was built for high speed rail and high spied rail ain’t a’commin’ anytime soon (if at all).
    2) It was built for the resort district, but it is not being used and the resort district doesnt want to pay for it.
    3) $2.5 mill from the Anaheim general fund is being wasted on this mostly unused building.
    4) There is a housing crisis with an entire tent city on the river bank a stone’s throw away on the other side of the 57.

    Why is this not being proposed as a temporary homeless shelter?

    • David Zenger


      ARTIC was NOT built to accommodate HSR. Although that was the original intent, somewhere along the way the design changed into a big empty shell that is NOT even a train station.

      It just became a very large, very expensive glow-in-the-dark physical obstacle to commuters (and a hand full of AMTRAK travelers) trying to find their way to the tracks.

      It WAS designed to be a bus terminal (sort of) but naturally was in the wrong place as isevidenced by the puny bus ridership.

      ARTIC now stands as a monument to the corrupt manipulation of OC government by a single lobbyist, and the malfeasance of the OCTA boardmembers who let him get away with it.

    • Greg Diamond

      I’ve been suggesting that for over a year now, Jane, and have never gotten a glimmer of interest from any member of council, friend or foe.

      I understand their presumable reasons: $185MM plus millions in maintenance a year is a whole lot to pay for a homeless shelter.

      However, until it’s more than a technicolor white elephant, they simply shouldn’t kick people out after four hours (or whatever) and overnight, and they should allow them to use the facilities (including setting up shower vans for the homeless in the parking lot.) Doing that is not irrevocable and, as you point out, is really sensible given the current crisis.

      What Dave says below is correct, but not particularly responsive to you.

    • Lori Moore

      Why isn’t YOUR backyard being being proposed as a temporary homeless shelter? because trust me talk to anyone that lives around the homeless encampments… our lives have changed and not for the better. Our kids cant get gas at night, food in a drive thru at night, they cant even walk into a Walgreens and get medicines without a homeless encounter demanding not asking…demanding dollars, not change… dollars. So hmmmm so…. let’s move their encampments next to you and see if you still feel as charitable.And by the way… the whole “housing crisis” is not a crisis for most down there… it’s a CHOICE.

      • Greg Diamond

        Video them “demanding” (rather than requesting) money. Then they can be arrested and get housed in jail. Everybody win – except the bears.

        You know who’s REALLY demanding when it comes to charity, by the way? God.

        • Lori Moore

          Correction is not judgment, as the Bible says that we should correct, rebuke and be bold to those who are sinning not enable the sinner to continue. God’s book of rules- not mine, but thanks.

          • LFOldTimer

            The Do-Gooders couldn’t care less about your rights, Lori.

            They would rather protect the aggressor’s acts who infringe upon your rights than recognize your family’s right to live in peace. lol.

            Oh, see the illegal alien conundrum for further evidence of what I say. lol.

            At least they’re consistent. You gotta give credit where credit is due! 😉

          • Lori Moore

            That’s so true. They refuse to acknowledge the crime rate in Anaheim has gone up since the encampments. We had a neighborhood watch meeting and learned that we are not alone with the thefts, urination, shouting to get out of here while you ride your bike on the public bike trail, etc. The expensive apartments next to the stadium, had a homeless guy naked, strung out on drugs hiding in their laundry room. Scared the little girl I work with to death, as it should. She pays $2,400 a month to rent a security apartment that the homeless help themselves into. I know nobody cares, I’m just a mean old lady… but I’m also a lady that has lived in Anaheim for 15+ years and watched it’s decline. We will be moving as soon as the kids are finished with school. Tired of fighting this losing battle with the do gooders. Personally, I think they should of been right along side the haz-mat men that had to clean up the needles and human feces that the homeless left for them to clean up when they moved to the other side of the trail. They were running into one another feeding them, clothing them, etc. but when the clean up came… where were the do gooders? home warm in their beds.

          • LFOldTimer

            Yep. Talk is cheap, Lori.

            The liberal Do-Gooders will tell you to be more tolerant of those who live with less while they call the rest of us who harbor opinions different from their own really nasty names. lol

            You know, tolerant and meek souls who live by the motto “Don’t do as we do. Do as we say.” 😉

          • Greg Diamond

            Lori, do you really feel better when you get agreement from a fictional character? That would be sad.

          • Greg Diamond

            And where were you at clean-up time?

            What’s the lesson here: “give no food, get no feces”?

            As for crime statistics, here’s a relevant article:


            As you can see, the crime level in Anaheim fluctuates within a relatively narrow bound, usually tracking general changes in crime within the U.S. The underlying problem is not so much with drugs — they’ve been around for a while — but with increasing income equality generating desperation.

          • Greg Diamond

            Really? I’m familiar with the Sermon on the Mount. Was this the Sermon on the Dismount? (Heard that one from a Christian comedian, my ally in a similar conversation.)

            Is homelessness a “sin,” Lori? Or is the dictum that “we are all sinners” mean that you get to boldly correct and rebuke and bus them out involuntarily to near where the bears live — but that you can’t actually FEED them to the bears yourself. Then the bears can “enable them not to continue,” should they so choose.

            There are aspects of dealing with SOME OF the homeless than I don’t like at all. (Fewer, though, when they have ready access to public toilets and showers.) It wouldn’t occur to me to think that God prioritizes my personal comfort over their safety and succor.

            By the way: when a homeless guy does that, you (or in this case your daughter) can call the police. Be bold.

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh shaddup.

            Donate half your diet to the homeless. Be like Christ with the fish and loaves of bread. You could probably feed the entire homeless population in OC for six months.

          • Greg Diamond

            Do not molest children and do not have sexual contact with adults without their permission. And don’t obtain that permission through threats or bribes, OldBigot.

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh that hurt so bad.

            You made me cry, Chunky.

          • Greg Diamond

            I don’t even want to think about who you’re quoting.

          • Lori Moore

            Actually I was speaking of the homeless that are homeless for one reason…drugs. Yes, Greg it’s true… some of them are not little families down there that Pop lost his job and they live in a tent out of need. Some not all. As I previously have stated… I have no problem at all helping homeless people that are not stealing from my sons or causing havoc in my city. Wonder how fast the Anaheim PD would come for a homeless guy pee’ing on your car? really… fantasy land if you think they are going to do anything about it. Their hands are tied, that’s almost funny if it weren’t so sad that you have no conscience of anyone doing that to my daughter like it’s a joke and she deserved it. Shame on you…Christian man you say, Rebuke your own compassion for a young girl not bothering anyone or anything… I know, I know… she doesn’t live in a tent and she isn’t shooting needles in her arm, why should she matter to you.

          • Greg Diamond

            So, to be clear — the homeless that use drugs SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be fed to bears? Or is the solution, again, to bus them to somewhere with bears around and just let nature take its course? They can’t be here in civilization, so where should they be?

            Out of curiosity: when you see a homeless person, how do you know whether or not they are “stealing from [your] sons or causing havoc in [your] city”? Can you see their auras? I ask because this apparent ability of yours could be an exciting addition to the criminal justice system — IF, of course, it turns out that you’re not often wrong. (You do verify your hunches, right?) Of course, if the mere *possibility* that they might be “causing havoc in your city” — perhaps by, I don’t know, speaking Spanish so that LFOldBigot starts to foam at the mouth — always leads you to err on the side of safety, then you don’t help homeless people at all. Which is pretty much my guess.

            OK, this is some advice for you to pass on to your daughter: if someone starts peeing on your car, take a photo or a video of them and show it to the police. Aside from likely assault and battery, that would also probably involve indecent exposure — and they WILL respond to that sort of call. If she’s worried about what the homeless person might do, she can lean on the horn loud and long, too. Again, “be bold.” It you really think that “[the police’s] hands are tied” in such a situation, you are not apparently not getting much local news. I will accompany you personally to meet with Chief Raul Quezada and we can ask him whether the police has jurisdiction in such automotive urination cases. I’m betting that he’ll admit that they do.

            You then start off on a jag that would seriously perturb me if I thought that you were thinking clearly: “that’s almost funny if it weren’t so sad that you have no conscience of anyone doing that to my daughter like it’s a joke and she deserved it.” Really? Where did I indicate that I … well, I can’t actually figure out what you’re saying between “conscience” and “joke,” but I do see you allege that I think “she deserved it.”

            No, you dear thing, I do NOT believe that your daughter “deserved” to have her car urinated on, and I’d like to know what I said that you could POSSIBLY construe in that way! If you can’t find anything — though you will find my saying that aggressive panhandling is legitimately a punishable crime — then I invite you to apologize. I won’t hold my breath.

            As for your insinuating that I only care about children that “live in tents and have needles sticking out of their arms,” I suggest that you re-read the Ten Commandments and then re-read the one about “not bearing false witness” enough times until you feel the first glimmerings of shame — and then enough more times that it truly sinks through your skull.

            The poor are with us, Lori, and the question is whether we CONTINUE TO ALLOW THEM TO DO SO, despite that it will create additional problems for us at times, or whether we just kill them, let them die, or banish them. (Jailing them is too expensive.) The “feed them to bears” phrase was a metaphor; you don’t actually get a lot of credit for saying “no, let’s see them die in a less noticeable way.”

