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Norberto Santana, Jr. Editorials »

  • Santana: County of Orange Auctioned Off 100,000 Expired N95 Protective Masks

    While OC Health Care officials have been scrambling daily for weeks to find more N95 protective facemasks for a variety of first responders, doctors and nurses, in February HCA procurement executives listed as government surplus more than 100,00 of the cloth masks, possibly selling them for as little as $1 a piece.

  • Santana: Failing to Communicate

    Whether it’s finding out about the readiness of hospitals or figuring out how many testing kits exist or asking about what cities’ residents are testing positive for the virus, the answer most often from the County of Orange in the past few weeks is we can’t say.

  • Santana: Coronavirus Requires Bold Civic Leadership in Orange County

    It’s time for government leaders at the local, state and federal level to step up and work together to quickly figure out the nuts and bolts of pandemic response in an environment where they are clearly playing catch up.

Community Opinion »

  • Meisenhelder: Learning from the Coronavirus

    One important lesson from our experience with the pandemic COVID-19 is that we need a healthy public sector to be healthy ourselves.

  • Keefe: Flourless in the time of Quarantine

    I looked at photos of my past homemade bread and tried to console myself that eventually stores would restock flour. It's only a loaf, I thought. I'm happy others are learning to nourish themselves, and why shouldn't everyone else be able to bake?

  • Barfield: Local Public Servants Meeting the COVID-19 Crisis Head-on

    In this current crisis, leadership is coming from local government. In Orange County our local public servants are facing this crisis with courage and professionalism that fills our community with pride. Local government workers serve so we can be safe. They deserve safety and support.