Kriz: A Record 40 People Died “Without Fixed Abode” in January in OC While the County Continues to Dither about how to Respond

A record 40 people died “without fixed abode” in January in OC, again nearly twice as many as died last year prior to Covid-19. Meanwhile while the County continues to dither about how to respond to its homelessness crisis, tempted to try being cruel once again. A Hispanic Center in Santa Ana, shuttered because of the Covid-19 crisis, is being pressured to help expel the homeless persons who have taken refuge in its parking lot. And in Fullerton, following the sun-setting of the County’s only safe parking program, the city is now looking to clamp down on RVs.

Rappaport: Needed – New Ideas and Solutions, Unconstrained

My non-partisan position allows me to consider all sides of an issue and come up with new ideas and solutions, unconstrained. I am not a professional politician. I am a citizen running with skills that are not now available on the Board of Supervisors. I know how to mitigate financial risk to the County, negotiate with numerous sides and stakeholders, and ensure deliverables. Orange County needs all the financial support it can get. I can reach across party lines and obtain that needed funding. A Board of Supervisors squabbling over party affiliation cannot.

Foley: Orange County Residents Deserve Better – Local Experience and Common Sense, Rational Leadership is Needed Now More than Ever Before

Orange County needs leaders to prioritize residents and businesses, provide stronger advocacy to manage the COVID-19 crisis, address homelessness, keep taxpayer dollars secure, and our families safe. My experiences as Mayor, small business owner, and School Board Member are unique qualifications that will benefit Orange County residents as we navigate these challenging times.

Ventura, Henderson and Tarallo: To the Executive Administration at Chapman University

On January 13, John Eastman retired from Chapman University unscathed, after being put under fire for his involvement at the Capitol insurrection. President Daniele Struppa stated that Eastman’s retirement closed a “challenging chapter” for Chapman, but the university’s students think otherwise. In this open letter to the university executive administration, students from the Chapman Activist Coalition argue that Eastman is just one blip in the longstanding history of racism and inequality at Chapman University.

Kriz: Twenty Four People Died “Without Fixed Abode” in OC in December

Twenty four people died “without fixed abode” in OC in December, for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis like the year before. Yes, we may have been lucky. The December death toll among the homeless is almost always high in OC because of rain and we had almost none this year. Still progress in opening new homeless shelters is being made and the OC BOS may be signaling that it’s ready take-on this problem with the commitment needed to finally bring it to resolution.