Resnick: Will the RSCCD Trustees Keep the Community in the Dark Again?

Dr. Barry Resnick, a professor of counseling in his 39th year as a faculty member in the Rancho Santiago Community College District, writes that the trustees of the Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) are about to make a decision that can begin to move the District forward after almost a decade of dysfunction, embarrassment and a lack of direction. Interviews will begin later this week between the four finalists for the RSCCD chancellor position.

Harden: The Challenge of Being Black at Chapman University

Olivia Harden, a student at Chapman and Features Editor of The Panther Newspaper, writes that being Black at Chapman can be traumatic and has only been exacerbated by the refusal of Chapman’s President to remove a racially charged poster of the film Birth of a Nation, at the Dodge School of Film. A vote Monday by the faculty will consider whether to call for a change.

Paterno: OC is Ground Zero in the College Bribery Scandal

Susan Paterno, a Professor of English at Chapman University who heads up their journalism program, writes about the recent bribery scandal that has plagued higher education, arguing that media should also focus attention on the challenges facing the majority of kids who are seeking high quality, affordable, publicly funded degrees.

Edinger and Allison: Real Harassment with Real Consequences

After a prominent geneticist resigned from UC Irvine following a sexual harassment investigation, colleagues close to the harassment victims explain why sanctions imposed by the university were an appropriate response to pervasive and damaging sexual harassment.