• verifiedsane

    The same old hollow leftist song and dance…lot’s of talk and promises leading the same conclusion and failures…homelessness is just another one of those hot button politicized banner waving issues; where all the pundits are clamoring about screaming to the sky, and where all these so called solutions/actions end up amounting to little more than the flatulent sounds of dissipating hot air at the end of the day…

  • LFOldTimer


    Don’t you find it offensive that the Santa Ana Counsel declared their City a Sanctuary for illegal foreigners, thus protecting them from the enforcement of Federal Law – yet throw our own citizens and vets under the bus by passing an ordinance that would jail them for not having a home?

    Do you know of any other government on this planet that would simultaneously throw their own citizens in jail for being homeless while giving safe harbor to illegal foreigners and even paying for their civil immigration attorneys out of taxpayer dollars?

    As an American this must confuse you. Even as a Democrat this must confuse you.