• Smoller and Moodian: Four Takeaways From the 2020 General Election

    Here are four takeaways pertaining to Orange County from the historic 2020 general election. Vote by Mail Is an Overwhelming Success Orange County is fortunate to have Neal Kelley as […]

  • Alevy: The Economic Threat of the Color Purple

    Our Founding Fathers believed that “Compromise is the Lifeblood of Democracy.” Sound public policy must take the needs of the people into consideration. Closing up the business community is not a compromise – it is a strong-armed tactic focused on physical health while turning its back on financial health.

  • Mosko: Public Safety at Stake in Debate Over Nuclear Waste Storage at San Onofre

    Highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel will be stored onsite at San Onofre for the foreseeable future. SoCal Edison will save untold $millions should the public be swayed to trust in Edison’s promises that their thin-walled dry canister storage system can’t fail and that a national repository will magically materialize in time to save the day. Safe nuclear waste storage activists want the waste moved now to more robust, thick-walled casks with safety features lacking in thin-walled canisters.

  • Kriz: Thirty-Two People Died “Without Fixed Abode” in OC in October, Last Year There Were 24

    Thirty two people died “without fixed abode” in OC in October, last year there were 24, keeping the mortality rate among the county’s homeless roughly double that of last year. Yet, the recent opening of three 24/7 shelters in Northern O.C. offers some reason for hope movement albeit glacial is becoming possible.

  • Rodriguez: The Environmental Racism Behind the Poseidon Desalination Proposal

    As a resident and an environmental justice advocate in Huntington Beach who has long studied the proposed Poseidon desalination plant, I know this plant isn’t needed and won’t produce affordable drinking water. We don’t need to get into a long-term contract for water from the most expensive source.