OC Supervisors to Hold Public Forum on the County’s Relationships With ICE

After repeated requests from community members, the Orange County Supervisors will host a legally-required public forum to provide details of the county’s collaboration with federal immigration enforcement agencies.  The OC Sheriffs and Supervisors have been called out for siding with President Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, and against the county’s own immigrant residents.

Orange County Needle Exchange Program

On Tuesday November 27th, the Orange County Needle Exchange Program (OCNEP) was informed that the county’s request for an injunction to halt our operations was preliminarily granted. We are extremely disappointed with the court’s decision and wholeheartedly disagree with it. We are working closely with our legal team to determine the most effective course of action moving forward.

Voice of OC Holds Government Accountable

The next time you’re standing at the DMV, or the Post Office or the Social Security office, use the time to reflect on this: Unelected bureaucrats are just as responsible to the citizenry for their decisions and actions as elected officials. What a concept! Public workers work for you – not politicians, not special interests, not corporations. The things they do on the job – like emails, and reports, and meetings, is open to public scrutiny. After all, you’re the boss. 

Voice of OC keeps track of your government from the council chambers to the inner sanctum of city hall. How the planning department is permitting construction, building or maintaining roads and policing the city are just a few of the public services that contribute to our quality of life.