      • justanon

        Why is that people who dislike the homeless always seem to have ‘bad’ experiences with them?
        I’ve never had a homeless person be any thing but grateful and polite (except for the mentally ill and if you catch them on a good day they tend to be kindly too).

        • Lori Moore

          Well Gee Justanon… why would people that have had their cars pee’d on and broken in dislike the homeless?… Really? Nice, that the encampments haven’t effected you and your loved ones but they have mine. Thanks for your concern…sorry I don’t live in a tent for you to understand where I’m coming from with this.

          • justanon

            I live in a city inundated with the homeless. I see them everyday and encounter them all the time.
            I do notice that on the local blogs and now this one, that the folks pre-dispositioned to having a negative opinion about the homeless always seem to be the ones having the negative experiences with them.
            Which leads me to wonder did the negative experience happen first or did the negative attitude ‘color’ the experience?

          • Lori Moore

            Let’s see… while we were sleeping my son’s car was broken into, his wallet was under the seat (bad habit he had) glass was broken, wallet stolen along with some other things. Wallet later found in the riverbed and brought back to our home by Anaheim PD. Did this “color” our opinion of all homeless? actually no. On another occasion my daughter is ordering food from Taco Bell on State College. She is by herself ordering with her drivers side window open so they could hear her. A transient comes up from behind her car asks her for money, she said I’m sorry I don’t have any. She was told you have money to order yourself food thought don’t you? She said it’s my Mom’s money I don’t have any. He proceeds to hit his hand on her passenger window while shes waiting in line, unzips his pants and urinates on her fender… did this color my opinion in a negative way? Yes, it did. She’s 23 years old and she was scared to death. So I could recant other events from our year with the homeless encampment but it falls on deaf ears. My “pre-disposition” as you put it is from a mother that is doing the best I can to provide for my family and raise them in a safe environment.

          • LFOldTimer

            God bless you, Lori.

            I’m sorry that you and your family had to tolerate neanderthal behavior in your area. I would say move somewhere else, but most the time that’s easy to say and incredibly hard to do for financial reasons.

            Most of us who want to live in a civilized world are on your side.

          • Lori Moore

            Thank you. I appreciate your understanding, I truly do. I was a single mom for many years raising 3 kids with no child support, paying for my house, working every day. There was a time when the only money left over at the end of the month was $24.00 – it’s not been easy. But #1 I didn’t give up, I didn’t do drugs, I didn’t expect anyone to feed me or them. I hope and pray it wasn’t all for nothing.

          • LFOldTimer

            You’re welcomed, Lori.

            There are still some of us who believe in civilization.

  • Lori Moore

    For those of you suggesting they turn it into a big homeless shelter, I have a better idea… why not build a big homeless shelter 1 mile from YOUR homes. I’ve worked very hard to own my own home, pay for my home and provide shelter for my 4 kids with no help from anyone. In the year or so since the homeless have been allowed to camp at the riverbed (1 mile from my home) 2 kids have had their cars broken into right in our driveway with one wallet later found in the riverbed. My daughter got yelled at in a drive thru line because she didn’t have “extra” money to give to a homeless guy outside of a Taco Bell. He later went over and urinated on her car. My husband and I use to enjoy riding our bikes to the beach along that trail until we got accosted and chased. So NO…. not everyone agrees about “helping” these homeless people anymore. I believe our family has helped them enough with the harassment at the gas pumps, etc. If you want to help them weed out the drug users from people actually needing and deserving help from the tax payers of Anaheim. Where do you all live? because trust me if it were a mile from the encampments… you would not be so ready to open a shelter anywhere near your homes. Had enough!!

    • Greg Diamond

      Should we feed the homeless to bears?

      • Lori Moore

        “Feed them to the bears”… Isnt that what people
        are doing? In Yosemite for instance, it
        specifically says “don’t feed the bears” why? Because people are mean, not
        charitable? No… because it makes the bears (as it does humans) lazy and
        complacent. The bears get angry and
        destructive when free food doesn’t come falling out of their trees. They forget how to hunt to eat, how to find
        shelter for themselves…. By doing the same thing to “all” homeless you are
        including those able bodied young men and woman that find drugs and needles
        more important than working, eating, finding shelter, etc. …
        So your comment, though sarcastic.. also provides the perfect example as
        to why we have the homeless problem that we do in OC. Keep feeding the bears, no matter what the
        circumstance- throw food at them… . I have no problem helping anyone that helps themselves along with me. But the groups that fight for them, that feed and clothe them, enable everyone down there including those that chose drugs instead of their parents homes or their own home for that matter.

        • Greg Diamond

          Should we feed just the homeless people who use drugs to the bears?

          Thank you for taking care of all of the ones who don’t. Maybe ARTIC could be used only for the non-drug-using homeless.

    • LFOldTimer

      I’m on your side, Lori. Are you familiar with a communication technique called ‘sarcasm’?

      I was vigorously opposed to the Kraemer Place homeless shelter because I felt it was incredibly unfair to those who own homes and businesses in the Anaheim area. Why should the county drop a 200 bed homeless bomb on one city?

      I have always supported every city in Orange County to build their own homeless shelters with occupancy in proportion to the size of the city and their respective homeless population.

      I was also vigorously opposed to the County shelter that was proposed in Santa Ana a year or two ago. Fortunately it was cancelled. I went as far as contacting businesses in the area to voice my opposition and to make the businesses aware of the potential problems it could create for them.

      I was also concerned for the children who attended schools in the vicinity of the proposed SA homeless shelter.

      I too believe that accommodations and services should be provided for the homeless. I also believe that those who receive such services should adhere to an agreement that would require them to be drug and alcohol free and show an effort to improve their lives and become independent of the safety-net system. I don’t think that’s asking too much. I fully support providing help for those who demonstrate an effort to help themselves – and I’m supportive of my tax dollars being used to further that cause. I’m not in favor of helping those who have no interest in helping themselves.

      I empathize with your situation even though I have never encountered your problems with the homeless. I live in neither Santa Ana or Anaheim – but I actively made an effort to throw a monkey wrench into the machinery to stop mega homeless shelters from being built in their cities. It’s unfair. The entire county (all cities) should pull their fair load when it comes to helping the homeless.

      I wish you and your family well.

      • justanon

        Once again the racist old man weighs in without being tethered to reality.

        If the county took your twisted, upside down and just plain ignorant advice nothing would ever happen.

        Anaheim has about 800 chronically homeless, so YES, yes indeed, they needed to open a 200 bed homeless shelter. That IS “their fair load”!
        And by the way busybody, that homeless shelter landed in Anaheim after it was rejected in Santa Ana and Fullerton.

        Furthermore, as chronic naysayer David Zenger has pointed out, Kraemer Place is in an inconvenient location. It’s in an industrial area because no one wanted a homeless shelter near them. So what is your solution big talker/whiner just WHERE should these shelters be placed? Homeless and especially the chronically homeless need to be as close to services as possible, which usually means closer to the city center, but hey that’s just reality and you only deal in fact-free hate, bigotry and bullsh*t.

        Kraemer Place is just the beginning, there does need to be homeless shelters in other cities, so how’s about your hometown, Lake Forest? Why don’t you start agitating for one big talker/whiner, help make south county carry “their fair load”?

        And another reality check, oh ignorant one, alcoholism and drug addiction are some the main problems for the chronically homeless. Whether they are just addicts or people who self-medicate because of other underlying issues and if you don’t allow them and help them get shelter than WHAT IS THE EFFING POINT????

        • David Zenger

          “It’s in an industrial area because no one wanted a homeless shelter near them.”

          Wrong again. It was placed there as a diversion from the Karcher site. And nobody cared that the new location was a place where the homeless will have to be bused in. But a ton of money is being wasted there and that’s what you really care about.

          • LFOldTimer

            Don’t try to use common sense to convince her, David.

            You’re just wasting your time.

          • justanon

            It’s my understanding that the Karcher site was shot down due to it’s proximity to a school and I’m sure if it hadn’t been, the surrounding neighborhoods would’ve done it in, like all the previous sites before it.

            I have admitted this is a terrible location, but even this location was protested by the surrounding businesses.

            I’ve asked you this before, where do you propose the NEXT shelter be built?

          • Greg Diamond

            That was the cover story. Apparently, Brandman wanted that land — which was purchased for a homeless center — for a sports complex. (Except a lot of people think that he was lying and that the plan was to eventually sell it off to a big donor for a pittance.)

          • justanon

            That may be true and it’s unfortunate if it is, but this shelter is still progress.

            It’s easy for the sheltered to complain about the location, costs, etc., but we need this place to open for the sake of the unsheltered.

            This only houses 200 people, we need thousands of more beds. So, for all the complaining about this place not being the “right” solution, there’s plenty of opportunity for other options.

          • Philmore

            Next to YOUR house. (That was too easy !)

