Lovingood: San Bernardino County Offers Leadership Not Fearmongering on Homelessness

San Bernardino County Supervisors’ Chairman Robert A. Lovingood takes issue with Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer over his recent public comments that OC homeless should be sent to the High Desert because the area “is away from everyone else.” Lovingood reminds Spitzer that there are 450,000 decent, hardworking taxpayers living in the High Desert, with leaders who focus on services for eligible local residents who fall on hard times.

Thorburn: Tackling The Wage Gap

Andy Thorburn, a Democratic candidate for the 39th Congressional District, writes that Project Labor Agreements have the ability to help narrow a widening wage gap in America and help reestablish the nation’s working class.

Muir Beuthin: Veterans and Labor, Partners in Service

During this time of stark political polarization, Orange County Employees Association General Manager Jennifer Muir Beauthin writes that it’s important this Veterans Day to all rally together around one point: When men and women risk their lives defending our freedoms, we need to be there for them when they return home.

Community Editorial: Location Matters On Great Park Vet Cemetary

Dr. Richard Ramirez, a Voice of OC Community Editorial Board member explores why a vets cemetery at the Great Park has such meaning for veterans. Ramirez notes that when soldiers are deployed from a military base located in the good old USA to a foreign land, one’s relationship with his/her last connection with American soil becomes paramount.