Harley Rouda

Harley Rouda and family.


Editor’s Note: This biography was provided by the candidate’s office.

Harley Rouda is a successful businessman, philanthropist and attorney, who built several of the country’s largest real estate firms, and now serves on the board of, or as an advisor to, firms in real estate, retail, and a variety of other industries. He’s had diverse and extensive success in companies of all sizes and scopes, ranging from early-stage companies to national conglomerates over his career, and in cultures that were well defined or were trying to find their way due to mergers and changing environments.

The youngest of four and the son of a successful real estate entrepreneur, Harley practiced law with one of the country’s largest law firms before joining his father’s real estate brokerage. He tripled the company’s revenue by focusing on a unique agent/broker-centric culture that provided extraordinary customer service by embracing and championing new technology, innovative marketing, and an uncommon commitment to professional development and teamwork.

Harley received his MBA from The Ohio State University, and his J.D. from Capital University Law School.

Active in numerous charities and civic organizations over the years, Harley has been involved in fighting homelessness, domestic violence, and human rights offenders; supporting education for the disadvantaged as well as supporting access to higher education; saving military jobs; and working with a myriad of civic organizations and businesses to drive economic development.

Harley lives in Laguna Beach and is married to the award winning author, Kaira Sturdivant Rouda. They have four kids who constantly amaze them, who are each accomplished in their own ways, and always remind them to enjoy the journey.

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