• Thor Swenson

    Ah, yes, the beauty of all that “culture” available on the streets of Santa Ana. Sorry, but I’m not impressed with Adrian and his story. His parents snuck in illegally and his father is a convicted felon, committing crimes and costing this country a fortune both financially for non-victims and psychologically for his victims.

    Adrian is welcome to return home to his native country and make a life for himself there, with his quality high school education paid free of charge courtesy of legal Americans.

    Or if he really wants to be an American, he can join the back of the line of the few Billion other folks around the world who would also like that privilege.

  • Tony

    I say DEPORT THEM ALL!!!!!
    No more excuses, no more sob stories. No more bending over and letting our nation take it up the bum because bleeding hearts think that they can pick and choose what laws to enforce.

    • Jacki Livingston

      I have one small quibble with that…we do not punish a child for the sins of the parent. If a child serves in the military, keeps their nose clean, goes to school and is a good citizen, then I think there should be a path to staying. That is where I come down.