          • justanon

            What’s your solution to the homeless problem, Phil? I mean seeing how “easy” you think it is, lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            Good one, Phil.

            That set her back on her heels. lol.

        • LFOldTimer

          Anybody ever tell you that you have the disposition of a rattlesnake on the comment board? lol.

          With your nasty attitude I could only imagine your reaction if the county put a 200 bed homeless center next to your business or home. ha.

          I actually empathize with those who would lose property value and business traffic on account of the county dropping the homeless bomb on them. But naturally that apparently wouldn’t bother you as long as it happens to them and not to you. ha.

          Instead of one 200 bed homeless facility did you ever consider TEN 20-bed homeless shelters spread throughout the city? Or can’t you conceptualize such a simple alternative? The county has a budget over $6 billion. It can certainly afford it. And it would be better for the homeless too since the 200 bed facility will only result in widespread chaos. The police will probably have to build a substation there.

          Apparently your reading comprehension has something to be desired. I have REPEATEDLY commented (see above) that I support all cities in the county building their own homeless shelters. And if each that doesn’t should be shamed.

          One rule for using a shelter should be no booze, no drugs. This would be for the health and safety of ALL OCCUPANTS at the shelter, doofus. Common sense. Would you want them to turn the shelter into a shooting gallery or a wino den??? lol!

          You are truly county management material. You missed your calling!!!! lol.

          • justanon

            I’ve never said there is only one way to house the homeless, but unlike you I see this homeless shelter as better than nothing and I’m sure the homeless would agree.

            Furthermore, it will only house a quarter of Anaheim’s chronically homeless so there’s plenty of opportunity to find and locate spots for not just ten, but thirty-20 bed shelters throughout Anaheim, an easy task I’m sure, lol.

            “One rule for using a shelter should be no booze, no drugs.”

            We already have that rule and it’s why we have the chronically homeless because they can’t conform to those rules. That’s why they call it ADDICTION, they can’t just walk away from it. They need more than just a bed they need treatment and support as well.

            “approximately 30% of people experiencing chronic homelessness have a serious mental illness, and around two-thirds have a primary substance use disorder or other chronic health condition. These health problems may create difficulties in accessing and maintaining stable, affordable, and appropriate housing.”


          • LFOldTimer

            “…. but unlike you I see this homeless shelter as better than nothing……”

            Of course you do. You don’t own a business or live in the immediate area, do ya? lol. No wonder you approve. lol.

            “We already have that rule and it’s why we have the chronically homeless because they can’t conform to those rules”

            I’ve known falling down drunks who stopped cold turkey and have been dry for 20 years. So claiming they “can’t conform” is a load of hooey. Do you want to hold happy hour from 5-7pm M-F at the Kraemer Pl. shelter w/ $3 pitchers??? ha.

            Just because a person is addicted to a substance it’s not a life sentence. It takes human effort and free meetings to beat it. But the addict has to want it. A homeless shelter should not enable his or her addiction by making excuses for them. Either make an honest effort to get clean or get lost. Other people who are serious about improving their lives need the bed.

            Your touchy-feely approach never works. Go ask a few 20 year sober champions what it took to beat drugs or booze. Trust me, they’ve heard all the excuses in the book. Go learn something.

          • justanon

            Ha, ha, ha, your anecdotal story is sooo helpful, why hasn’t anybody ever thought of telling the addicts and the alcoholics to just “quit, cold turkey”? It’s not like these chronically homeless people have hit bottom or anything yet, lol.

            Yep, there’s nothin’ like being an anonymous blogger braggin’ about how easy it is to fix things.

            But hey, Mister Busybody here’s a chance for you to put your money-where-your-mouth-is, so to speak, why don’t you start scoutin’ around to find locations for those 20-bed shelters you think would be such an easy solution? Since you like to tell the BOS where NOT to put them, why not tell the BOS where they should put them. Why not start in your own backyard? See how the neighbors feel about a small homeless barracks in their midst?

            So here’s your chance to go from a big talker/whiner to being a doer, lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh, so you oppose TEN twenty bed shelters or TWENTY ten bed shelters because is might disturb the neighbors – yet you have no problem with ONE two-hundred bed shelter that would obliterate businesses and the quality of life for those who work and live in the vicinity of Kraemer Pl??? HA!

            What a keen and logical method of analyzing these situations you have. lol.

            It’s the addict’s responsibility to clean up his own life. Much to their credit many have done so. Sure, it takes work. Life takes work. If people are not willing to help themselves then it’s a waste of time, money and effort for others to think they can ‘rescue’ those who have no interest in improving their lives.

            Smoke that.

          • justanon

            I don’t “oppose” the smaller shelters, but like ALL shelters NO ONE wants them near THEIR home. Why do you think those in power usually choose one large shelter over twenty smaller ones? Because genius, it’s easier to find one spot than twenty and guaranteed, the NIMBY’s will be out in full force no matter what the size of the shelter.
            That’s called … reality! But go ahead, PROVE ME WRONG, ask your neighbors if they’d accept a small shelter in YOUR neighborhood!!!

            “It’s the addict’s responsibility to clean up his own life”

            Again, oh-so-dense-one, it’s the chronically homeless that are camping in the riverbed, the civic center, the parks and freeway underpasses and if 60% of the chronically homeless have addiction/health issues just who in the h*ll are you trying to help?

            The ‘good’ homeless can already find shelter. We need to help those who for whatever reason are UNABLE to help themselves. Another unfortunate, but TRUE reality, not that REALITY means anything to you right-wingers. You’re so deep into your cup-o’-koolaid that you’re basically living in an alternate reality … or is that an alt-right reality? Either way, you’re useless.

          • LFOldTimer

            You live in an alternate universe of flawed logic.

            Please go apply for a county management job. I think you’d be a shoe-in.

            The benefit to us is that you’d spend less time on the board. We can take only so much comedy. But I thank you for the six-pack I’ve developed from the ab workouts during the course of hysterical bouts of laughter.

          • justanon

            Of course, you CAN’T point out my supposed “flawed logic”, you just accuse me of it. Where I have very specifically pointed out YOUR”flawed logic”.

            You’re pathetic, you think you’re so much smarter than you are and when you get called out on your BS and are UNABLE TO DEFEND IT LOGICALLY you resort to silly personal attacks.

            I guess your consolation prize is impressing verifiedsane, what a coup, ha,ha,ha!!!

          • LFOldTimer

            I’ve pointed out your flawed logic repeatedly. It gets so old after awhile.

            It’s as easy as pointing out a 4 inch wart on the end of a witches’ nose! lol.

            I resort to “silly attack”? lol. Get a clue! You are the Empress of Silly Attacks. So out of touch. Not only do you resort to name-calling. You’ve used obscenities over and over again. I know. I keep a record. You should really abide by the comment board guidelines.

            Go take a cold shower to unruffle your feathers.

          • justanon

            I only attack you based on the BS you’ve written. When you make bigoted, racist or completely illogical statements, I point them out.

            But YOU are the one who makes those silly personal comments like “go apply for a county management job” or “Didn’t you work at SSA or something and hand out freebies, Aunt Honey” or “Did you major in EBT and Transfer Payment Programs at your institution of higher learning?” and on and on. Silly, irrelevant crap, used to deflect from your lack of a cogent comeback.

            And as for obscenities … oh, oh, oh, Mister “butt hurt” himself is complaining about salty language, that is rich!

            Face it, you’re not that bright. You tend to get your information and talking points from shady and lying ‘news’ sources so your ‘arguments’ are often based on BS and are easily disputed and NOTHING makes a blowhard madder than being exposed as an empty gas-bag and that’s exactly what you are … a nasty, ill-informed, gas-bag! LOL!!!

            “Deal with it!!!” Ha, ha, ha !

          • LFOldTimer

            Well, you seemed to be the board expert on welfare regulations and entitlements. I don’t know whether your claims have any basis of truth – but it looks mighty impressive in black and white. With your incredible knowledge one would wonder how you became so well informed. Asking whether you’ve worked for a social service agency or attended classes or training in welfare benefit curriculum are perfectly logical inquiries. We simply want you to authenticate your authority on the matter. Very simple. Simon says…

            “Butt hurt” is obscene? LOL! Would you like me to post your previous board vulgarity? I saved it.

            Once again, you outright FAILED to post any of my quotations to indicate I am a “rascist” or a “bigot”. So you are using vile attack words that you can’t back up with evidence.

            I never claimed I was “that bright”. Simply because I don’t consider myself “that bright”. Your assumptions again only reflect who YOU ARE, not who I am.

            I only come here because I am woefully concerned about my nation and my government. I come here for intelligent discourse and to exchange valued ideas with others who share my concerns.

            I don’t come here to fight. But when faced with a fight by those who willfully attack me with malice I won’t back down.

            Smoke some of that.

          • justanon

            I am only “an expert on welfare regulations and entitlements” because I take the time to inform myself about an issue BEFORE I pontificate. Plus, I usually cite where I’ve gotten my information so YOU can see it in black and white for yourself. It’s not my fault if you choose to remain IGNORANT.

            I don’t know how many times I have to point out that calling people “illegals” is offensive, demeaning and dehumanizing, couple that with the fact that probably 98% percent of undocumented people are minorities and it isn’t hard to get to … bigot.
            Furthermore, just the other day you were railing against people being on ‘welfare’ and of course, you ONLY mentioned those living in “ghettos and barrios”, with no mention of poor whites who make up the largest number of folks on government assistance. That’s racism, thus I can only conclude that you are a racist old man.

            And that brings us to “butt hurt”, what does that mean? Is it any different than f*cking *sshole? They really mean the exact same thing, don’t they?
            So, stop with your feigned ‘offense’, you give as good as you get … snowflake.

          • LFOldTimer

            So now you are my “go to” lady on welfare. You should be proud of your selection of expertise. What else to you specialize in?

            The government calls foreigners who enter our country without proper clearance “ILLEGAL ALIENS”, you doofus. ha.

            So you’re an expert on skin color of illegals who enter our country too? Commendable. What do you do for an encore?

            Did I exclude whites in my comment? Did I say there is no such thing as poor whites who live in ghettos? Stop your spin. My comment was directed at government that keeps poor people enslaved in invisible chains. You know that. You refuse to admit it. Shame. If you had any clear example of me being a ‘racist’ or a ‘bigot’ you would have quoted it. You got nothing. As usual. You’re just a low-class provocateur.

            If you can’t discern the significance of difference in the degree of vulgarity between the words that you posted – you must have bigger problems than I first surmised.

          • justanon

            “Did I exclude whites in my comment? ”

            Yes, you did.

            FYI, Ghetto : a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure

            The “degree of vulgarity” depends on one’s opinion. And as I recall I dropped the f-bomb on you when you gleefully hoped trump would destroy the ACA, which of course, would result in millions of people losing their health insurance. That kind of evil, callous glee deserved far more than just an f-bomb. I’m counting on karma to finish the job.

          • LFOldTimer

            Show us.

            You’ve always been good with quotes and linking pseudo proof sources. So show us where I said whites do not live in ghettos. You said I said it. So show it. If you can’t produce such a quote it tells us everything we need to know about you. Show us your true colors. If you can’t produce I’ll be all over you like stink on dog squeeze.

            Put up or shut up. 🙂

            I’ve copied all your vulgarity. You don’t need to tell me what you wrote. I already know, potty mouth.

          • justanon

            Unfortunately for you, whites aren’t a minority in this country and so don’t fit into the definition of ghetto (which I so helpfully provided).
            And weren’t you just crabbing about “words have meaning”, well if that’s true, then this one just came back to bite you in your racist old *ss, lol!

          • LFOldTimer

            So there you go. More spin to cover up your misinformation posthaste. lol.

            Keep making stuff up out of thin air. I really don’t need to expose you. You do a wonderful job of that yourself!!! lol.

            You’re the gift that keeps on giving!!!! LOL!

          • justanon

            The racist doth protest too much, methinks. LOL!

          • LFOldTimer

            Says the Queen of Rancor with her mouth in overdrive and her brain in neutral. 🙂

          • verifiedsane

            Diaper boy makes up fake facts to compliment his nonsensical anger & hate filled diatribe….Justanidiot is a perfect example of the Dumocratic party today…spewing the same failed propaganda and extreme socialist agenda..all the while, still losing elections…just keep on crying…. 🙂

        • verifiedsane

          Diaper Boy goes whaa whaa whaa (along with his hug buddy, the laughable dumocrat legend in his own mind) Greg Diamond….

    • Becks T.

      Agreed. I’ve said the same thing before. Let’s put a homeless shelter in every city in Orange County; Corona Del Mar, Brea, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita, Yorba Linda, etc., etc. Spread the wealth and let’s see how it’s embraced. I don’t know what the solution is, but it’s not turning ARTIC into a homeless shelter.

      • Greg Diamond

        And by the way, all that would have to happen is for homeless people not to be kicked out have a heart attack at the end of the day, or after however many hours someone for the draft is allowed to stay there, at least in inclement weather, and also allowed to use the restroom facilities.

        If you don’t want how much people to use the restroom facilities in our check overnight, then you either have to provide them with restroom facilities outside – or else accept the fact that they are mammals and like other mammals they sometimes have to excrete.

        If you want to share the burden of housing homeless among other cities, that’s fine, but it would probably make more sense to have cities that don’t want to house the homeowners directly subsidise cities like Santa Ana and Anaheim, who have been willing to do so.

        There, there is a positive suggestion for you. I like it much more than feeding the homeless to bears. Do you?

        • Becks T.

          Fair is the idea of every city having their own shelter so that not just one or two cities are bearing the load. I can hear the cries of NIMBY. Let’s help the mentally ill, drug addicts (willing to comply) and physically disabled get the help they need and the able bodied can be housed short term until they get on their feet.

          • Greg Diamond

            So you think that one city should NOT be able to pay another city to “do its dirty work”? Each should have to share the collective burdens regardless of its wealth?

            Yes, I can see the appeal of that notion. I forget: was “everyone must do their share of the manual labor” the policy of Stalin — or was it Mao?

            Seriously, if “every city must house its share of the homeless” were a command rather than a wispy aspiration, it would be a meaningful option. But we can’t even get that to happen with affordable housing, as mandated by law — how do you reckon it’s going to happen with housing the homeless for free?

          • Becks T.

            Fine. Let’s go ahead and choose two cities. One of them can be the one you live in and we’ll vote on the second one. Sounds fair.

            By the way, I donate personal items to a group that delivers care packages with deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. to the homeless so I do my share. I’m all for helping the ones who truly need it.

          • Greg Diamond

            Your comment doesn’t make sense. The idea would be, each city would be assessed some fee to serve the homeless (on either a state or county level), and that fee could be satisfied either by housing the homeless or with cash. It’s called a market-based system.

            Now there will be flaws (called “market failures) with it — of the kind that led Anaheim’s proposed homeless center to be moved from where the homeless are to where no one lives — but those can be fixed with other reforms.

            Anaheim and Santa Ana would probably end up paying nothing; Villa Park, Yorba Linda, Newport Beach, etc. might end up paying a lot. Get it?

        • Greg Diamond

          Dear VOC staff:

          The phrases “have a heart attack” and “for the draft” were not supposed to be in the first paragraph of my above post and should be removed. I may have been dictating the comment and one of the anonymous commenters here came by to greet me, which would explain the first one, but I don’t know how the second would have gotten there. (There’s a problem in the second paragraph too, but I can’t figure it out.)

          • LFOldTimer

            Is the VOC staff your personal assistants or something?

            Maybe they could bring you a hamburger and an Orange Fanta.

            Just curious. Did your account come without an edit option?

          • Greg Diamond

            I really do appreciate your dropping the “nice guy” act, you pathetic bigot. Don’t try it on kids either.

          • LFOldTimer

            Your alertness and attention to detail are beyond superb.

            I’m totally impressed.

          • LFOldTimer

            Ah, you shouldn’t have deleted it, Greg.

            It was a real knee-slapper.

            Another one of your finest moments! 🙂

      • LFOldTimer

        Do you take everything you read literally?

  • Greg Diamond

    Seriously, the City needs to spend a little money to investigate and document exactly how this fiscal disaster happened, including (1) producing a transcript of every single promise and claim made by and to City Council members and staff and (2) all of the PR machinations done to prop up this implausibly “national award-winning” project. At least now we may have a better idea of why Natalie Meeks suddenly scampered away so quickly.

    And I know that Mike Lyster is only doing his job – but when one is asked to defend the likes of “Pringle’s Folly” by saying that an annual $2.5 million plus operating deficit is “just a FRACTION of the City’s General Fund,” one should resign with dignity before playing along. He didn’t so instead he should be dismissed, with a parting gift of a math textbook that reminds him that 9/10, 10/10, and 11/10 are also “fractions” – so don’t insult the public’s intelligence with this “it’s just a fraction!” nonsense.

    It’s amazing that the skeptics of this project, led by Mayor Tait, have been vindicated not only so resoundingly, but so RAPIDLY! (And it’s tragic too, of course.)

    • LFOldTimer

      Tait wants to turn Anaheim into a sanctuary city. He locked arms with Mayor Garcetti in LA and promoted spending taxpayer dollars to provide CIVIL legal representation for illegals to fight CIVIL deportation orders too! lol.

      ARTIC would be a great place to provide sanctuary for those who break our immigration laws.

      Anaheim could partner with the Catholic Church and add a chapel inside then figure out ways to prevent ICE from entering with or without search warrants.

      Just an idea for liberal consideration.

      I’m here to help.

      • Greg Diamond

        Off-topic and therefore ignored. Behave properly in comments to this post.

        • LFOldTimer

          Have you been promoted to board monitor here too?

          • Greg Diamond

            An argument in a dormant comments section is one thing, but this one isn’t dormant. You should shoosh.

          • LFOldTimer

            Stop being so controlling. Until Norberto informs us that you’ve been deputized as the board police – zip it.

