• Paul Lucas

    Has Jordan ever claimed to be a progressive? I cant recall him ever making that claim.

    • Greg Diamond

      Yes he has. HIs positions on social issues are progressive. His positions on education are progressive. But they tend not to motivate most of his votes on Council. There, it’s support for cronies — usually tied to his patron Curt Pringle — including Disney, seems to be the motivating factor again and again. Remember: the organization of his main campaign person Melahat Rafiei — who apparently considers him her top electoral priority — is called “Progressive Solutions.” The term has as much (or as little) meaning as people using it want it to have.

  • RyanCantor

    “Being a Democrat should mean something!”

    Oh, it doe$. DPOC has done a fanta$tic job in letting u$ all know what they $tand for.

    • Greg Diamond

      Not really DPOC, Ryan. DPOC itself is relatively impoverished (especially in comparison to OCGOP.) The Democratic Foundation and Frank Barbaro’s Victory Fund are much more well-heeled. So are Republican groups that like to meddle in Democratic primaries on behalf of “business-friendly” Democrats like JOBSPAC — funded largely by Philip Morris and Chevron — which got Tom Daly the Democratic nomination over Julio Perez in June 2012.

      (Your $ide is $till very much on the $ide of $ickne$$!)

    • RyanCantor

      Oh, I’m $ure that little union $nit fit last year concerning your activity had NOTHING to do with money.

      I can’t $eem to $top.

  • David Zenger

    “Councilman Brandman has once again sacrificed his integrity”

    You can’t sacrifice what you don’t have. This is the same person who was given $25,000 to do a ridiculously useless, largely plagiarized report by another “Business Democrat” stalwart – Tom Daly.

    And a correction: there is NOTHING remotely conservative about the Murray-Kring-Eastman philosophy of misdirecting public resources into the pockets of their wealthy corporate political donors after they have cooked up some lame argument or doped up a phony report that really doesn’t say anything at all.

    This corporate welfare is the legacy of Redevelopment and in California includes as many Republicans as it does Democrats – regardless of how they caracterize their own philosophical propensities.

    Unfortunately conservatism on Anaheim’s Council is in a minority – and that minority mostly seems to be one guy – Mayor Tom Tait. Democrats and self-styled liberals should take note of how in Tait’s case conservatism is pretty easily blended with fairness, respect and defense of minorities who feel themselves disenfranchised and are typically the recipients of police misbehavior.

    And P.S. you Dems should really quit honoring hacks like Truman and vicious racists like Woodrow Wilson. It doesn’t really look too good.

    • Greg Diamond

      Yeah — but he’s pretty unusual among Republicans, David. Point to even one GOP Presidential candidate this year who shares his political views. (I can, alas, point to a Democratic candidate who seems to share Brandman’s, but I’d still vote for Jordan over Lupe Moreno.)

      • David Zenger

        “Point to even one GOP Presidential candidate this year who shares his political views.”

        I expect a lot more from my local candidates than I do presidential ones, but I do apply the same litmus test: which candidate would approve giving away untold millions to corporate billionaires? In this the Dems and the Republicans are essentially soulmates.

        Can I see Hillary Clinton voting with Kringle and Murray? Damn straight I can.

        There is no influence on Earth that would cause me to vote for the cipher Brandman.

        The author of this opinion piece has captured the utter nothingness of Brandman with aplomb. When you peel away the onion skin-thin, transparent facade, there is nothing behind it.

        • Greg Diamond

          I am willing to vote for lesser evils. It’s not because I like lesser evils; it’s because I hate greater evils.

          • RyanCantor

            I hate greater evils.

            There’s an epitaph if I ever saw one. Nicely done.