• Aitken: Lack of Transparency Alone Should Halt Angel Sale

    Wylie Aitken, the former lead negotiator for Anaheim in dealing with the Angel management, makes the following points in an article on the Angel sale: • The current process has been fatally flawed • The back door, secret negotiations were in stark contrast to previous negotiations • The council has a duty to make public the prior negotiations and the negotiations undertaken by Sidhu • The failure to allow public comments is totally unjustified

  • Dobken: Correcting the Record on Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage at San Onofre

    Since the retirement of the nuclear reactors at San Onofre in 2013, activists have turned their attention to spent nuclear fuel storage at SONGS. In doing so, they've painted a picture that isn't accurate, omits facts, and only serves to mislead the public about this very safe practice.

  • Murphy: COVID Won’t Stop City’s Affordable Housing Efforts

    COVID has impacted so many things in our community from school to business to how we interact with family and friends. In the midst of this pandemic, however, local government must continue to make progress on important initiatives like addressing the senior housing shortage.

  • Kriz: Twenty-Seven People Died Homeless in OC in August

    Twenty-seven people died “without fixed abode,” homeless, in Orange County in August, last year there were 19. That’s 42% higher than last year, but somewhat better than in previous months when the mortality rate among the homeless was twice that of last year. Still, more options do seem to be available to the homeless than last year, even if those options would remain difficult for many of us to accept. Let’s all keep working to make things better.

  • Sommers: More Airport Facts and Less Unfounded Attacks Needed

    Sue Sommers, who has worked at Atlantic Aviation for 27 years writes that Atlantic is known for its impeccable customer service.  Its not just what we do, its who we are.