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  • Diaz: The Party of The People Slate, A New Twist On Party Participation

    The Party of the People Slate, 27 progressive humanitarian Democrats share on why run as a slate and the need for their election for the Democratic Party Central Committee in this March's primary ballot.

  • Kriz: Another 23 People Died “Without Fixed Abode” (Homeless) in OC in January 2020

    Another 23 people died "without fixed abode," that is homeless in OC in January 2020. During this time, as always, there have been lights and shadows in terms of progress. The City of Fullerton approved 4-1 a new 150 bed Recuperative Care / Navigation Center for the homeless, while there have been rumblings about repurposing the County's old Fairview Mental Health Facility to multipurpose development. Fr Kriz warns that if the Fairview Facility is diminished from its original purpose as a residential mental health facility, then it would be equivalent to saying that Orange County prefers to keep hundreds of its most afflicted, yes, at times most problematic people, sleeping on its streets rather than indoors where they can be helped.

  • Iglesias: New Slogan for Santa Ana Police Union Boss, “To Protect and Serve – Himself”

    Trying to head off a budget disaster in Santa Ana, City Councilmember Cecilia Iglesias voted against a pay increase for police. She was outvoted. But that didn’t stop the head of the police union from trying to remove her from office.