Underwood: Some New Year Thoughts on the Homeless

Orange County based reporter and documentary producer John Underwood writes that even for a reporter familiar with the homeless communities of Orange County assumptions about the unhoused, who they are and what we think we know about them can often fall terribly short of the truth, as this reporter discovered one day while serving up meals to a group of homeless who served him up a lesson on the fine points of giving thanks.

Rutter: I Am Not Homeless. I Am a Human Being

Callie Rutter, a lifelong resident of Orange County writes about her personal twist of fate and the harsh reality of finding herself homeless coupled with having to fight cancer. In spite of her personal struggles, her compassion and courage has led her to become an advocate for the human rights of people experiencing homelessness.

Kriz: Nineteen More Homeless Died in OC in November

Fr. Dennis Kriz, pastor of St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church in Fullerton, writes that the county has about 1/3 of the beds needed to shelter its 7000-10000 homeless population. People continue to die on the street. In November, another 19 died without a fixed abode.

Kriz: Ten People Died in Orange County Without Fixed Abode in September

Fr. Dennis Kriz, pastor of St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church in Fullerton, provides a count of those who died without a fixed abode in Orange County in September. Kriz writes that both residents and advocates remain frustrated with the presence of large numbers of homeless individuals sleeping on local streets and while pressure seems to be forcing some official action it didn’t come soon enough for another 10 people this month.

Kriz: OC Homeless Deaths on The Rise

Fr. Dennis Kriz, Pastor at St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church, provides the August count for those who died on our streets “without fixed abode,” aka homeless. 19 deaths in August would make last month the deadliest month for OC’s homeless since February.