Mai Khanh Tran

Mai Khanh Tran


Editor’s Note: This biography was provided by the candidate’s office.

When the U.S. Marine carried Dr. Tran from the tarmac in San Francisco, he became the first American she ever met. She was nine years old, and she couldn’t thank him because she didn’t speak a word of English. Several months earlier, her dad dropped her and her three siblings off at an orphanage in Saigon before it fell. None of them knew if they’d ever see each other again.

Miraculously, they were reunited in rural Oregon six months later. They became farmworkers, picking berries alongside hundreds of other migrant families. With hard work and the determination she learned from her parents, Dr. Tran got into Harvard, where she cleaned bathrooms as a janitor to work her way through school. She then went to Dartmouth/Brown Medical School, and settled in Orange County.

Inspired by the compassion that greeted her in her new nation, Dr. Tran decided to dedicate her life to finding the greatest need and doing the most good to meet it. So she became a pediatrician, and has been caring for the children of working families for the past 25 years.

In her personal life, Dr. Tran has overcome every challenge that’s been thrown her way. She has survived breast cancer twice, and became a mother in her forties.

In addition to practicing medicine here in Orange County, Dr. Tran has participated in and led more than a hundred medical missions abroad to provide post-disaster relief and medical care to underserved areas.