Resnick: New Majority Takes Over OUSD Board and Begins Dismantling the District

Orange Unified’s new board majority terminated its popular superintendent and made promises for changes to come regarding programs and services for its 27,000 students. State Senator Dave Min has called the board’s decision “reckless” with the potential to “destabilize” the District.

Diaz: Who Is The Real Bogeyman In Santa Ana?

The hyper-criminalization of communities of color in central Orange County must be recognized in order to implement sound policy that truly keeps our neighborhoods safe. As the City of Santa Ana welcomes its first woman Mayor, let’s focus on unity and not fear-mongering.

I have found that your publication and journalists consistently bring valuable reporting on the housing crisis, homelessness, and related county business. Local journalists are a critical resource for keeping people informed about important issues.

Maura M.