Piper: Irvine Council Should Appoint Carrie O’Malley

David Piper resident of Irvine and community leader writes that the City Council should save the $900,000 price tag for the special election and appoint Carrie O’Malley. She was the third place candidate and garnered 19,000 votes in November 2018.

Sayre: Questions For Irvine City Council Vacancy Applicants

Long time Irvine resident Susan Sayre is asking City Council applicants if they would act to reduce special interest influence, act to amend the Irvine City Charter and move to district representation and require the Irvine Community Land Trust to adhere to the provisions of Irvine’s Sunshine Ordinance.

Oliphant: The Real Incumbent in Irvine

Wesley Oliphant, an Irvine resident from Portola Hills, asserts the real incumbent in Irvine is not Mayor Don Wagner so much as money itself and that big money is more important for reelection than representing residents’ interests. Thus, problems such as traffic in Irvine will never resolved unless there is a change in mind set.

Baran: The Politics of Dancing

Jeanne Baran, Irvine resident and member of the Irvine Watchdog citizens group, writes that the Irvine City Council continues to debate the Veterans cemetery ignoring the results of the June election.