Briceño: I March for Working Women

Ada Briceño, Co-President of UNITE HERE Local 11 and Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County writes that worker’s rights are women’s rights.

Adelekan: We Must March to Make Our Voices Heard

Dr. Patricia Adelekan, CEO and Founder of Youth on the Move, writes that she will be marching at the Orange County Women’s March on January 18th, 2020 for the same reasons she participated in the March on Washington in 1963: Unity, Justice, Fairness, Equality, Jobs, Freedom, and Agape love for all mankind

Rutter: I Am Not Homeless. I Am a Human Being

Callie Rutter, a lifelong resident of Orange County writes about her personal twist of fate and the harsh reality of finding herself homeless coupled with having to fight cancer. In spite of her personal struggles, her compassion and courage has led her to become an advocate for the human rights of people experiencing homelessness.

Kriz: Nineteen More Homeless Died in OC in November

Fr. Dennis Kriz, pastor of St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church in Fullerton, writes that the county has about 1/3 of the beds needed to shelter its 7000-10000 homeless population. People continue to die on the street. In November, another 19 died without a fixed abode.

Santana: High Ranking Aide to DA Todd Spitzer Disappears from Agency and State Assembly Campaign After Filing Explosive Claim Against County

Melanie Eustice, a top ranking executive who worked for OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer filed a legal claim with the county earlier this year obtained by Voice of OC alleging that Spitzer was an abusive boss and repeatedly engaged in a pattern of illegal behavior, highlighting instances of improperly releasing information from county bids and public records. Spitzer disputed her characterizations in email correspondence also obtained by Voice of OC.