• Why does Orange county need 3 separate community college districts with 2 community colleges and 1 –
    3 outreach centers each requiring highly paid “Chancellors” collecting around $300,000 a year (SCCD $290,000, Coastline $300,000, NOOCCD does not list Chancellor pay But Vice Chancellor collects over $250,000) as well as between 5 and 7 Board members each collecting over $100,000 a year and note none of the districts have more than 22 meetings a year. Lets face it Community Colleges already have more than enough administrators, Eliminating 2 Chancellors and 10-12 Board members and creating 1 Orange County Community College District could save taxpayers ±$1,800,000 a year imagine how many classes that can create? Oh wait, asking some Chancellor & board to work 6 days a month instead of 2 is out of line.

  • LagunaTri

    While he likely won’t collect SS, this IS pension-spiking and will increase his monthly retirement by at least $500/month. Pigs at the trough…

    • I don’t understand, if he paid into Social Security he should be able to collect it. (at least until republicans in congress successfully eliminate it)

      • I did not realize that in a number of states including CA many city, county, & state organizations choose not to pay into Social Security or charge employees SS Taxes.

  • Mike N

    Rodriguez, 65, said he does not intend to retire anytime soon. Hanna said the latest agreement also shortens the chancellor’s contract from a three- to two-year contract to “increase accountability.”
    Looks like Rodriguez will be retiring at age 67, full S.Security for his age group. How conveeeeenient.