            I know you like to push your weight around by coming here and inappropriately calling other commenters vile names. But we were doing fine until you arrived (minus justanon, the queen of rancor). So don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

            This is one reason I suggested a gym membership. Maybe if you lost some girth you wouldn’t have so much blubber to toss around on the comment board.

          • Greg Diamond

            Sorry, but I don’t even ATTEND to advice from serial child molestors, let alone follow it.

          • LFOldTimer

            Serial child molester? HA!

            Did you just pull that one out of the rear crevice above your belt?

            That will cost you 12 jumping jacks in quick time!!!

            Hopefully the apartment dwellers below won’t think we’re under nuclear attack!!!

          • Greg Diamond

            Don’t laugh about serial child molestation. It’s not funny.

            But I am getting a better idea of what you’re anonymous.

          • LFOldTimer

            A wise man once said that “Nothing makes a man madder than the truth. If there’s no truth in it he just laughs it off”.

            Your comment is as funny to me as your body shape and your face. And that’s hilarious.

          • Greg Diamond

            Sociopathy suits you well, OldBigot.

          • LFOldTimer

            Goodnight Ollie.

          • justanon

            “Nothing makes a man madder than the truth”

            Is that why my calling you a racist old man and bigot gets under your skin so???

            Ha, ha, ha ….. self awareness is the key, lol!!!!

          • LFOldTimer

            I’ve told you time and time I think it’s funny since you have nothing you can show us to back up your flawed and insidious claim. You toss manure at the wall and it falls to the floor. Nothing sticks. Now go clean up your mess! lol.

            I think it’s funny because your claim says much more about you than it does me. You have about as much “self-awareness” as a blastocyst. lol

            This is the reason I ask you to continue posting. Like the village idiot you have your purpose. 🙂

          • justanon

            Oh yes, racist old man, I have ‘proved’ it, but just the other day you you called out those on ‘welfare’ and SPECIFICALLY named those coming from the “ghettos and barrios” but somehow forgot to mention all the whites on government assistance and omitted your handy-dandy stereotype of them. Those kinds of ‘omissions’ don’t happen by accident, racist old man.

            Yeah, we got your number, lol!

          • LFOldTimer

            Your misinforming the readers. You know I didn’t “call out those on ‘welfare'” because you failed to cite even one quotation. You’re fully aware that I called out the system for keeping the poor in invisible chains on their government manufactured plantations.

            Shame on you for the misinformation. But that’s your specialty, isn’t it? Fake information!!! LOL!

            You American-hater, you.

          • justanon

            I am not “misinforming”and as proof I give you your RACIST quote:

            “Just giving people free stuff never solved anything. Go visit any ghetto or barrio in America. Most people live off Uncle Sugar. The ghettos and barrios just grow and grow and grow.”

            More white people receive government assistance and yet you specifically call out “the ghettos and barrios” not once, but twice.

            And just so everyone KNOWS exactly what you meant:

            Ghetto: a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.

            Barrio: a Spanish-speaking quarter or neighborhood in a city or town in the U.S. especially in the Southwest

          • LFOldTimer

            “Just giving people free stuff never solved anything. Go visit any
            ghetto or barrio in America. Most people live off Uncle Sugar. The
            ghettos and barrios just grow and grow and grow.”

            Every bit of which is true. Nowhere did I say whites do not live in ghettos. So you were misinforming, weren’t you? You claimed something that was, in fact, false. I know you won’t admit to it. I’m only posting for the convenience of the other readers so they know how you operate.

            Where does the definition of “ghetto” and “barrio” indicate that no whites live there???

            Could you point that out?

            You stepped in it again. LOL!

          • justanon

            Again, whites are not a minority in this country so they are not covered under your “ghetto” comment. Ghettos refer to minority communities.

            “Where does the definition of “ghetto” and “barrio” indicate that no whites live there???”

            Now you’re just grasping at straws. Everyone knows what you meant and all of your pathetic attempts to weasel away from your own words is just plain sad. Give it up already.

          • LFOldTimer

            Again, you cannot point to any statement where I said that whites do not live in ghettos or barrios. You simply can’t do it as much as you would like. And I would never make such a statement because I know it’s not accurate.

            Furthermore, I protected ALL those (who I referred to as “people”) who live in ghettos or barrios by CLEARLY stating that the government exploits them by keeping them poor and dependent on government services as a means of control. The government puts them in invisible chains on government manufactured plantations. So I portrayed those (all THOSE – white, black, red, brown, yellow and tan) who live in ghetto and barrio environments as victims of government subjugation.

            So you are clearly pushing a dirty envelope because I trapped you in the web of misinformation and spin while attempting to cover your convoluted tracks.

            One…two…three….MATCH. You lose again.

            Good night, Dopey.

          • justanon

            By DEFINITION your words EXCLUDED white people, you could have said slum, but no, you went and wrote “ghettos and barrios” which SPECIFICALLY REFER TO MINORITIES. All of your squirrelly denials and teeth-gnashing won’t change the definition of those words. If you don’t like the CURRENT definition I suggest you take it up with Webster’s, but until they change the definition of those words, you have to live with the fact that you wrote a VERY RACIST statement and hence I have concluded and proved that you are indeed, a racist.

            And now you revert back to your ignorant blather about government assistance, it seems facts and reality will never penetrate that old thick skull of yours. But an extra fyi racist old man, your “government manufactured plantations” statement is also racist, but go ahead and try and convince us of all the white slaves this country had, I’m sure you’ll try, lol!

          • LFOldTimer

            By who’s definition. Yours? ha.

            Have you ever visited a “ghetto” or a “barrio”. I have. I saw many white people there. So YOUR definition is a FAKE definition. But then you been known to present fake stuff so am I surprised? No. lol.

            I opine that ghettos and barrios are government manufactured plantations. They keep people of ALL COLORS in invisible chains and under their subjugation by controlling their lives. I wasn’t aware that the government had a color, doofus. So you tell me. What color is government? Google it and see if you can find the answer.

            In the meantime, I’ll wait. LOL!

          • justanon

            Yep, I got my definitions from that well known “fake” source called THE DICTIONARY, where-as your source is your ignorant, racist old *ss, lol. You’re really unbelievable in your adherence to BS, your comments though, are kinda smelling of desperation, ha, ha, ha.

            For an old, white a-hole like yourself, to be opining about people being ‘chained to plantations’ is the height of tone-deafness. It’s an over the top racist comment. I don’t know if you racists really can’t see how your words are understood by normal folks (lord knows I’ve tried to clue you in) or you’re just reveling in your ability to offend, which is what I suspect.


          • verifiedsane

            Diaper Boy strikes again with their infamous potty mouth…just more whaa whaa whaa and some inane nitwittedness….talk about pathetic… 🙂

          • LFOldTimer

            Well. Since you’re the board expert on welfare and the smart one on so many topics I guess we should defer to you and your dictionary for all the answers. Where was that dictionary published, btw? U of Berkeley?

            So I guess if your dictionary tells us that only “minorities” live in ghettos and barrios that it must be true. My bad. When I’ve visited those areas I guess all those white people I saw were only figments of my imagination.

            You must have a retention problem. Ghettos and barrios are modern day government plantations that subjugates those poor people of ALL COLORS who live within. Nothing ever improves inside ghettos and barrios. They only grow more dismal. You should visit one and talk to some people who live there. You are the smartest person on the board but even you may learn something new.

            God forbid!!! lol.

            Oh, and if you didn’t perceive me as a disgusting excuse for a human I’d be very worried. So thank you for your reverse compliment. Much obliged. lol.

            If you didn’t view me as a disgusting excuse for a human I’d really be worried.

          • verifiedsane

            shall we remind readers once again who Greg Diamond is….

          • LFOldTimer

            What a classic article. One of Moxley’s very best. Cut right to the bone and ROTFLM*O funny.

            I admire Scott Moxley and the artist that works for him. Always have. I admire his style, his directness, his persistence, his journalistic nose for blood in the water, his unwillingness to play favorites, his relentless pursuit of the biggest and baddest county scoundrels, his sense of justice, his humor, his work ethic and his overall talent that deserves at minimum an honorable mention in the journalistic hall of fame. If there was a journalism print walk of the stars Moxley would be there. No big news print publisher (MSM) would hire him because he’s too da*n honest. I really get the impression that Moxley works for the people. I wonder if Rolling Stone ever made him an offer?

            God bless you, Mr. Moxley.

          • Greg Diamond

            I did appreciate his support in 2014.

          • LFOldTimer

            Yes, the article appears very supportive.

            Are you in touch with reality?

          • Greg Diamond

            That was in the 2012 cycle, idiot. 2014 is when I was the first attorney in a dozen years to be willing to take on Tony Rackauckas, who otherwise would have run unopposed. Moxley hates Racky much more than he ever disliked me, and knew the significance of my run.

            But in answer to your question — actually, when I’m talking to a fictitious character like you, I suppose you can say that I’m literally not in touch with “reality.” Then I go back to other things and I am again.

          • LFOldTimer

            Take on Rackaukas? lol.

            Did you have even one campaign rally? Was it in a phone booth or at Häagen-Dazs? I must have missed it! lol.

            Did you even have “Diamond for DA” bumper stickers??? I never witnessed one campaign flyer or promotional item during your entire 2012 run.

            Hopefully it stimulated business for your law enterprise. Moxley indicated your law practice generated less than $2000 in 2011.

            Why aren’t you commenting on the latest county supervisor’s meeting scandal in the VOC headlines today? You’ve been so verbose of late on the baord. Working on a big case??? Or are you making preparations for a 2018 run for DA? lol.

            Have you considered appointing Steve Rocco as your campaign manager?

            I bet T-Rack and Spitzer are shaking in their boots!!! lol

          • Greg Diamond

            I got 27.2% of the vote without even a campaign statement. The information generated from that run will prove useful to Spitzer and to whoever else runs against Rackauckas at showing his geographical and demographic weaknesses. If you knew more than a thimbleful about actual campaigning, you’d already know that. No one knew how popular or unpopular Racky really was at that moment — you don’t find out until someone puts another name on the ballot against him. So I did. If it turned out that he was so MASSIVELY unpopular that I could beat him with only $3000 beyond the filing fee, great. But the point of the exercise was to weaken him and make it less likely that Susan Kang Schroeder would replace him, which was reported to be the plan. Racky will lose next year, because either Spitzer or whatever Dem runs would support the other in a runoff. And I will have had a lot to do with that over the previous six years. You? You’ll just have admired your own online puke.

            I haven’t written much on OJ blog this week; I’ve been focusing more here on ripping the “I’m just a responsible member of the political community nicely discussing the issues of the day” mask from your ugly mug. Trying to “normalize” your bigoted positions is your hobby — and you’ve been smugly imagining that you’re rolling in clover. So I’M spending some time DE-normalizing your fatuous chickenshit “I won’t tell you my name but I’ll criticize your private life” positions for anyone who reads this, thus taking away your ice cream cone. (Or your rattle, if we think of you as a large baby rather than a 9-year-old.) Frankly, it’s a decent use of my time. The fact that you’re capable of liability for defaming me, but I’m not liable for defaming you because YOU ARE A LITERARY FICTION just adds to the fun.

            My solo law practice started in December 2011. I don’t recall whether I had earned anything at that moment — certainly not a net profit. I think that I pointed that out to Moxley in 2012, but at the time he didn’t respond. It’s OK, being unfairly misrepresented is an occupational hazard of political involvement — unless you hide behind a mask!

            You’ve given me a good idea for a story, though. Thanks.

          • LFOldTimer

            Against Rackauckas a rhesus monkey would have gotten over 27.2% of the vote.

            Oh, now you’re saying your ran for DA for the benefit of others? ha. Your self-aggrandizement had nothing to do with it???

            Scott Moxley. Are you paying attention to this? It may provide material for another blast-out-of-the-park future article that will have us in stitches. lol.

            So if Spitzer wins in 2018 obviously you’ll be the reason. lol.

            Todd – are you out there? You owe Diamond a CoS position if you win. lol.

            You’re a lawyer. One would assume that you would understand the legal basis for defamation. If you’re attempting to intimidate me or chill free expression or civic discourse on matters of public interest, you’re barking up the wrong tree, Fido.

            Do you have a tree outside with extremely strong limbs? For those last comments do 10 pull-ups. If you can’t pull yourself up – just hang by your fingertips for 5 minutes. And bark like a dog the entire time.

            Again, you’re a master at dishing it out. But you can’t take sh*t.

          • verifiedsane

            I believe this is about the time Zr. Diamond in the buff tucks his tail between his twisted bunched up panties and heads back to the obscurity of his blog that no one ever reads…. 🙂

          • LFOldTimer

            Hold it.

            I thought Greg was quoted to say in Moxley’s article that he was one of the most frequently read bloggers in the OC.

            Be careful. He might accuse you of defamation. lol.

          • verifiedsane

            Now that would be absolutely hilarious….a defamation claim coming from the potty mouth clown Diamond in the buff…. 🙂

          • LFOldTimer


            That’d make a great title for Moxley’s continuing series: “Diamond in the Buff”.

            That’s a spark of genius, verified!

            I hope there’s a sign-up list for a $10 a plate campaign fund raiser at Haagen Daaz in 2018 w/ a main entree of mango sorbet w/dark chocolate chip gelato cake.

            Wild horses couldn’t hold me back! lol.

            Diamond for DA in 2018!!!

          • Greg Diamond

            See, honeybunch! We’re learning a bit more about you, even despite yourself! We’ve learned here that your bitter little brain nugget can’t even conceive of people doing things for altruistic reasons, just to serve the greater good. (Even your jolly expressions of bigotry here are designed to serve your own voracious taste for slamming Latinos and Asians, so that you can be a real live “race warrior.”)

            But let’s go in order of your blustery pronouncements.

            (1) If a rhesus monkey could have run against Racky and gotten 26.7% — I just looked it up and that’s the correct figure — then the rhesus monkey should have done so. (Of course, you have no idea what you’re talking about and you don’t care that you’re just making stuff up: it’s what you do.) What you want to do when you’re trying to eliminate an entrenched officeholder is to ALWAYS challenge them.

            Racky got 248,961 votes, more than any other candidate on the June ballot, running unopposed in 2010. He received 296,830 votes, again the most of any candidate on the June ballot, running unopposed in 2006. But in 2014, he got only 212,716 votes, WAY below the top voter-getter (Sandra Hutchins, at 261,229), while I got 77,473, meaning a total of just over 290,000 cast in the race.

            That’s *useful information to have* — *especially* if one is contemplating a three-way race involving an incumbent and a Supervisor who was his former top aide who hate each others’ guts. For one, it gives you a sense of how many people will come out just to oppose him — and that is *before* you use precinct vote counts and voter rolls to figure out who came to the polls and who didn’t. But you don’t discover that information if nobody runs!

            (And if you really think that 26.7% is the floor one could expect, you’re wrong. In the 4th Supes race, Shawn Nelson held his sole opponent down to 16.5%. I think I’ve seen one recent OC race where the incumbent got about 90%. I realize that all of this may be totally beyond you.)

            (2) OF COURSE I ran for the benefit of others! I took out papers the race on the last day, with about four hours left to collect signatures (with help from my friends) and file. I couldn’t afford $20-30,000 for a ballot statement, so I knew that that would hold down my vote on top of everything else and it would take some amazing luck to win. But I wanted to be on the ballot in case (a) he was indicted or something and just blew up his career, or (b) the anti-Racky mood was much worse than anyone imagined. (At that point, people literally had no idea how bad it was.)

            To the limited extent I fundraised, I told people that the money they gave was likely to do more than to make a dent in Racky’s armor, not to unseat him. Had I been you, or most politicians, I’d just have lied about my chances. But getting the chance to make a case against him, both in small-group speeches I attended and in interviews, was much of what I wanted to accomplish. And Racky actually DID make several gestures to “move to the left” a bit over the 10 or so weeks of the campaign, which he had rarely done before or since.

            Did it help my reputation? Maybe somewhat — and I’m sure that challenging Racky hurt me among many lawyers. But I don’t spend a lot of time hustling for clients; most of my recent work has been in anticorruption cases that others won’t take, the Clair case, and from friends and associates (or their references.) I try to do good things with my talents; if you call that “self-aggrandizing,” fine.

            (3) I would LOVE to see Moxley weigh in here — so long as he spent a lot of time reading your bigoted commentary over many years so that he could see why I am treating you like the piece of dog excrement on a shoe that you are. But let’s remember: being anonymous, you really have no reputation to lose! (That’s pretty critical for a man like you.)

            (4) I expect that my having already deflated Racky’s bubble would help Spitzer burst it. I’m not a big fan of Spitzer in absolute terms, though he has his good points, but I would MUCH rather see him win than Rackauckas (or Kang) because I believe that it would be in his own self-interest to work to clean up the county. I would not want to serve under Spitzer as an employee, though, because he is said to be often quite nasty to them; one of us might end up killing the other — and he’s the one packing heat! But if Spitzer had some task where he needed someone who did not care about their reputation but only about cleaning up corruption, then sure I’d listen. (Doubt it would happen.)

            (5) Oh, honeybunch, believe me — I DO understand the legal basis of defamation. I know that you’re defaming me right and left hereabouts, and while I wish you were not I also know that it gives me some recourse. (Not necessarily against you in court, due to your anonymity … but some.) And I also know that I have no idea who the HELL you are, although I have some confidence from your sociopathic and narcissistic online behavior that you probably do abuse women and children. (I believe that some of that is likely sexual because, seriously, you don’t seem like you’d have a lot of other outlets, and maybe your psychological quirk is displacing self-loathing at desperate prostitutes onto them.) And because I don’t know who you are, and have no reason to suspect who you are, I can say ANYTHING I WANT about you — though I try to restrict myself to things I actually suspect like the “exual-say iolence-vay” — without being liable for defamation.

            You have probably considered only the *positive* aspects of your being anonymous here — mostly the ability to insult people and seduce them towards bigotry — but you don’t seem to have realized that I can probe you like a space alien’s partially sedated temporary captive if I want to and see how you react. There’s no “intimidation” here because there’s no “you” to intimidate; you’re essentially a character in a play. Now maybe someday your identity DOES come out, and then some of your reactions to things I say would be embarrassing to you — but I have no idea whether that would ever happen, so it can’t be part of my “plan.” If I draw some blood from your bigoted flesh with a statement I make here and there, it’s just “cartoon violence.”

            (6) So again: I can’t “intimidate you” because there’s no “you” to intimidate. (Go ahead, try to file a case of “LFOldTimer v. Diamond,” see how it goes.) As for “chilling free protected expression” — you HAVE no such right here, as this is not a government owned forum and you can see the commenting policy for limitations on you. (I would NEVER treat you as I do if you weren’t anonymous and thus giving up certain protections.) As for “trampling on civic discourse re matters of public interest,” you offer NOTHING to such discourse — in part because you are abusive and bigoted and intimidating to others, and in part because you intentionally allow yourself to say any damned thing you want to without consequences.

            (7) If you have a tree like that outside your house, pull yourself up into it and don’t come down. Yes, I know that I can “dish it out” when sufficiently provoked, but “can’t take it” would evolved crumbling into a sobbing puddle at being attacked — and as you (and the Weekly) have discovered, I don’t give in that easily. You have no idea what you’re talking about when you use that phrase — but it’s clearly projection, because I DO take it and you make sure that you don’t HAVE to, you pusillanimous example of what’s wrong with confused reactionary bigoted sociopaths.

            Come back soon, I’m sure you can “take it”!

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh God.

            Here we go. Another chapter in “War and Peace”.

            I knew it was coming sooner or later. lol.

            I should just ignore it. But it’s so da*mn entertaining (not in a good way, Herr Diamond) that it draws me like a magnet.

            Maybe Freud was right. The longer I live the more sense his psychological theories make. Unconscious Oedipus Complex w/underlying Sibling Rivalry manifestations ?? What other malady would compel me to read Diamond’s manifesto?

            So let me do some self-analysis prior to reading Herr Diamond’s long-winded gibberish. I don’t know. Maybe I missed some phase of potty training in my fundamental years. ha. Otherwise why would I bother?

            I forgive you, mom.

            My ability speed-read isn’t what it used to be. Gimme a few hours, Herr Diamond. It’s either you or a Tolstoy novel. Tolstoy is bizarre. But he can’t hold a candle to your twisted logic. lol.

            Wrap those fingertips and treat your blisters. lol.

          • verifiedsane

            Did you cut and paste that never ending regurgitated nonsense from your blog that no one reads, Zr. Diamond in the buff. I seriously doubt you will have any better luck here…you are just not that important or interesting…people could use their time more wisely and gain better insight watching a slug slime their way across the garden.

          • Greg Diamond

            So “Zr.” WASN’T a typo before? Anonymous muffin is trying to insult me by using a “Z” rather than an M or D?

            I’m not up on the latest in White Power symbology, muffin; let me know what you’re trying to say here means so that I can feel “properly chastened,” Mf. “sane”.

          • verifiedsane

            The legend in his own mind fails once again…..Zr. Fatty Diamond in the buff, is such sad waste of planet earths’ breathable air….why don’t you come back and try again after scarfing down a dozen donuts and some Häagen-Dazs. Maybe your blood sugar is low, or more likely you’ve just shown once again what a complete buffoon you are 🙂

          • Greg Diamond

            You realize, I hope, that you’ve just said exactly nothing. Well, you’ve made some fat jokes, which is an improvement over your usual commentary, sad to say. OK, make some more, if that’s all you’ve got..

          • verifiedsane

            Were those day old donuts & Häagen-Dazs tasty? Obviously alternative B was the correct depiction of your moronic displays of commentary futility Zr. fatty diamond in the buff.

            B. “more likely you’ve just shown once again what a complete buffoon you are” 🙂

          • LFOldTimer

            Ok. Over the course of several days I finally made it through your
            manifesto. It wasn’t easy by any stretch. At times I began to nod off
            and at others developed a migrane and had to run for the Advil bottle.
            But I’m still here. So I survived and the following are my

            “We’ve learned here that your bitter little brain nugget can’t even
            conceive of people doing things for altruistic reasons, just to serve
            the greater good.”

            We’re deeply grateful for your services to
            mankind. What would we do without you? I’m in the process of formulating
            a letter to Pope Francis requesting that when your time comes that
            canonization to Sainthood is in order. I have no idea whether you’re
            Catholic or not. If not, rules are made to be broken. The required
            miracle? Of course that would be realizing 26.7% of the vote against
            T-Rack in 2014. Obviously an Act of God. No wonder you are amongst the
            most widely read bloggers in OC. People know talent when they see it.

            “(Even your jolly expressions of bigotry here are designed to serve
            your own voracious taste for slamming Latinos and Asians, so that you
            can be a real live “race warrior.”)”

            Produce one single quotation
            where I’ve specifically slammed Latinos or Asians. You can’t. Have I
            made it clear that I oppose illegal immigration for a host of legitimate
            reasons? Absolutely. Do millions of Americans share my concerns?
            Absolutely. I care deeply about my country and the quality of life for
            our citizens and legal immigrants, to include Latinos and Asians. You
            despise me because I offer cogent and persuasive arguments against
            illegal immigration. Apparently you fear that I may actually influence
            others to consider another point of view on the subject. Hence, I’m
            called vile names which are inappropriate on a comment board that is
            supposed to be governed by a set of rules prohibiting such nonsense.

            Things were relatively copacetic until you showed up.

            “OF COURSE I ran for the benefit of others!”

            me. Did you give any campaign appearances or speeches during your
            campaign? When and where? How many attended? You must have received some
            bleeding heart campaign donations. How much? How was the money spent?
            Did you create any promotional materials? Flyers, handouts, bumper
            stickers. Anything? Those who selflessly enter political races on the
            behalf of others generally put out a concerted effort to win. Otherwise
            it would strike me as a way to attain name recognition. So please, be
            specific. Give me at least 4 W’s: When, where, who and what. Thanks in

            “Did it help my reputation? Maybe somewhat –”

            with me. I didn’t witness a clear effort on your part to win. I love
            underdogs. But mostly I love underdog fighters. I absolutely adore
            underdog fighters, like Rocky Balboa. Not just someone who enters a
            fight and just stands there with his mouth agape. And that’s how I
            perceived your 2014 campaign from the 25th row in the auditorium. You
            were knocked unconscious without barely raising a fist. Change my

            “….so that he could see why I am treating you like the piece of dog excrement on a shoe that you are.”

            opine that you hate me because I offer legitimate, valid and persuasive
            commentary on controversial subject matter that you and I see through a
            completely different ideological prism. You’re a bleeding heart
            liberal. I’m not. Although I disagree with your viewpoint I can accept
            it without calling you names and attacking you. But once you attack me
            the gloves come off. On some boards I feel like Milo under attack (like
            at U of Berkeley) for merely offering another popular viewpoint on
            matters of public interest. Those who hate me want to silence me. But I
            won’t back down. Punch me in the nose and I’ll punch right back twice as
            hard until one of us goes down. Btw, I’ve only seen Moxley weigh in on
            your once. And from all accounts it appeared that he considers you a
            farce. Go look at the published caricature that goes along with the
            article. Is that a show of respect?

            ” I would not want to serve under Spitzer as an employee, though, because
            he is said to be often quite nasty to them; one of us might end up
            killing the other –”

            Get the frock outta here. lol. As if
            Spitzer would appoint you to clean his office at the end of the workday.
            You are so full of yourself! lol.

            ” But if Spitzer had some task where he needed someone who did not care
            about their reputation but only about cleaning up corruption, then sure
            I’d listen. (Doubt it would happen.)”

            Doubt it would happen??? LOL! Likely the same probability as the sun setting in the east this evening!!!

            “Oh, honeybunch, believe me — I DO understand the legal basis of defamation.”

            Perry Mason. Show me and we can talk about it. You called me a “bigot”
            and a “racist” too w/o a scintilla of evident to support your claim. You
            fired the first shots, in violation of board policy. But that’s how you
            operate. Below the belt. All I want are open and civil discussions
            (both sides) so we can all come to our own conclusions on controversial
            matters of social and political public interest. Protected free speech
            (at both private or gov sites) is the foundation of any healthy and
            functioning democracy – that you purport to defend. Attempts to chill
            open discussion on matters of public interest due to intense hate for
            another legitimate point-of-view is reminiscent of totalitarian regimes
            of yesterday and today. Repugnant. Oh, btw, anonymous commenters can be
            defamed. I suggest that you hire private counsel and inquire about it.
            And stop pushing your weight around. That is my final comment on this

            ” …in part because you are abusive and bigoted and intimidating to others…”

            The record shows that the only time I punch is when I’m first punched by bullies like you. Smoke that.

            Alright. Two laps around the block. To cadence. “A little bird with little feet was sitting on my toilet seat…….”

            That’s all for now, Ollie.

          • verifiedsane

            What ever you say Zr. Diamond in the buff……Weren’t you K. Harris’s
            boot-licker until the OC Democratic party realized how unhinged you were
            & kicked your useless carcass to the curb….You are less a viable
            candidate for public office in OC than a dead floating gold-fish (who I’m sure would get at least 49% of the vote running against Rackauckas)…. I’m
            sure you must also realize by now through you very thin skin; that you are widely
            considered a silly clown laughing stock and a political pariah court
            jester in the actual real world where the rest of us reside. 🙂

          • LFOldTimer

            Hey. That’s not fair.

            Dead floating goldfish have redeemable value.

            I have used them to fertilize my plants – which produce magnificent blooms.

            Lay off the dead goldfish! lol.

          • Greg Diamond

            Hey, go ahead — I’m proud that I could take a gratuitous shot like that and brush it off. And it’s sort of delicious to be criticized by someone who can’t gather the courage even to write publicly under their own name.

            But I have to ask you something because I’m not sure exactly how stupid and delusional you are. You realize that that is a cartoon, and I didn’t pose for it, and it doesn’t actually represent me in any way — right? Because you seem to think I should be ashamed anyway, poor child.

          • verifiedsane

            You are one self aggrandized twisted ignorant freak Zr. Diamond….

          • LFOldTimer

            Das stimmt.

          • verifiedsane

            Is that your new campaign slogan Mr. Diamond?….that is some sick and twisted wondering feeble mind you have working for you there Zr. panties all up in a bunch, kicked to curb Dumocrat…. 🙂

          • LFOldTimer

            Let’s hope that Diamond runs for DA again in 2018.

            If we can’t convince Steve Rocco to run let’s hope Diamond enters the batter’s box.

            Classic entertainment.

          • Greg Diamond

            Oh no — are you his accomplice? Is “Zr.” some sort of code you guys use?

            So far every “impossible” race I’ve run has been followed by the election of someone I support in the next cycle. I expect to that that track record will stay alive next year. Meanwhile, what have “you” done other than think up a somewhat wistful-sounding username?

          • verifiedsane

            You are so full of horse pucky, it’s really laughable…..the total lunacy that you somehow believe you have any power or clout what so ever on anyone getting elected to office is beyond hilarious.

            You’re just another sad fat loser that lives in some alternative closet fantasy world where you actually are under a false illusion of self importance….reality check!!!…you’re not!!!…

            Greg, you are just another egocentric loser clown with an inconsequential blog no one reads…those are hardly impressive credentials. I guess that is why your wife kicked you to the curb, just like the OC Dumocratic party.

            The public has caught on to your silly con. So just keep on with your ignorant bloviating Zr. Diamond in the’s always entertaining to watch complete idiots making themselves resemble a pictorial depiction of a hairy ars* 🙂

          • LFOldTimer

            Psssst….don’t you know who he is?

            He’s among the most popular bloggers in OC and knows defamation law.

            Treat him with deference and give him the respect he thinks he deserves.

            Otherwise Big Greg could own you. lol.

            The king isn’t naked. He’s fully clothed. Don’t forget that.

          • Greg Diamond

            Oh gosh darn — this is really bad given that my self-esteem depends so largely on the appreciation of a large chicken and a tiny muffin.

            Your opinions are noted and wadded and disposed of, muffin.

          • justanon

            Hey racist old man, you might take a look at your comment history. You are the one who personalizes and insults everyone who disagrees with you. You bring out the worst in everybody.

            And how predictable that you’d try and pin your nastiness on everyone else.

            Self awareness is definitely not your strong suit, lol!

          • LFOldTimer


            If someone insults me I’ll be happy to play with their mind. I’m not a doormat.

            But I am ALWAYS respectful of those who want to exchange ideas in a good discussion. And just because their viewpoint may clash with mine I don’t call them “racists” of “bigots” or other vile names. And you can’t find one example when I did such.

            But I will go toe to toe with potty mouths like you. There’s really only one way to handle board bullies. All they understand is the same trash that they dish out. But they don’t like it when the playing field is leveled. It’s the snowflake mentality!!! lol.

          • justanon

            But YOU’RE the one complaining … snowflake, ha, ha, ha!

            That whole self-awareness thing escapes you every time, lol.

          • verifiedsane

            Some more Whaa Whaa Whaa from Diaper boy….

          • Greg Diamond

            You don’t understand: it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT to LFOldBigot to demonstrate that racist asshats can and should still be treated politely in political discourse. It’s part of “normalizing” bigotry. That’s his game and he’s pretty good at it. Fortunately, it only take occasionally pointing out that he’s a chickenshit afraid to proclaim his scummy beliefs openly to remind readers that politically he’s toxic waste.

            Maybe I can get Moxley to come here and make him cry, since he and his money are trying to wrap Mox around them like a protective blanket, by disowning him.

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh yeah. I’m sure you have Moxley wrapped around your little pinky. lol.

            “…he and his money…” lol.

            I can tell by his Weekly article devoted entirely to trash you and your campaign that you and Scott are really tight. Do you go out together for happy hour every week for a good time? lol.

            You’re so full of yourself.

          • Greg Diamond

            He didn’t like me at all in 2012. He appreciated my having the guts to run against Racky in 2014.

            We’re not “tight” and I didn’t claim that we were. We’ve never met, to my knowledge, although he may have come to see me in court (he closely guards hides his visual image, so I wouldn’t know him if I saw him unless someone else introduced us. I’d shake his hand without a second thought.) But I do respect most (not all) things about him and his writing and I get the sense that he feels the same about me — especially since I (once again) stepped up when no one else would to become to become the attorney of record in opposing Racky’s railroading of Kenneth Clair, which is a case of great concern to him (and a testament to his overall decency.)

            And I easily have enough respect for Moxley to think that if he is informed that some cowardly online bigot seeking online social approval is trying to aggrandize himself by wrapping himself in the costume of a Moxley acolyte, there’s a decent chance that he might come here and metaphorically blow your godforsaken brains all over the comments section, because I don’t think HE’S a bigot, and I’m confident that he’ll agree that you are.

            Hope that that was as much fun for you to read as it was for me to write! As you can tell, you’re REALLY hurting me here (“lol”) you politically impotent coward. 😀

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh, so now you’re kissing up to Moxley after he tore your butt to shreds in 2012? What a fine sport you are. ha. Hopefully if you run for DA in 2018 he’ll put his abilities to good use and do a follow-up article with that same talented artist. The ab workouts while sitting in the chair are fantastic. The caricature reflects my own imagination. Like the secret my unspoken imagination has always known. It was brought to life in living color. But that goes along with being a public figure. lol. The perception (note I said “perception”) of power does strange things to people.

            Once again, I repeat for the umpteenth time, you haven’t offered a scintilla of evidence that I’m a” bigot” or a “racist” – simply because none exist. But you love to use the words to denigrate others just for sport. It’s just a way for you to vent because you hate my viewpoint on illegal immigration – the same viewpoint harbored by many millions of other loyal and patriotic Americans. But you don’t like competition in the world of discourse. So instead of debating the matter like a mature adult you launch personal vile attacks at the messenger. Are you still a member on that dummycrat central committee? Do your colleagues know what you’re up to? Do they approve? Just curious?

            Now do 15 deep knee-bends. If you can’t do the “deep” ones “shallow” will work. Don’t hurt yourself.

          • verifiedsane

            diaper boy keeps going whaa whaa whaaa with his cultural Marxist pals like Greg Diamond; who is a ongoing joke even among OC Dumocrats….this tells everyone how little power/influence their ridiculous spew tantrums & lame arguments hold….this is definitely a case where 1 diaper boy + 1 greg diamond = a big fat ZERO

          • LFOldTimer


            Too much credit.

            Negative numbers are in order here.

  • LFOldTimer

    My suggestions:

    1. Turn it into the county’s (and possible the state’s) largest indoor swap meet. The few that actually use the train or bus transportation can do some shopping as they wait for their connecting transportation. Bring in some clowns to entertain the kids. It would provide extra income for the council members who wouldn’t be so dependent on legal bribes from their sugar daddies.

    2. Transform it into another county homeless shelter and invite the homeless and illegal alien populations from Los Angeles and San Diego counties to relocate. Don’t shun the homeless and the illegals. Compete for their participation. Then apply for more Federal funding. Trump would certainly accommodate Anaheim. There is a special place in his heart for California.

  • David Zenger

    Why is the City employing this Lyster guy to spin BS around the the ARTIC disaster? This is just a continuation of all the Orewellian lies and apologetics vomited out by the kleptocracy to make ARTIC seem like a success in the face of every honest fact and observation. And the kleptos don’t even have a majority anymore. Come on Anaheim – time you told your public spokesman to either tell it straight or just shut up.

    Why should the resort pay for it when almost every single ELECTED representative on the OCTA and the Anaheim City Council bent over backwards for this completely foreseeable disaster.

    Someone belongs in jail.