Meisenhelder: Car Pool or FasTrak

Thomas Meisenhelder, a Huntington Beach resident and Professor Emeritus of Sociology, writes that our nation’s policies are moving away from serving the common good and do not contribute to our commonwealth but are designed for those that can afford to get better treatment.

Syed: Independence – From What & From Whom?

Shakeel Syed, Executive Director for Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD) urges residents celebrating this Independence Day, to not forget the immeasurable human pain and poverty that continues to exist amidst us, calling on people to continue to fight for the oppressed and against the oppressors.

Nguyen: Drastic Measures Required in Westminster For Bad Actor

Lan Quoc Nguyen, an attorney and Trustee of the Garden Grove Unified School District, writes to defend recent actions in Westminster to limit council members’ ability to get issues on the official agenda for discussion and votes, taking aim at new council member Tai Do for his opposition to the new policy.