• LFOldTimer

    With all due respect to the General Counsel – it’s becoming more and more common in our society that the laws to not apply to the ones in charge. I could give you example after example during a 6 hour conversation and never repeat myself. So IMO regardless whether the state’s open meeting law was violated or not – Cavalos keeps his $17,000. We’re living in a brand new age. The laws only apply to the little people. Welcome to our new America.

  • RyanCantor

    Ah, the sweet irony. Doing a job poorly nets a bonus for doing a job well.

  • mutheta

    Cavazos and RSCCD Chancellor Rodriguez must have studied the Brown Act together. In a July article, the VoC reported Rodriguez claimed the Brown Act was not applicable to an agreement the District entered into, only to find out he was wrong. And now Cavazos claims discussion of his bonus does not need to adhere to the Brown Act.

    It’s time for these elected board members to conduct their own due diligence. If they feel that is too much of a burden, then maybe they should hire leaders who understand the laws that govern public entities.

    • Philmore

      Remember the old saw “Forgiveness is always easier than permission”? When perps get jail time instead of Taxpayer – paid (Or lobbyist-through-campaign-committee-paid) fines or “do-overs”, perhaps improvement will start. Until then, no breath – holding here.

      • LFOldTimer

        It’ll be a very cold day in hades when this or similar acts of mischief gets prosecuted under the law in the OC. You’re smart not to hold your breath. I’m afraid that the Wall Street immunity phenomenon has spread like wildfire. But don’t you make a left hand turn over a double yellow. They’ll be there to nab ya! 😉