• Debby Bodkin

    IMO, someone and/or something is attempting to defame and/or disband California’s Coastal Commission. Divide and Conquer is usually the tactic used, especially in the affluent Orange County, California.

    California’s Coastal Commission has fought long and hard against The Toll Roads Agencies’ expansion and to date, have won! Big money is behind the expansion of The Toll Roads in the OC and bondholders with millions of dollars invested, are most likely, behind the scenes, doing everything possible to disband California’s Coastal Commission.

    There is always a BIG picture in Orange County, California and a for-profit enterprise behind the scenes. Money and political affiliation govern whether or not the civil rights of citizens are protected. The California Coastal Commission has done exactly what it was created to accomplish — protect California’s precious coastal resources.

    Secret meetings and so called pay to play politics, etc. — all a diversion to taint public opinion as it relates to the Coastal Commission. After all, the OC Board of Supervisors, the OC Sheriff and Orange County District Attorney have violated more civil rights of unsuspecting citizens and invented more pay to play deals in the past 10 years, without accountability, to make any member of California’s Coastal Commission look like Mother Theresa.

    Do the math…. municipal bondholders relating to the refinance and refinance and refinance of The Toll Roads will find every way possible to destroy the agency that stopped any toll road expansion. Money talks!