Funding and Financial Disclosures

Voice of OC is a non-profit news agency funded through a mix of large and small individual donors, foundation grants, sponsorships and partnerships.

Voice of OC depends on the financial support of people who value truth-telling civic news.
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In the most recently audited financial year, January to December 2016, Voice of OC brought in $514,546.00 and expended $501,573.00.

In the most recent calendar year, 2017, Voice of OC received donations from 206 unique individuals.

Financial Disclosures

As a non-profit organization, Voice of OC submits publicly accessible tax filings to the IRS. Here are our most recent filings:

2016 Financial Disclosure

2015 Financial Disclosure

2014 Financial Disclosure

2013 Financial Disclosure

2012 Financial Disclosure

2011 Financial Disclosure

2010 Financial Disclosure