This is our story.

Local news is being lost across the nation.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics data compiled by The Expanding News Desert Research project

Without local news, democracy dies.

In communities without good local journalism:

Officials drive up government costs (wages, taxes and deficits).

Less voters show up in elections.

Voters become more polarized.

Residents lack reliable, independent information in disasters.

Orange County is becoming a news desert.

Sources: Niemen Lab, LATimes, LATimes, Deadline, LATimes

On June 3, 2009 Voice of OC was founded to be different.

This is our mission.

Inform and empower residents with essential Orange County news.

This is our news model.





We have a digital and nonprofit advantage.

This is our work.

This is our talented and diverse team.

We have professional board oversight.

We have strong support from institutional donors.

This is what makes Voice of OC different.

We need to make sure that whatever replaces the 20th century version of local newspapers serves the same community-building functions.

With your help, we can for Orange County.