• Harvey: It’s Time to Start Listening to the Students Behind Black Lives Matter

    On June 5th, a group of high school seniors, myself included, organized a protest on what would have been the last day of high school. Inviting Orange County Human Relations to teach de-escalation techniques, contacting the police to ensure our safety amidst gun threats, and encouraging Black students to speak about their experiences, we took initiative to provide a safe and productive environment for students to voice their opinions, and we did so peacefully.

  • Resnick: Schools First…Diversity Last

    While the demographics in Orange County have drastically changed in the past several years, the Board of Directors of Schools First Federal Credit Union, the largest financial institution in the county has not. The Board of Directors have created an exclusive private club atmosphere making it nearly impossible for anyone to serve.

  • Newman: OC Leaders Must Support Medical Experts, Not Denigrate Them or Sit on the Sidelines

    As coronavirus hospitalizations continue to rise in Orange County, the politics of face coverings continues its downward spiral. If there’s anything more disconcerting than the rise of a vitriolic opposition to commonsense precautions designed to keep us safer, it’s the deafening silence from public servants charged with safeguarding that safety.

  • Smoller and Moodian: It’s Time to Rename John Wayne Airport

    John Wayne’s white supremacist views came to light again when a 1971 interview he did with Playboy magazine went viral in early 2019. As symbols of racial intolerance are taken down across the country, the time has come to rename our airport and remove Wayne’s statue. The actor does not represent our diverse, cosmopolitan community.

  • Briceño: Amid National and State Successes, Orange County’s Victories Stand Strong

    Orange County is celebrating Supreme Court, state legislative and local school district victories for Black lives, LGBTQ lives, immigrants and public health. DNC Member-Elect and Democratic Party of Orange County Chair Ada Briceño says these victories are crucial, but we’re far from done.