Thank you

On behalf of our newsroom, I’d like to express our deepest thanks for your donation.

There’s never been a more compelling need for fact-based journalism, especially when it comes to our civic life.

Here in Orange County, we’re all fortunate that Voice of OC donors have stepped up and created one of the nation’s leading non-profit newsrooms.

On issue after issue, having a strong, independent community-focused newsroom like Voice of OC made a concrete difference across Orange County this past year, increasingly focusing our elected officials on policy rather than politics.

At the root of a lot of this recent progress is good, old-fashioned, shoe leather investigative reporting. It’s about putting reporters into the civic trenches, day after day, keeping watch. Putting things in context. Connecting the dots.

It’s about giving people the information they need to get active and a platform to express their voice.

Yet it costs money to be there every day and keep watch.

Donors like you really get that.

You have taken on a special responsibility to bolster our local democracy by making an investment to ensure that all sides have good, reliable, timely and impactful information to truly get involved in their civic life.

– Norberto Santana, Jr., Voice of OC publisher