Resnick: Schools First…Diversity Last

While the demographics in Orange County have drastically changed in the past several years, the Board of Directors of Schools First Federal Credit Union, the largest financial institution in the county has not. The Board of Directors have created an exclusive private club atmosphere making it nearly impossible for anyone to serve.

Smoller and Moodian: It’s Time to Rename John Wayne Airport

John Wayne’s white supremacist views came to light again when a 1971 interview he did with Playboy magazine went viral in early 2019. As symbols of racial intolerance are taken down across the country, the time has come to rename our airport and remove Wayne’s statue. The actor does not represent our diverse, cosmopolitan community.

Armelin: American Truth and Reconciliation

America has a poor understanding of its history, and this has perpetuated tacit racism against African Americans. To heal and become a greater republic, America finally must have truth and reconciliation.

Acevedo: Tone-Deaf Leadership

Irvine Mayor Christina Shea has thumbed her nose at veterans, students, and now people of color. If she wants to be on the right side of history, she will need to learn to embrace all members of her community.