Santana: Protecting Public Safety

With public safety pensions rising, driving several sales tax increases in several Orange County cities, residents and office seekers need to start asking themselves about social investments that enhance public safety but aren’t within the local police department budget.

Santana: News Transparency Matters

Voice of OC today joins more than 120 news sites around the world showing the Project’s Trust Indicators battling misinformation and bolstering a new standard for journalism that allows readers to judge the transparency of news organizations.

Santana: Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day?

Given Orange County’s longtime, official fervor for ideological debates on issues like immigration along with this year’s competitive congressional campaigns, it’s surprising that the question of city recognitions of Columbus vs. Indigenous People’s Day hasn’t yet hit the city council dais.

On OC: Funding Homelessness

Voice of OC Publisher Norberto Santana, Jr., interviews Jack Toan, vice president at Wells Fargo. A leader in Orange County and part of Well’s Fargo’s Corporate Responsibility team, Toan is working with the United Way on funding UC Irvine cost studies on homelessness. He talks about the challenges in the philanthropic community around funding programs on housing.

On OC: Enhancing Public Safety in Santa Ana

Sean Garcia-Leys and Eric Lam from the Urban Peace Institute talk about their ongoing assessment of local policing, a Sept. 26 public forum in Santa Ana to discuss public safety and the broader prospects for enhancing public safety without breaking the public budget.