• Dartmouth Worried

    Shame on those who voted for it. What will happen to all the inner city kids who will no longer be able to get jobs during the Summers and after school. See LA Times article.

    • Jeff LeTourneau

      Even if this illogical assertion was true, to sacrifice the millions of working poor to protect a few summer youth jobs is cruel at best

      • Dartmouth Worried

        If you think its youth jobs, you haven’t been reading the news. Even Jerry Brown said this will cost a significant amount of jobs. Its just going to have a big impact on kids who would otherwise have been able to help pay for college or community college.

  • Paul Lucas

    It passed overwhelmingly he could have just abstained instead of this.

  • OCservant_Leader

    Daly just proved (in case any one was in doubt) that he is not a Democrat.

    He is a member of the OC Elite who protect their OWN interests. End of story.

  • David Zenger

    Jeff, Daly was elected by Republicans through open primary chicanery. He’s just representing the people who got him elected. Give him a break fer cryin’ out loud.