Washington’s 1796 Farewell Address

To commemorate Presidents Day – set on the third Monday of February to honor President Lincoln’s Feb. 12 birthday and President Washington’s Feb. 22 birthday – it’s always worthwhile to re-read our first President’s farewell address. It’s always a gripping read and also amazingly relevant – note the warnings to the young American nation about the perils of partisanship as well as foreign interference in national elections.

Santana: High Ranking Aide to DA Todd Spitzer Disappears from Agency and State Assembly Campaign After Filing Explosive Claim Against County

Melanie Eustice, a top ranking executive who worked for OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer filed a legal claim with the county earlier this year obtained by Voice of OC alleging that Spitzer was an abusive boss and repeatedly engaged in a pattern of illegal behavior, highlighting instances of improperly releasing information from county bids and public records. Spitzer disputed her characterizations in email correspondence also obtained by Voice of OC.

Santana: Brea’s Secretive Water Agency Draws Court Challenge

This Tuesday, Brea city officials will go behind closed doors to talk about their secretive water agency, Cal Domestic, and plans to keep city representatives on the Cal Domestic board of directors from filing any kind of financial disclosure about conflicts of interest. Such disclosures would have allowed city officials to question a former city manager that was being paid by the water agency while also advising the city to spend millions on controversial water rights purchases – a move that last year drew sanction from the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission.