Joshua Schoonover

Joshua Schoonover and family


Editor’s Note: This biography was provided by the candidate’s office.

Joshua S. Schoonover is a Patent Attorney residing in San Diego’s North County.

He was born in Long Beach, and grew up in Riverside County.

He moved to San Diego in 2002 to attend San Diego State University where he earned an undergraduate degree in Chemical Physics.

Wanting to develop a deeper understanding of the law, Joshua attended law school in the evenings while working full-time as an engineer.

In 2008, Joshua was admitted to practice patent law before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), after which he started his practice as a Patent Agent. Since then, he has been admitted to practice law in the State of California and is now a Registered Patent Attorney. Joshua founded Coastal Patent Law Group, P.C., a specialized law firm dedicated to counseling clients in all aspects of intellectual property, business formation, compliance and contracts. In his law practice, Joshua has worked with scores of clients to build businesses, bring new and innovative ideas to market, create new jobs, and strategically overcome a variety of obstacles.

Joshua married his college sweetheart, Erika, and the two were recently blessed with an adorable baby girl, Annika Brielle.

As a scientist, Joshua possesses an analytical and logical mindset. As a lawyer, he appreciates facts and reason. As a loving husband and father, Joshua knows what is truly important in life.

He recognizes and supports the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

He values the efforts and sacrifices of those who have previously served, and those who now serve in the Armed Forces, law enforcement and as first responders, and their families. He supports a strong and well-funded military, and efforts to modernize technologies to improve their objectives.

He proudly supports the President’s National Security Strategy, including securing the U.S. borders and pursuing threats of terrorism to their source.

He is grateful for the opportunities made available in this country, where those who so desire, with some initiative and effort, may educate themselves, learn new skills, set new goals, and find success and prosperity known as the “American Dream”. Whether changing one’s career path, creating a new product or service, or starting a new business, to increase pay or to find other satisfactions, Americans have endless opportunities to take control of and improve their lives. Joshua believes these opportunities are what distinguish the U.S. from other countries around the world, and the American Dream is what “Makes America Great”.

He believes that members of Congress owe an elevated duty to the people they represent. Fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency, and trustworthiness are essential characteristics of a Representative of the people.

He supports term limits in Congress, and if elected, he intends to immediately introduce a joint resolution seeking a constitutional amendment for limiting congressional terms, and will lead with himself as an example, by promising the people, with his very own term limit pledge, that he will not seek more than three terms or six (6) years in the House.

Finally, he recognizes that some issues have significant partisan divide and thinks a republican leader can accomplish legislative progress on these issues while maintaining respect and common decency toward people having opposing views.

Joshua seeks to restore the People’s confidence in their Congressional Representative by placing the needs of the People before himself, and by exemplifying conservative principles and Christian faith.

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