• Jacki Livingston

    Holy crap, Norberto, you are thick. Don’t you read? Do you not think that the seven year torture I went through, and other employees have suffered, has a root? There is a nursing home guy buying up these cash cows, and the fraud going on had to be approved at the top. This buys into all of Spitzer’s triggers, from real estate to photo ops. This isn’t some local questionable behavior, this is organized crime, at the highest levels, that Brock Zimmons, Dean Fulcher, Ron Frazier and others at the DA know about. Spitzer risked DISBARMENT, to avoid testifying under oath in my case. I have boxes of documents showing fraud within the agency and the criminal links to organized crime, and you guys just ‘ladida’ around. NOW you seem befuddled? Read the SacBee’s articles, read about these huge companies being sued in federal court, read the documents I have offered to show you. Wake up!

  • Paul Lucas

    Jeez what the heck is happening at Todds 5fth floor office?

  • OCservant_Leader

    The purpose of becoming an Executive Assistant (EA) to the OC Board of Supervisors (BOS) is train them on GOP organized network laid out in the County and throughout OC City’s bureaucracies.

    They are looking for a “slot” to place the EA which will benefit the family. No education, qualifications or experience necessary. Knowledge of the organization’s membership and covert skills to keep regular workers and the public confused and bewildered by their actions is mandatory.

    How many of Spitzer’s EA’s have been placed throughout his two terms? I would love to see this list. They have all landed nice “slots” trust me. The public is on the hook to pay them the rest of their natural born lives. The BOS are the entry point of the appointee fraternity system and the biggest employer of the OCGOP.

    Spitzer is just aligning his team for his next main focus which obviously involves the City of Irvine.

    • Jacki Livingston

      When I asked Martha Ochoa, in May of last year, why Todd Spitzer would never, over five years, respond directly to me about the fraud and criminal activity going on at SSA, her response was very telling…”Because he has to have deniablity”. That is the quote. Shortly after, she and I were both gone from the County. Hmmmmm….

      • OCservant_Leader


        This is the operative word. The higher the Manager – the more insulted they become. Their “handlers” spoon feed them enough information- that they can memorize and repeat.

        Problems? Issues? Illegal behavior? – they can’t hear any of it so when they are questioned – they can say — they didn’t know. The OC deniability clause. The Fixers – do the dirty work behind the scenes.

        You can’t pin the top 1% elite club on knowledge of anything in the County under their direction. Pick any issue. This is why they DO absolutely nothing.

        It is not a crime to be incompetent. Ha ha jokes on you taxpayers!

        • Jacki Livingston

          It gets worse. Afscme 2076 leaders joined in with management, refusing to help their dues paying workers who reported misconduct. When I finally left, they refused to allow me to pay for my rightful benefits, refused to return calls or letters, even when I had nothing and no way for justice but to post to FB, they blocked me there. The unions will cry in their cocoa all the time about how management is so messed up, and they are mistreated, but make no mistake about it, they are all in bed together, and when the County got really scared about going to court, knowing that stories were coming out about the organized crime rackets buying the nursing homes, they got the union to make little deals, then they supported a scandalous new executive board, forcing out the one decent group still fighting the good fight. Now the union is completely in the hand of the County, and they are as much criminals as the rest. Read the SacBee and their articles about this horrible criminal buying up these cash cow businesses. The county rigged the computers for the scam, they take a cut off the top, and Spitzer and his ilk get their cut. This guy is a real piece of work. You should see the letters and emails…shocking!

  • David Zenger

    “Todd Spitzer, Armed & Unhinged”

    Stop it, yer killin’ me!

    There used to be a club of former Spitzer staffers called SOS – Survivors of Spitzer. Seems like the membership just keeps growing.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    There are empty Hanjin containers sitting in ports everywhere according to many news articles, due to their bankruptcy. It would be a great time to lobby into position to secure them and turn them into housing.

    Alternative use … Codes in our cities, do not allow them. If revisions were made, they could be plopped by cranes into backyards, there are many large yards in OC, and used as granny flats. Since we are trying to conserve water for the future that part of the yard can be made useful.

    If our leaders were serious about housing needs, they would offer tax credits to homeowners who did this in order to encourage this easy peasy remedy to housing needs.

    Why not?