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Norberto Santana, Jr. Editorials »

  • Santana: The Pesky Public

    Keeping the public out of the loop has become an extreme sport for our elected class as well as the greatest threat to our democracy. In recent times, we’ve seen efforts here in Orange County to illegally restrict public comment, destroy public documents, squash dissenting council members, delay release of police misconduct records along with the murky process of monitoring state harassment investigations or changing federal regulations.

  • Santana: We Are Not Ready

    This weekend’s earthquake, centered in the community of Ridgecrest, is a stark reminder that we are all behind in terms of being ready for the big quake. Voice of OC has been working on a disaster page project this summer, with the aim of providing readers with solid coverage and resources on disaster prep and response across Orange County. Help us source and fund the page.

  • Santana: State Assemblyman Bill Brough Under Fire For Alleged Harassment of Women

    Brough has reportedly withdrawn his request for a re-election endorsement from the OCGOP after several women, including Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, come forward to complain about harassment.

Community Editorials »

  • Meisenhelder: Car Pool or FasTrak

    Thomas Meisenhelder, a Huntington Beach resident and Professor Emeritus of Sociology, writes that our nation's policies are moving away from serving the common good and do not contribute to our commonwealth but are designed for those that can afford to get better treatment.

  • Syed: Independence – From What & From Whom?

    Shakeel Syed, Executive Director for Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD) urges residents celebrating this Independence Day, to not forget the immeasurable human pain and poverty that continues to exist amidst us, calling on people to continue to fight for the oppressed and against the oppressors.

  • Vu, Nguyen, Huynh: LGBT Center Orange County, Do you Hear Us Now?

    Multiple organizations have publicly voiced their dissent to the leadership at The Center OC and called for dialogue but continue to be dismissed.