Briceño: Job loss, the Looming Coronavirus Problem

Many of our nation’s leaders are talking about ways to stem the economic fallout from COVID-19 precautions. We must learn from the lessons of the 2008 Great Recession, when we bailed out corporations but not people. We can’t do that again. This time, America’s families must be front and center.

Aly: To Avoid Overwhelming Local Hospitals, Stop Overcrowding Homeless Shelters

Orange County ignores CDC guidance to leave six feet of space between cots at its emergency homeless shelters. The Courtyard shelter has loaded four times the number of occupants than permitted by the building code. The Board of Supervisors must move immuno-compromised or elderly people from shelters to motels now.

Zuniga: How COVID-19 Confirms the Need for Housing Security in Orange County

This Op-Ed sheds light on important lessons that the novel Coronavirus is teaching us — as the Coronavirus spreads, homelessness and housing instability are major concerns for many people living in Orange County, especially communities such as the ones living near the Willowick Golf Course. It is in times of increased anxiety, as we take precaution of the Coronavirus, that one finally recognizes how important it is to have a home to go to and stay safe when the media and local officials repeatedly state ‘stay home’. Yet, not everyone has the privilege to stay home. And, for many working class families, the Coronavirus is threatening to exacerbate the economic struggle and it places the most vulnerable at risk.

Kriz: Twenty More People Died Homeless in OC in February. And Now Comes the Coronavirus.

We’re all consumed now by the Coronavirus. We’ve given up freedom of assembly and even of worship and yet we leave an immune-deficient population of thousands abandoned on the streets or crammed in “coffin boat” like warehouses. Don’t we realize that if we continue to do nothing, the Coronavirus will now be with us forever?

Fielder: OC Supervisors Spread Falsehoods About COVID-19 Risks

In his opening remarks at a CSUF symposium, Supervisor Doug Chaffee claimed COVID-19 was no more lethal than the flu. All available evidence indicates it is at least 20 times deadlier. The next day, Supervisor Andrew Do dismissed a peer-reviewed publication on COVID-19 death rates as anecdotal. OC leaders are lying to the public.