• Debby Bodkin

    Mr. Rackauckas and Susan Schroeder have exhausted the public’s trust and both need to resign. How many more careers and reputations will be destroyed because of these two individuals’ failures to act in accordance to the public oath and FIDUCIARY duty of all public prosecutors. Disclaimer…. this is personal opinion based on written documentation.

  • David Zenger

    Thank you. And now how about a rousing condemnation for the Deputy DAs who knowingly permitted perjured testamony by those jail deputies.

    Those individuals should be disbarred.

    • John Claxton

      It’s not the the D.A.’s office. It starts from the BOS and runs throughout every department of the county. Win at all costs. Truth and integrity be damned. Scandals at OCPW resulted in promotions to CEO and County HR manager. Director at Juvenile Hall purgers himself in a case that cost the county $850,000 verdict to employee and millions in court/attorneys fees (county’s long term hired thug attorney gets promoted to judge in Santa Ana – let’s look to see how many cases the county steers her way), and he gets promoted to Chief. It’s a sick culture at the County that needs to stop with the BOS.

  • jcbl

    I think T Rack is a graduate of the Eric Holder school of intimidation and should be booted from office.