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Fielder: Behind the Scenes, Volunteers Helping OC’s Unhoused

The prevalence of people who lack a home and live on the streets of Orange County is nearly impossible to ignore[…]. This is a story about some of the individuals and organizations who are volunteering their time and efforts to help unhoused folks and pressure the county’s leaders to ensure an adequate supply of affordable housing.

Bernal: Saving Santana’s Artwalk

First Saturday is a time when locals and OC residents would normally be streaming into Santa Ana’s downtown to experience performances, hear musicians, see the latest art exhibitions, patronize restaurants as well as small businesses, and connect with each other. But because of recent budget cuts, the Artwalk budget has been cut and the future of this important community event is unclear.

“Your Covid-19 reporting has been refreshingly blunt, heavy on facts and stats (not the normal high level, vague and sterilized information that’s difficult to assess) and thankfully apolitical. The past few years, that’s been tough local journalism to find. Your articles on COVID-19 have amazing levels of detail and we’ve used them to keep our OC employees educated on the current state of the community. Thanks for your good work – please keep it up.

Featured Voice of OC Donor