June Perez, resident of Rancho La Paz mobile home, Fullerton. 76 years old. “I just hope and pray you will not lose interest in us because we will become your problem if we are displaced, and because there are no laws on the books from Sacramento to the city or county that will prevent us from having 40, 55, 70 percent increases in our rent, and thats just the land we are setting on. My husband and I have $210,000 invested in there [mobile park] , you don’t pick up a mobile home that’s 64 feet long and 46 feet wide, you don’t just get up and move that. And if we can’t move it— then we have to leave. The owner gets our mobile and we have nothing to start over at 90 years old and 76 years old. “ Credit: JULIE LEOPO, Voice of OC

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