• Dan Clifford

    $800 per ride???? You could have bought each person a pretty nice bike for that much money – what a waste of taxpayer money….. and it will cost more when we have to take apart the kiosks, etc….maybe Fullerton can at least donate the bikes to some children’s charity…..

  • Dan Clifford

    Of course this type of program is doomed to fail – if there was any profit in this it would be done by a private company without government assistance. If someone wants to ride a bicycle to work, etc then they will buy a bicycle. It will be a better bicycle and they will maintain it and keep it in good working order. Guess what will happen when someone rents a bike and gets killed because the brakes fail or the chain falls off? The city of Fullerton will get sued..Where does this type of program work? At the beach where there are bike paths that are away from traffic. Who runs these programs? Private companies…

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