About Us

Voice of OC is Orange County’s non-profit, non-partisan newsroom.

We are focused on daily coverage of the things that matter most, such as: transportation, the environment, health, public safety, housing and homelessness.

We believe in journalism that is fair, focused and thorough in order to give the public real-time information that allows them to monitor and interact with their local government.

We are a catalyst in the community by bringing attention to important stories to encourage robust wide-ranging dialogue on local policy, societal and political issues.

What We Do


We only cover real news, we only report real facts. We are non-partisan and relentlessly hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards. If we make a mistake, we will openly acknowledge it and file a correction (see more in our best practices).


The First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press, as a check on local government. With this freedom, we accept the responsibility to be independent of not only special interests, but make sure our supporters understand that we work for all the people of Orange County. Voice of OC doesn’t get involved or invested with electoral outcomes. We tell the story as is — regardless of who or what is at issue.


We believe that a local news agency must be rooted in the community it serves. Our readers are empowered to grab hold of their government and participate fully in the process. To accomplish this we offer youth media programs, public policy forums and internships.


Public records belong to the public. Government bureaucrats and politicians don’t often see it that way. Voice of OC is tenacious in pursuit of public records and has won more lawsuits seeking full disclosure of government documents in the last 10 years than any other local news agency.


A vibrant democracy means that everyone can have their say – not just elected officials or prominent citizens. We encourage respectful opinions through our open policy opinion pages. We allow for comments on each story because we are committed to the open exchange of ideas. We also print press releases on local policy issues to give all parties the opportunity to have their point of view available.

How You Can Get Involved

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