• Jacki Livingston

    It is the end of the GOP, thanks to DumpTrump and his lunacy. His impeachment will be the lynchpin to finally getting rid of the racist and hypocritical right wing nutters, and the Dems need to let go of Clinton, Sanders and the old guard, and embrace fresh blood that is more to the center of the road. People like Caroline Kennedy, who is far more fiscally moderate, and still for human rights, are the future of the party.

    • LFOldTimer

      Caroline Kennedy? ha. Laughable. Another airhead who had everything handed to her in life.

      Why do you have to be a Bush, a Kennedy or a Clinton to be qualified for President in the minds of some?

      • Jacki Livingston

        Caroline has a brain, and a heart. She has worked hard, had a lot of experience. She is classy, and a solid family woman. She is scandal free, because she has always behaved with class.

        • LFOldTimer

          We have 330 million people in America. People who made it in life without the help of powerful relatives.

          Certainly we don’t need to look to the same old scandal clad dynastic families to grace us with another one of their high-brow pedigreed members to fill the office of the President.

          If you enjoy the glamour of Royal Families move to England.

  • Paul Lucas

    God Speed and Good Luck Fran.

  • Michael Fox

    Thank you, Fran, for taking up the challenge. We need, and look forward to, your leadership.

  • LFOldTimer

    “Democrats turned out in record numbers to vote last November. For the first time in 80 years the Democratic candidate for President won in Orange County.”

    Dear Fran,

    The OC Republican voter turnout was low in Nov since most conservatives already knew that Hillary was a clear favorite in liberal California which gave little reason to vote.

    But as you know, Trump won 30 states and Hillary only won 20 making Trump our new POTUS. Trump won. Hillary lost.

    I have no idea why democrats voted for Hillary – she was Wall Street’s sweetheart and loved to invade defenseless nations, kill their citizens and topple sovereign governments without any legal right to do so. I always thought democrats were anti-Wall Street (ie. Occupy Wall Street) and anti-war. Funny how that works. I guess it’s not about values anymore. Political party name supersedes all, right or wrong.

    As far as OC goes, you could fit the democrats who hold public office into a phone booth. That hasn’t changed in years. When it takes 2 phone booths let us know. We’ll take notice.

    Btw, I can’t stand most republicans who hold public office in OC either. Many are RINOS and don’t have a conservative bone in their bodies. At least Trump has the heuvos to say things that are true, albeit not always politically correct.

    When I travel to other states and mention that I’m from California I generally either get a snicker or a frown. So I generally don’t disclose my home state when traveling anymore. The feedback told me that the democrats have done a very poor job managing our state.

    If at some future time if I get outstretched hands or inviting smiles – I may consider joining your Party. But I won’t hold my breath.

    Good luck in your endeavors……

    • Bill Colver

      I proudly tell people I’m from CA. Especially when I’m in one of those red states that lives off the government they claim to despise. Financed by the revenues CA sends to the Feds.

      I’ve been to 45 states. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

      I’m not surprised someone like you would be embarrassed. You’ve shown over the years that while you may or may not be stupid, you certainly have bad luck when it comes to thinking.