Kriz: Twenty Four People Died “Without Fixed Abode” in OC in December

Twenty four people died “without fixed abode” in OC in December, for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis like the year before. Yes, we may have been lucky. The December death toll among the homeless is almost always high in OC because of rain and we had almost none this year. Still progress in opening new homeless shelters is being made and the OC BOS may be signaling that it’s ready take-on this problem with the commitment needed to finally bring it to resolution.

Tillou: Supporting Small Business in Orange, a More Balanced Approach to STRs

Short Term Rentals (STRs) operate across an astonishing 220+ countries worldwide but are, by design, small and local home-based businesses. They provide affordable lodgings for visitors and generate revenue for homeowners and cities through tourism and tax dollars – all increasingly important as we look toward a post pandemic economic recovery.

Resnick: SchoolsFirst…Democracy Last

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union is the largest financial institution in Orange County. Credit unions are known as cooperatives – democratic organizations owned and controlled by its members. The board members of SchoolsFirst seem to believe they are exempt from the democratic process.

Kriz: Twenty-Five People Died in OC “Without Fixed Abode” in November, Last Year There Were Nineteen

Twenty-five people died in OC “without fixed abode” in November, last year there were nineteen.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis there 247 have died OC without fixed abode, last year 139 died over the same period.  Shelters of varying quality are opening, but concerns remain regarding what if anything can be offered “after the shelter.”  Perhaps it is time to ask Washington DC for help. 

Paterno and Nielsen: Debt for Service – Veterans Must Rank Higher than Free Market Fraudsters

President-elect Joe Biden must repair the tattered safety net that has allowed veterans to fall into the waiting arms of unscrupulous executives who see them as “dollar signs in uniform.” His predecessor described war dead as “suckers” and “losers”, and enabled industry to defraud veterans and gorge on federal funding.