Ip: Irvine Is About to Save A Lot of Fish

Hoiyin Ip is an environmental activist who supports banning public smoking citywide in Irvine. The Irvine City Council will discuss this ordinance on Oct. 22 at 5 PM.

Gage: Setting the Record Straight on Seawater Desalination

Kelley Gage, Director of Water Resources for the San Diego County Water Authority writes that seawater desalination is a tool for coastal communities to consider, and that each community needs to devise its own supply reliability portfolios to determine whether desalination makes sense. SDCWA doesn’t have a policy position or a financial stake in the proposed desalination plant in Huntington Beach but wants to make certain the facts at the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant are accurate.

Wagner: Let’s Get Clear on Government Transparency

Orange County Third District Supervisor Donald P. Wagner writes about his concerns regarding the lack of transparency over the appointment process to fill the vacancy created by the death of former Auditor-Controller Eric Woolery.

Dobken: People Deserve Facts and a Science-based Discussion Regarding Spent Nuclear Fuel at San Onofre

John Dobken, Public Information Officer at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, writes that Southern California Edison is in the process of moving spent nuclear fuel from wet to dry storage. The reactors at San Onofre nuclear plant were retired in 2013. But attention has been turned to the spent fuel on site. Some are trying to mislead the public about what spent fuel is, and how it’s stored, Dobken argues and Edison is correcting the record.

Cardenas: Community Murals Are Valuable and Deserve Protection

Enedina Cardenas, an attorney who represents artists, writes about Sergio O’Cadiz’s mural that was painted over in Santa Ana and why these murals are worthy of being preserved and restored. Cardenas also discusses recent California law and legal protections for such murals as well as proposing additional means of protection by local civic leaders.

Kriz: OC Homeless Deaths on The Rise

Fr. Dennis Kriz, Pastor at St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church, provides the August count for those who died on our streets “without fixed abode,” aka homeless. 19 deaths in August would make last month the deadliest month for OC’s homeless since February.

Fields: America Belongs to Every Citizen

Eugene Fields, Communications Manager for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA), writes that Constitution Day, September 17, recognizes the adoption of the United States Constitution and those who have become U.S. citizens. No American should be told to “go back.”