Robbie: A Random Act of Mendez – For All of Us

Sandra Robbie describes its importance of Mendez v. Westminster and why she produced the documentary that depicts this important case. The year 2017 marks the 70-year anniversary. Random Act of Mendez celebrates a new Hispanic heritage tradition.

Santana: OC Contract Cities Rebuke County Supervisors Over Spiraling Sheriff Costs

Following significant salary hikes granted by Orange County Supervisors to Sheriff Deputies, fueling a 33 percent increase in costs over the past decade, contract cities are now starting to publicly question whether they need to look into alternatives. OC’s biggest contract city, Mission Viejo, takes leadership on a new audit of Sheriff’s patrol services. Big questions also loom over whether city or county taxpayers own the long-term pension obligations for both Deputy Sheriff’s and Firefighters if cities bolt from current regional policing and fire protection models.

Curry: Newport Beach State Gas Tax Reversal Highlights Power of Debate in Democracy

Former Newport Beach Mayor Keith Curry credits city council members for voting to reverse track this month on their decision to forgo state gas tax funds. Yet it was the public and columnists like Tom Johnson and Barbara Venezia, Curry writes, that really moved the ball. Curry notes the experience underscores the need for strong public comment, debate and engagement in Orange County’s civic life.

Allen: Santa Ana Wins XQ Challenge with it’s Círculos Model

Santa Ana resident Daniel Allen writes that Santa Ana students won a contest to “Rethink High School,” which has officially been endorsed by the XQ Institute with a win of $2.5 million dollars to back the Círculos super school concept within SAUSD.

Santana: Orange County Faces a Public Safety Leadership Crisis

Orange County’s Sheriff Sandra Hutchens’ credibility has been destroyed by Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals. Meanwhile, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas stands accused of political corruption by his own senior investigators. Regional fire service also is in full crisis mode after executives at the Orange County Fire Authority apparently ousted Fire Chief Jeff Bowman against the will of rank and file firefighters.