Chanelle Romero (left), 19, Santa Ana and Alexandria Tagaloa, 19, Anaheim (right)

Chanelle Romero (on left), 19, of Santa Ana and Alexandria Tagaloa, 19, of Anaheim (right) walked together to represent women today and future generations. Tagaloa commented that all genders are rising to equality by demanding respect. Romero commented that though marches are different everywhere, there is an overall unity and difference in representation.

“Not only to represent women today, but for generations as well. Not only women, but all genders. It’s the rise to equality. We’re demanding respect,” Tagaloa said.

“It’s also about putting ourselves forward in order to push further generations and further the empowerment of other people. Even seeing kids here I think is such a transformational experience,” Romero said. Credit: BONNIE CASH, Voice of OC

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