Santana: Protecting Public Safety

With public safety pensions rising, driving several sales tax increases in several Orange County cities, residents and office seekers need to start asking themselves about social investments that enhance public safety but aren’t within the local police department budget.

Santana: OC Lack of Progress on Homelessness is Tragic. Could it Soon be Illegal?

Recent court decisions stress that without adequate public sheltering infrastructure, leaders can’t legally enforce anti-camping ordinances. Given the failure of OC Supervisors to craft regional consensus among cities on housing homeless people, U.S. District Judge David O. Carter has now been put in a tough position, one he’s been trying to avoid since March.

Santana: OC Faces Stark Accountability Crisis

Local & Fed OC law enforcement agencies apparently target each over political investigations, prompting many to question who can be expected to regulate elected officials in Orange County. Meanwhile, south county mayors ignore the Orange County Board of Supervisors’ mandate on homelessness, insisting other cities continue to cover them on shelters. And with hundreds of millions being considered for affordable housing construction, voices are already calling for a new regional housing construction agency – independent of the Board of Supervisors.