Santana: Part-Time County Supervisors

After publicly confronting their own inability to craft a regional solution to the local homelessness crisis last week, Orange County Supervisors should face some hard questions about their own political futures. Yet instead of the usual recall talk, Orange County should think big picture…as in Part Time County Supervisors.

Santana: The Day of Reckoning

After freaking out residents across Orange County last week with a half-baked homeless sheltering plan aimed at Laguna Niguel, Irvine and Huntington Beach – which triggered mass protests – county supervisors this week turn to what they do best, ideology. Now it’s time to debate sanctuary city status and the federal lawsuit against the State of California.

Santana: Lessons in Leadership over President’s Holiday

Judge David O Carter this week demonstrated real leadership on combating homelessness by getting out into the field and challenging county officials to focus public resources on meeting immediate needs of riverbed residents. Yet will this rare focus last? Could receivership of federal and state funds coming into the County of Orange be on the horizon?