• Dougbelinda Roberts

    How can you find out about someone who we have heard has died in a tent city in cal?

  • OCservant_Leader

    Got to love the County’s spokesperson’s comment – “a plethora of services”? Really- like a drug addict can just make an appointment at one of the clinics -Really?

    These programs don’t reach the population! Come on!

    The County sets up programs that benefit the bureaucrats…not the people they serve. This is the disconnect. This is why people are dying in the streets.

    Re: the County stating they don’t have “type” of death tabulated on death certificates? Did you ask what information is plugged into the state’s database?

    Unfortunately, the County takes pride in being as “unhelpful” as possible to releasing any public information.

  • LFOldTimer

    If the county is going to provide the homeless addicts with clean needles to enable their addictions why not provide them with the drugs too? I bet the increased deaths are a result of dirty adultrated heroin laced with poisons smuggled across the southern border. Since the US government is protecting the poppy fields over in Afghanistan the poppy growers have been having banner years and flooding the markets and driving the price of heroin down. So even homeless people can afford it in 2016. Apparently we still have a ‘war on drugs’ even though the US government occupies Afghanistan and does nothing to stop poppy production over there. I know that sounds absurd. But it’s true. But apparently there is no ‘war on needles’ used by hypes to inject the heroin. The county gives those away for free. ha. I feel like I’m living in a Mel Brooks movie.