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  • Mands

    Oh, sweet Lord, nonononono. This lying POS sat by and did nothing as scandal after scandal rocked the County. You can always count on Johnny Come Lately to stick his head in the sand and protect his idiotic cronies. Bustamante, Carona, so many more. He got letters and emails from employees telling him of wrongdoing, because he claimed that he had an open door policy. Yeah, then he turned them over to the wrongdoing cronies, and lefts the honest employees to suffer the retaliation. And don’t kid yourselves, he is as crooked as all the others, Spitzer and Nelson included. Nothing ever changes in the Orange Cesspool.

  • MtTamDobbs

    This the best news we have had in a long time. The sherif and DA should start looking for new jobs since their true colors clearly don’t jibe with the citizens. Public unions are just a bunch of greedy, scaremongering thugs who have now been smacked down. We are their employers and they need to be reminded of that everyday. They would never survive in the real world and they know it. That is why they fight with false claims and tired attack mailers. Nice job John. California needs you.

  • David Zenger

    “…when you demagogue issues…like John”

    Wow, what a sore loser.

  • Stilbelieve

    I hope and pray that John’s victory holds up and he wins outright without having a run-off election. I was also surprised by the numbers of local state and federal office holders who supported John’s main opponent. It is disappointing that so many were willing to dismiss the dedicated work John did for us constituents and all of OC, protecting us from being saddled with ever more government expenses..The fact that Tom McClintock endorsed John was all I needed to know. Good luck, John. Jim Orr