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Voice of OC depends on the financial support of people who value real civic and arts & culture news. To make a tax-deductible donation, go to


Voice of OC partners with the following media organizations to enable more reach and impact for factual, independent journalism.


Voice of OC is a nonprofit and nonpartisan news agency. We are funded through a mix of large and small individual donors, foundation grants, sponsorships and partnerships.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Our EIN number is 27-0550219. Our annual 990 financial disclosure forms are viewable here. Our Guidestar profile can be viewed here.

In the 2017 audited financial year, January to December 2016, Voice of OC brought in $483,926 and expended $501,573.

As of March 2021, Voice of OC has been supported by donations from more than 3,500 individuals. More than 600 people support Voice of OC with recurring monthly, quarterly or annual donations.


Voice of OC’s Ambassadors Sustain Our Work.

Ambassadors make an annual commitment of $1,000 or more to support quality civic news. Every dollar goes toward funding more reporters, more content and more accountability in Orange County.

Most join during NewsMatch from Nov. 1 – Dec. 31 with either a one-time gift of $1,000 or more, or by signing up for monthly payments of $83.30 or more. But we welcome new members anytime.

Voice of OC isn’t about one political party over another, one point of view or one agenda. Our mission is to write for everyone so that all sides are heard and you have the tools and information to make your own decisions.


The recurring annual membership commitment from Ambassadors ensures that Voice of OC has the resources to hire more reporters, expand topics and create more content for the community.


Periodically Ambassadors gather with our publisher to discuss important local issues and to exchange viewpoints in a civil manner and as a nonpartisan spirit of mutual respect.


Ambassadors are just that – they help spread the word by suggesting to friends and co-workers that they read and get a free subscription to Voice of OC.  They are more engaged with us and we value their ideas and input.


In addition to our periodic post-Covid gatherings, Ambassadors will receive early notice of special podcasts and events. We also have a Voice of OC Ambassador’s pin you can wear proudly.


Ambassadors make a huge difference across Orange County. Through your generosity, you guarantee that important local news and information is available to everyone, paywall-free and ad-free.

Institutional Donors

Voice of OC has received financial support from the following community institutions. These remarkable organizations represent various interests — civic engagement, journalism, community building, arts and culture — yet the groups together have helped build Voice of OC as a sustainable, independent source of real-time impactful news for Orange County.

Individual Donors

Every reader makes a difference, donate today. 

Every day Voice of OC’s donors support one of the nation’s leading non-profit newsrooms.

Our donors recognize that there has never been a more compelling need for fact-based journalism, especially when it comes to our civic and cultural life. We hope you consider joining them.

At the root of a lot of our impact is good, old-fashioned, investigative reporting. Whether it is about uncovering the artistic and cultural richness of our diverse county or putting reporters into the civic trenches day after day. We put everything in context and connect the dots.

We give you the information you need to learn, get active and a platform to express your opinion.

Our donors know the value and power information has to preserve our local democracy and enhance our quality of life. Consider investing in Voice of OC. As a donor, you ensure that civics, arts and culture will continue to shine under the spotlight.

Financial Disclosures

As a non-profit organization, Voice of OC submits publicly accessible tax filings to the IRS. Here are our filings: