Rhoades: OC Animal Care, Open the Facility

A case for opening OC Animal Care opening its facility. Two principles cited: 1) Staying shuttered results in more dogs euthanized, by Animal Care’s own data; 2) A well-funded government agency’s accountability to the public, as principle.

Schlotterbeck: Orange County’s Clean Air and Open Space Are Protected by CEQA

One of the most important tools in safeguarding the quality of our life is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). It gives voice to the value residents place on safety, public health, and preservation and access to natural lands. Weakening CEQA will shut the public out and put people and property at risk.

Raya: Response to Commentary About Santa Ana Youth Centers

Collaboration, creativity, and commitment can bring services for youth to Santa Ana’s existing centers. Working together organizations can construct an accessible and comprehensive approach that will sustain a brighter future for everyone.

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